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Pokemon Sword & Shield Ultimate Crown Tundra Shiny-Hunting Guide! What Balls should you catch your shinies in?


Now that the Crown Tundra has been out for some time, and everybody is familiar with the legendaries that can be found within, I’ve compelled the perfect guide on which balls to use whilst shiny-hunting them. Of course, this doesn’t have to apply to eveyone (as personal preference exists), but it’s just something fun.

Let’s start with the legendaries outside of the max lair.

Cobalion: A Dive, or Nest Ball would good look pretty good colour-wise. On terms of apriballs, I’d say either a Safari, or Heavy. If you don’t want to deal with struggle, a simple Master Ball can do.

Virizion: Dream, and Love matches the colour scheme very well. If you don’t have those, Heal Ball will do.

Terrakion: Level, or Heavy Ball looks best. If not, a Dusk Ball.

Registeel: Safari, Nest, Dusk, or Friend. If you want to be fancy, throw a Heavy Ball.

Regice: Definately Dive, or Lure Ball. If you don’t want to deal with the amount of time/throws it takes, try a Dusk Ball.

Regirock: Level or Nest. Of you don’t want to deal with the amount of time/throws it takes (although Level should work well if your main lead is a higher level), throw a Dusk Ball.

Regidrago: Dive, or Net can work (inspired by my girlfriend’s inside joke). If not, a Dusk or Dream (haven’t seen anybody use this suggestion before!) can do.

Regieleki: Fast, Quick, or Premier. If the latter (Premier) takes too much throws, go for the other two, or a Dusk Ball.

Regigigas: Basically a 100% catch rate, so you can throw literally anything, and he’ll stay in. Heavy, Moon, Dive, or Premier works, but if you’re really going for colour co-cordination, throw a Master Ball.

Let’s move on to the legendaries inside the Max Lair, shall we? Everything is a 100% catch rate.

Mesprit: Heal Ball matches very well, but if you have some available, go for Dream.

Azelf: Dive or Lure Ball, especially the latter.

Uxie: A bit hard. I’d consider a Level Ball (of you have some on-hand), or a Nest Ball.

Ho-Oh: Timer, Premier, Sport, or Level can work. I’d consider the first, for the cool animation!

Lugia: Premier, Dive, Dream, Poke ,or Love Ball can work. I’d consider going for Love, as the soft colours match a little better.

Kyurem: Heavy, Dive, or Premier works.

Zekrom: Heavy, Luxury, or Fast works (for the lightning bolts.).

Reshiram: Premier, definately a Premier Ball.

Tornadus: Friend, Nest, Dusk, or Safari works.

Yveltal: Premier, or Sport. Even the normal Poke Ball can work, too.

Xerneas: Dive or Beast. That’s all to it.

Zygarde (if you manage to beat him that is!): Premier, Friend, or even Safari can do.

Latias: Fast, or Premier. Sport or Level can also work.

Latios: Safari, Nest, Dusk, or Friend. Nest’s colours match a little closer than the other balls do.

Zapdos: Ultra Ball. If you want to be a little more fancy, go for Luxury, or Fast Balls.

Landorus: Premier, or Level ball can do.

Thunderus: Dive, Lure, or Love Balls can match pretty well. I’d say go for a Dream, or Dive.

Articuno: Dive Ball. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Moltres: Heal, Premier, Dream, or Love. I’d go for Heal Ball.

Tapu Fini: Net, Dive, Moon,or Luxury. Net matches quite close.

Tapu Bulu: Ultra, or Luxury.

Tapu Koko: Fast, Luxury, or Level Balls will do.

Tapu Lele: Quite hard, really. I’d go for a Dream, Love, or Luxury Ball.

Mewtwo: Premier, Nest, Friend, Safari, or even Dusk Ball can work.

Kyogre: Dream, Love, Dive, or Net can work. If you want it to look good, I’d go for Dream, or Dive Ball.

Groudon: Nest, Safari, or Friend. Dusk Ball can work, too.

Rayquaza: I’d say Luxury, but Ultra Ball matches the yellow stripes perfectly! Fast or Heavy can work too.

Cresselia: Moon Ball, definately. Premier, Dream, or Heal Ball can work, too.

Pheromosa: Fast, or Luxury Ball works. Sport or Beast can do, too.

Buzzwole: Friend, Beast, Nest, Safari, or Sport Ball works. I’d consider a Dusk Ball.

Guzzlord: Premier goes well, but Heavy, Moon, or Beast can work.

Stakataka: Level, Beast, or Luxury Ball. Make sure to find one with decent speed!

Blacephalon: Dream, Beast, or Dive Ball works.

Nihilego: A bit tricky. Beast, Level,goes, but I’d suggest Safari or Nest.

Celesteela: Premier, Beast, or Heavy works.

Xurkitree: Beast or Dive. It just works.

Kartana: Premier, Beast, or Dive can work.

Suicune: Dive Ball, definately. But you can go for Lure also.

Raikou: Fast, Premier, Luxury, or Level Ball.

Entei: Luxury Ball works well.

Lunala: Moon Ball just works. If you don’t have those, try Premier.

Solgaleo: Fast, or Heavy Ball. Same as Lunala, try Premier.

Necrozma: A little tricky. Try Dive, or Beast Ball.

Palkia: Love, Dream, Premier, Net, or Dive Ball works well.

Dialga: Nest, Friend, Safari, or Dusk Ball can work.

Giratina: A bit tricky. I’d go for Premier, Safari, Moon, Dive, Dusk, or Luxury.

Heatran: Try Premier, Level, or Luxury Ball.

Hope this is helpful in some way!


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