Pok?mon Sword & Shield – How to EVOLVE the Trickiest Pok?mon! (Guide & Walkthrough)


[, Music, ] evolving Pokemon can always be a little tricky well, most of them are only required to reach a certain level. Others need something a bit different and what that thing is changes a lot. It could be a special item or the need to be traded, but it’s not always the most obvious, so we’re here to help you evolve these tricky pokemon in sword and shield. If they’re not on the list, then they either evolve normally or don’t evolve at all. Let’S begin first up is appling, who requires a specific item in order to evolve by using a tart apple it’ll evolve into flap’el, but using a sweet apple will cause it to evolve into apple tongue. The tart apple is more common in pokemon sword and can even be received in hammerlock by showing your Apple into a young boy near the west exit.

However, it can also be found in the wild area. The same applies to the sweet, apple and shield, where it can be found in the same location. Next is talk soul, who evolves into talks tricity at level 30. What makes it unique is what form it will take if its original nature is adamant, brave, docile party, hasty impish, jolly lacks naive, naughty, rash, quirky or sassy. It will evolve into its ant form if its original nature is bashful. Bold calm, careful gentle, lonely, mild, modest, quiet, relaxed, serious or timid. It will evolve into its low key form.

Then we have club a puss who evolves into grat locked when leveled up while knowing taunt. It naturally learns taunt at level 35 or it’s possible to evolve. It earlier through the use of TR 37, another unique pokemon evolution is synesthesia. Mit requires depends on whether it’s a phony or real, which is nearly impossible to tell through looking alone with the authentic one being incredibly rare. The cracked pot is for the phony form, while the chips pot is needed for the antique form, whichever one works will reveal the form you’ve caught a simpler evolution is gallery’ and Linoone into obstacle. All that needs to be done is to increase its level beyond 30. At night just be sure to be in a location that reflects the actual time of day, so the wild area might be best. Potentially trickier is evolving hilarion far-fetched in two sir fetched, as that requires it to get three critical hits in a single battle.

The leek item it holds increases the chance of crits, so be sure to have that, otherwise we suggest using weaker moves or using brutal swing in a double battle, so that it hits the three other pokemon on the field. At the same time, another simple evolution is gallery’ and Darumaka. All it needs is an ice stone to evolve into dark mana tan stones can easily be found in the lake of outrage section of the wild area where one of each can be found. Next to the circle of rocks, potentially the most obtuse evolution, though, is gallery’ ngah mask as you need it to receive over forty nine damage in a single hit before walking under a stone sculpture in the dusty bowl section of the wild area, mil series evolution into Alchemy is also quite weird, as the form it takes and its evolution is based on the sweet, berry you have at hold and the direction in which your character spins. We highly suggest visiting Sarah B in order to see all the possible variations, but finally there’s noms evolution into frost moth.

All that needs to be done is to max out stomps happiness before leveling it up at night, and those are all the unique evolutions in Pokemon sword and shield, which ones gave you the most trouble. Let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on pokmon and other things. Gaming,