Pok?mon Sword & Shield’s SECRET Joy-Con Easter Egg!


[, Music ]: it’s been long established in the Pokemon games that the trainer always has the latest Nintendo console and sword and shield is no different, with your character having a switch in their room, which isn’t all that special considering it was there for the trainer in. Let’S go Pikachu and Eevee, however, there actually is an Easter Egg involving this switch. It Mears, the joy Khan that you have attached to your switch now.

Technically, this only works in handheld mode, as you have to leave your house change. The joy Khan then re-enter to have the change happen. If you do this in doc mode, then it will just stay. As the last set of joy Khan’s, you had attached still it’s a really fun miniscule detail that you might not have even noticed we’re just curious. What happens with a switch mini? Unfortunately, I don’t have one, but that’s something you can try for yourself thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe, the GameXplain for more on pokmon and other things: gaming, [, Music, ],