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Pokemon Sword & Shield Getting Keldeo By: GoldenCartoons


No I’m not posting this for upvotes

To be honest, I’m not even sure if anyone even knows about this, but you can get Keldeo in SwSh Crown Tundra.

Here’s how:

First you’ll need the Swords of Justice, obtained by finding footprints in the ground in various areas in the Crown Tundra, then talking to Sonia after getting 100% footprints. After you catch the swords, go talk to Sonia, and she’ll award you with 10 EXP Candies (Small for your first, Medium for the second one, and Large for the last one) for each sword you catch. After she leaves the building (essentially leaving a Beldum all alone), fly to the Dyna Tree Hill (if you’ve been there already), and go down into the lake. There you can find an island with an item and a pot behind a tree.

Make sure you have all three swords in your party, then set up camp. Now you need to make a curry. After you make the curry, close up camp and look at the center of the island, where Keldeo should be.

It’s level 65, also. I recommend saving your game before catching it in the events that you accidentally kill it.

God, Crown Tundra is great, with it giving new and interesting ways of finding Pokémon. I hope this guide was useful to someone.


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