Pokemon Sword and Shield | Where to Find All Fossil Pokemon


Hello and welcome to To-Do List, today we are looking at Pokemon Sword and Shield, but more importantly how to find and acquire the 4 fossil Pokemon for this generation. When you?re on route 6 your given two fossils, now before you get excited this doesn?t mean you?re going to get 2 Pokemon, it works a little bit differently in this game. Near the end of the route you will come across the Fossil Lady who will happily slap those two fossils together for you. And yep, you heard right, fossils now need to be combined in order to resurrect these poor critters. And judging by how they end up, its more art than science. Even the poor pokedex tries to give these things a history, don?t worry about it rotom they only exist for our amusement now. Now if you?re playing Pokemon sword you?ll have the fossils for Arctozolt and in shield you?ll have the fossils for Dracovish. So that?s one down for ya, but how do we get the other 3? This next part can be a bit time consuming if luck is not on your side.

We have to go visit the Digging Duo in Bridge Field; both of these fine gentlemen will dig for rare items for you for the small cost of 500 watts. They each have a different skill set in terms of how long they can go for and what items they can find, but were only worried about fossils for now, which they can both find. One word of warning, you will find in abundance the fossils for your particular version; fish and drake for shield and bird and dino for sword. But don?t lose hope, it may take some time and watt farming, but it is possible to get 2 of each fossil.

And when you do just mix and match the order of the fossils till you get all 4. Bird and drake for Dracozolt an electric dragon type. Bird and dino for Arctozolt an electric ice type. Fish and drake for Dracovish a water dragon type. And finally, Fish and Dino for Arctovish a water ice type. Now you have all four of these Frankenstein Pokemon for your team or collection. Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite and if any of these ancient beasts ended up in your team. And if you found this informative please leave a like and subscribe for any new updates or videos, Bye for now..

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