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Pokemon Sword & Shield Basic Dynamax Adventure Guide By: XenoGenicYT


Welcome to my guide on Dynamax Adventures, where you and three others venture through to make your way to fight the toughest pokemon or if you’re like me SHINY HUNT!
This guide is simple, to teach you how to be efficient and look after yourself and your team as well as understanding how to take down the Legendary Pokemon at the end.

V1.0 (Updates and Discoveries and helpful tips may be added in the future!)

Basics and preparation
Depending if you go with a dedicated team or a 3 Randoms will be completely up to you. You are given a set list of Pokemon to take with you as well as all their moves. All these moves are Static as they’ll provide a mixture of Buffs, Debuffs, STAB attacks or even different typing attacks. Knowing what your team will use and what they’ll pick should be looked at when selecting your pokemon.

Type Advantage, Stats and Abilities
While at the start of the Dynamax Adventure you can see what type of pokemon you be fighting with can be a guess if there is a second typing (Dragon/Steel or Fire/Steel) It never hurts to assume if there is a second typing and keep yourself prepared on what you should take and what you should do, example, Having Levitate against Ground will prevent damage, or even having a Mimiku (Ghost/Fairy) Which will deal damage to a fighting type, but may not be able hit Mimiku if it’s unaffected by the move or incase it has a move that can hit, which will have Disguise which can withstand any one attack.

Now if you have saved an Encounter and you know what you are dealing with, Hindsight proves much use as you can prepare yourself better to stop Powerful attacks and even setup to prevent a Full Team Wipe.

Progressing through the Adventure
You and your team have departed and it’s time to get going! You’ve chosen your team and You decide to look at the path. You can always use the Right Thumbstick to see the map for a short period of time and see where you and your team can go. Communication with a dedicated team may be easier, but playing with Randoms may be different as you can’t talk to eachother, make sure to look at your team if they need healing from berry Piles, A Backpacker which will provide useful items as Bright Dust, Leftovers, White herb or even a Focus Band and Scientist which will give a random pokemon to assist you. (This random pokemon does not go to your final choose screen)

You are given the choice to swap pokemon upon every Battle Journey (if you capture the Pokemon), but keep an eye out if your Team member which may need it or may be more beneficial for them, being greedy won’t get you very far as if someone is struggling with an unlucky choice or path that resulted in Not being viable, them being in the last battle may end up losing a life.

Battles and the Journey Ahead
You and your team will be at Level 65, and so will the ones you are fighting, however, they’ll be Dynamaxed (Duh….) Like a normal raid, take them down as efficiently as you can, but looking after your team, and keep in mind, try to conserve powerful PP Moves for Stronger Near end Journey enemies that may be a hassle.

If you have a Haunter that Has either Hex or Energy Ball against a Type that’ll do the exact amount of Power, go for the move that offers a STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) as Damage will be increased by 50%. Adaptability will increase this to 100%. This may not seem like much, but ones that offer a High Critical Chance or lower a enemy stat, can help out alot.

Stat Alignments or Stat Conditions can mean alot from a how a Pokemon is able to attack or not, Hypnosis, Thunder Wave and even Will-O-Wisp can change the game drastically, as it can matter if a Groundon using it’s Area Attack with your team setting Reflect up, can save you or even holdout on the last life or by the bare skin of HP.

Protecting your team in Battles and Understanding Pokemons Viability
While there are dedicated players who can tell you the speed of a Jolteon or a Defense of a Dunsparce, some others may not be aware of certain IVs or Base stats, support Pokemon like Chansey, Audino or Rimbombee can support for Healing, Wide-Guard can stop attacks that’ll wipe the team like Earthquake, Origin Pulse, Blizzard, etc. and Damage Reducing Setups such as Reflect and Barrier. These can get useful within the last battle, protect your team!

Speaking of Viability! You can look at moves that can support your team such as using Thunderbolt to a Jolteon with Lightning Rod which can increase a Special Attack stat by one stage! Look out for your teams abilities!

The Legendary Battle!
You’ve come to the point to now fight the Legendary Pokemon which will be at level 70, For the first half of the battle, everything will be remotely simple and straight forward, use your first turn to set up or deal some good status damage, DON’T GO ALL OUT STRAIGHT AWAY AS POOR SETUP CAN RESULT IN AN EARLY LOSS! Once it’s health drops down to 40% which then, It will start using Full Area Attacks which can either be a signature attack and have a base Power of 100+ and able to deal STAB which can result in a full team wipe and have the ability to attack twice with either a Gmax or regular move, as well as nullifying any effects.

This can be deadly as alot of people can get very cocky and decide to go in without thinking too much. ZYGARDE IS ONE OF THESE! In it’s second phase it will health back to 50%+ and have a higher HP Stat (216 Base opposed to 108 Base, think of Full health again)

To the Victor go the Spoils
CATCH EVERYTHING!!!! The rate of capture is 100% with any ball! And the odds across the board are 1/300 without a shiny charm and 1/100 with a shiny Charm! YES THAT INCLUDES THE ONES YOU CAUGHT ALONG THE WAY! Legendaries have this too, and if you catch it and it so happens not to be shiny, don’t worry, Don’t Accept the shiny and try again! The Legendary/UB won’t Disappear until you keep it!

Thanks all for reading my guide! I’m hard at work Shiny Hunting all these pokemon and providing the info of what I’ve found after 80+ Odd Max Raids (Corona Virus hasn’t been fun) and the info from Serbii!


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