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Redeem Zarude Email Now to get Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield


What’S going on everyone austin john, please here and today it’s gon na be time for you to redeem your code for the mythical pokemons Zarude are rude in pokemon, sword and shield. So i made this video four weeks ago. We got 575 000 people who saw the video on how to get zeroed in north america, because before that it was, you know, somewhat common outside of america, but this was our first news on how to get it here in the states. In that video, i told you to sign up for the pokemon trainer club, right and and everyone immediately following that, that notification, and that video immediately went out and signed up for the trainer club right hope. You did well anyways.

Those codes are now out yay anyways in order to redeem yourselves, a Zarude, all you’re going to do is inside of the game, go to mystery gift and we’re going to get a mystery gift with a code. This is the first time that someone in north america and the united states should have received as a rude code unless you sign up on weird international sites, or something else like that like i did that. That would be the only time that you would have it. Otherwise or you bought the uh the ticket for japan’s event anyways this event, you do need to redeem this code by march 31st, 2021. Connecting please stand by take your time. Just recording a video here come on website great thanks that didn’t take too long. That’S a lie, so i’m gon na go ahead and put my code in my code. Is gon na be exclusive for me and it’s not gon na be the same for you, i’m interested here because look at that am i able to redeem this wow. I can redeem this, so this is surprising because i redeemed the zorood that was distributed from gamemania’s website.

I don’t know why game mania sent me a code, but they did and look at that hang on so check mystery gifts and you can see right there. The mythical pokemons are Zarude: gift, has the exact same text redeemed it at two different days, and this is different from the jungle zarud gift, which was from the uh the movie ticket? So, yes, you can redeem the one from game mania and the one in your north american trainer’s club email, and i i do believe it’s the exact same as a Zarude like there’s, not gon na really be any difference here to it or anything level. 60. Three. Perfect ivs leaf guard leftovers. I i think we need him for a thumbnail. So, let’s just let’s just go to the uh camp. Yes, camp same thing we like to do with all of our mythical pokemans: hey, hey, there’s a oh! It’S an overcast day! Really hey there buddy people in north america are gon na get you today. Are you excited for that?

I bet you are. Oh, oh, hey uh forgot to make a video about this. In fact, i might still make a video about this. The first time ever that north american english players are gon na get their chance to get a shiny, mew is coming up in pokemon, go february right around the pokemon anniversary and pokemon go if you buy the ticket, for, i think it’s 12. Yes, i know it’s a paywall shut up. If you do the event. First of all, there’s a whole event: it’s not just you’re paying 12 for a pokemon um a whole event. You get pretty much access to every cantonian, pokemon shiny and then also you can get a shiny mew. So it’s gon na be the first time that you’re gon na be able to get a shiny mew in english, because before what was it, the japanese virtual console and you’re, not the ot or you are the ot in the emerald mystery gift. That was 15 years ago, which happened for two days in japan, so yeah your first non-hacked ot english shiny celebi, which is pretty awesome.

I mean noob uh anyways. I’M wrapping up this video guys. Do me a favor hit the thumbs up button down below if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications, and if you want to hear more about my beef with mythical pokemon, there’s gon na, be a video on screen right now about the Problem with mythical pokemon be sure to check that out and uh do keep in mind that if you try to do this email sign up thing now, i don’t think it’s gon na work, but you could try the video on screen.

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