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Pokemon Sword and Shield is really lacking when it comes to Shiny hunting methods. But, The Crown Tundra, will it be the savior that we’ve been looking for? Let’s talk about it. (introduction music) What is going on Youtube. It’s your boy Dan, aka “aDrive”. I brought you guys a brand new video today. Today, we’re diving into the Shiny hunting methods for the Crown Tundra, for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Beyond. As you probably know, we are pretty void of good Shiny hunting methods. And, with the new DLC coming out, it’s really our last chance or a big chance for us as Shiny hunters to really rejoice, get some Shiny hunting method. And, I’ve got some ideas. I’ve got some theories. We’re gonna break them down in this video.

I’m very excited about this. I wanted to talk about this for quite a while. So, be sure to hit that Like button down below. Subscribe to the channel if you guys are new. I post Pokemon videos every single day. And, Youtube tells me that about 50% of you guys are actually not subscribed, and like we’re about to hit Crown Tundra season, baby. What are you doing? You got to subscribe, so you don’t miss the amazing content. Let’s breakdown some Shiny hunting methods, what I’m thinking about, and what is gonna change the game in the Crown Tundra. Before I jump into the heart of the video, I have to tell you guys something about something I’m super excited about.

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I’m really stoked to jumping into those Pokemon GO livestreams again, with 5G network from Verizon. Roll the video. All right. So, the first part of this video is a little bit of a rant. And, that is the current Shiny hunting method. Now, Galar and Sword and Shield is really based around battling and things like that. And, they have the Battle Shiny Hunting method where if you knock off 500 Pokemon, you increase the chance of getting that Pokemon to spawn as a Shiny.

However, for those who are not aware, that Shiny hunting method is broken. It is actually only boosted 3% of the time. Yes, 3% of the time. If you knock a Pokemon 500 times, only 3% of the time after that, do you get that Shiny boost to 1 in 512. The rest of the 97% of the time, you don’t actually get a boost at all, which means that the odds are really about 1 in 1300 with the Shiny Charm, instead of 1 in 1365. So, for all intents and purposes, it’s pretty much insignificant. And, knocking off 500 Pokemon for that Shiny hunting method really doesn’t do much for you.

Now, if it was coded correctly in the game, if you knock out 500 Pokemon, then you would have a 1 in 512 chance to get a Shiny, which is much better than what it is now. So, let’s talk about that. Obviously, that’s a bit frustrating. But, if they could fix that, that would, that would just be swell, wouldn’t it? You know, asking them to fix their game, that would just be, that would actually be pretty incredible. I don’t have my hopes too high for that, because they should have fixed it for the Isle of Armor, and they didn’t, so don’t get too excited, team. The next I want to talk about is Brilliant aura. Yes, that little yellow swirl that shows up around Pokemon. Those Brilliant aura Pokemon have a higher chance to have egg moves and better stats. But, there is no boosted Shiny chance with that. Who was sitting at the table at Game Freak, and decided “Yeah, let’s not make any Shiny boosts for this Brilliant Pokemon.” What is that logic? Just boost the chance. Put those at 1 in 512 and be done with it. It’s really not that hard.

I don’t understand. Why didn’t make Brilliant aura Pokemon a higher Shiny chance. I’ll digress. The next thing is, Chain Fishing is in Sword and Shield. Yes. Did you know that when you cast your rod and you reel in a Pokemon successfully, like you used to be able to do in X and Y, and ORAS, you actually increase your chain and get a higher chance to Brilliant auras, which we just talked about.

However, the Shiny boost that was originally intended for Chain Fishing in both X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, is not present in Pokemon Sword and Shield. So, Chain Fishing exist, but only for Brilliant auras which isn’t for Shiny hunting. Does anyone else see the problem here? Pretty much the only Shiny hunting method that is not busted is the Masuda method, where you breed two Pokemon from different language games together, and they have a higher chance of having a Shiny offspring.

That’s really all we got, team. We got the Masuda method. That’s it. That’s all we got. Now, here’s where things get spicy. And, this is where The Crown Tundra can absolutely hit a home run. And, they can really bring things back for the Shiny hunting community. Now, and not just for the Shiny hunting community, for anyone who plays the game, right? I feel like this is something that we shouldn’t even have to talk about, but for some reason, they just left it out. Let’s talk, baby. So, we know that through the leaks, that there is going to be some sort of Ultra Beast plot, right? We know that there’s some sort of Ultra Beast storyline that’s gonna take place. And, the question now comes, “Will we go to Ultra Space?”, “Will there be some sort of storyline that takes to Ultra Space much like Ultra Sun and Moon did?”, and “If they do that, will they bring back the Shiny hunting mechanic of Ultra Wormholes?” I would be all about that. That would be really cool.

Even if they took out the Legendaries and made it so it was just the Ultra Beasts, and various Pokemon like they did in Ultra Sun and Moon. That would be a really cool way for us to Shiny hunt again. And, the mechanics already made for Ultra Sun and Moon, just pour that same concept over to the Switch and we’re good to go. Let us travel through these Wormholes. The farther we get, the higher the chance we get to find these rare rings. Those rare rings have a higher chance to be a Shiny, simple as that. Give us a diversified move pool- or a diversified kind of listing of Pokemon for that, that’s different from Ultra Sun and Moon.

And, I’m all about it, man. The Wormhole Shiny hunting is really fun. It’s great to Shiny race with friends with. I think it’s actually really sick mechanic, and I would love for them to bring it back. The next idea that I think should be definitely included in the Crown Tundra is a Horde Hunting mechanic. Honey is actually in the game, which was an item in X and Y, and ORAS that allowed you to get a Horde Spawn, which had 5 Pokemon attack you at once. And, while having a horde doesn’t actually inherently increase your Shiny chances, simply by seeing 5 pokemon at one time, you just have 5x the chance of seeing a Shiny.

It’s very simply put. With the Wild Area, and the open areas that we’ve experienced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you would think there would be a good opportunity to instead of encountering just one Pokemon in a horde of Combees, maybe have a bunch of Combees attack you simultaneously. The mechanics are there. The Pokemon are there. Why do we not have the opporunity to engage in battle more than one Pokemon at a time in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Double Battles have been in the franchise for many years. As have Horde Hunting, yeah they took both those mechanics out in Sword and Shield. That’s very disappointing. Again, not inherently a higher Shiny chance, but rather a way to see multiple Pokemon at the same time to increase your chance to finding a Shiny Pokemon. I feel like it would be easy to implement. And, I think it could be a really cool feature for the Crown Tundra to give Shiny hunters something extra to do. The next mechanic is one that I don’t think is gonna be implemented, to be perfectly honest. But, I could see it happening in this slight chance. And, that is the Pokeradar.

We know that the Pokeradar is actually in the game coding and in the game files for Pokemon Sword and Shield. As from way, way back when Sword and Shield first came out back in November last year. However, even though this item is still left in the game coding, that doesn’t mean it actually works. It’s probably most likely a leftover item just like the Mega Stone, and things like that, the exploration kit, etc. Just because they’re in the files, doesn’t mean that they had the intention of using them. It’s probably just leftover data from the previous game that they’d never scrubbed. So, I’m not really anticipating the Pokeradar to come back, but it would be a really nice feature, especially since the Pokeradar has been one of the most mainstay Shiny hunting method in Pokemon franchise history.

When you think about the fact that it was introduced in Diamond and Pearl, and then introduced further than that in Pokemon X and Y, and it continued to show up through the main series games for many generations, and most likely makes a comeback if they do a Diamond and Pearl remake, it would make a lot of sense for them to actually implement the Pokeradar mechanic once again into the Pokemon Sword and Shield franchise. The next thing that I think would be a really good Shiny hunting mechanic for Pokemon Sword and Shield, would be a Friend Safari type area. It’s very possible that the Crown Tundra can feature a patch of grass or a piece of landscape that has a Shi- higher Shiny chance in general. The Friend Safari was in Kiloude City in Pokemon X and Y. And, this feature allowed players to explore different areas of the Friend Safari based on their friend codes actually. And based on that, you would find a 1 in 512 chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon in Friend Safari.

This mechanic, as simple as it was, was actually was one of the best Shiny hunting mechanics of all time, in my opinion. Simply because it was very easy for newer players to get into, you had that very, very quick adrenaline and dopamine hit of getting that Shiny pretty quickly, and it was actually very, very reliable for a Shiny hunting method, despite the fact that it was just simply boosted random encounters. I think a lot of people liked it overall. It was actually one of my finest memories of Shiny hunting in general. So, I would love to see them incorporate some type of Friend Safari back into the Crown Tundra. And, probably most importantly for this video, and one of the main things that actually prompted this video in the first place, is the new feature “Raid Den Exploration”. Now, we know that with the raid mechanic currently, there’s no way to kind of naturally Shiny hunt. You simply encounter the raid. The raid is determined Shiny when the beam spawns.

And, while people do use exploits and things like that, to manipulate the seeds of their game, to get raid Shinies, there really is no proper Shiny hunting mechanic through raids right now. However, I do believe with the Raid Den Exploration feature, there is the possibility that they incorporate some sort of new Shiny hunting mechanic through that feature. We know that it’s basically like Rental Teams essentially, where you’re gonna go through this raid with your friends, you’re gonna accumulate different Pokemon as you go through the raid, and you have to utilize those Pokemon as you advance deeper into the raid dens. I do believe that there’s a possibility that as you go into each level, the higher Shiny chance actually continues to increase until you get to the final level where you have a higher Shiny chance of all time, on those rare Pokemon, like those Legendaries or like those 5-star Pokemon that you would otherwise encounter. Now, whether this is possible or not, I don’t know.

And, and, it’s actually very interesting kind of concern that comes up of what we would be able to Shiny hunt the Legendaries when we get to the end of this Raid Den Exploration, will we be able to soft reset them? My gut says probably not, because the raid mechanics right now don’t allow us to soft reset them, and there’s no way to manipulate the Shiny charm odds or the Shiny odds through the raid mechanics as they currently stand. But, if they implement the Raid Den Exploration system as a way to Shiny hunt, and as a way to have boosted odds as you progress through the dens, that could actually be a really cool mechanic, and give us Shiny hunters something that we need in this game moving forward that we’ve pretty much been void of up to this point.

While I don’t want to get my hopes too high, I do think that there is a possibility that there is some sort of Shiny hunting mechanic in Pokemon Sword and Shield. At the very least, it would be very nice that they at least address the issues that are currently in the game, that kind of prohibits Shiny hunters like myself, from actually doing what we want to do. There are tons of people who Shiny hunts. Just look at my channel. There are legitimately many videos on my channel with over a million of views about Shiny hunting. People like to Shiny hunt. So, why does Game Freak in Pokemon not support the Shiny hunting community in their biggest game over the last couple of years? Sword and Shield has a possibility to be massive when it comes to Shiny hunting.

But, we were simply left with Masuda method, random encounters, and just bashing into things and hoping for the best. That’s just really not what it is. Like, I feel like there was so much potential in terms of these mechanics. As I mention with Brilliant auras, Chain Fishing, again, these things are already in the game, they’re just like it feels like legitimately a few lines of code would change this. And, it would make it all the difference for a Shiny hunter. I do have my hopes set high a little bit for this Raid Den Exploration system, because if it doesn’t have a Shiny hunting mechanic built into it, it’s probably gonna die off really quickly. So, fingers are crossed for that one, because that’s gonna be pretty rough. I want to thank you guys for watching this video.

I hope you guys enjoyed, and I’m actually curious as to your thoughts, “What Shiny hunting mechanics do you think that they can incorporate into Pokemon Sword and Shield, Crown Tundra, to make the game a little bit better?” If you guys didn’t know, I’ve actually got a brand new Shiny Charm Plushy. Pretty much guaranteed to increase your Shiny Charm odds. I have it in two different sizes. This size and the jumbo plush size, which is like a pillow basically. And, it’s actually amazing. You guys can go to TeamShiny.com to pick up my brand new plush.

They are available for a limited time, so make sure you grab one before you can’t get one. ‘Cause this Shiny Charm luck, you might need it in the Crown Tundra, if they don’t add any of these new methods. Let me just be real. If you guys enjoyed this video, be sure to hit that Like button down below. Subscribe to the channel if you guys are new.

Get those notifications on, and make sure you guys are ready to rock for Crown Tundra. You don’t want to miss our amazing content we’re throwing down right here. Thank you guys for watching. And, I’ll see you guys on the next one. Peace! If you guys enjoyed this video, you should definitely check out this one right here. Otherwise, this one’s not too bad either. They’re actually both awesome. Make sure you guys subscribe or I’m gonna cut off your power. Yeah, I said that. I did..

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