Shiny Lunala and Solgaleo & The Pokemon Pass App Being Used for Pokemon Sword and Shield


What’S going on boys and girls, what’s up we’re all to Austin John Plays here and today I’m gon na be going over how you get shiny, loon, ala or shiny, so Gallio for pokemon, ultra Sun and ultra moon on the 3ds. Now I know what you’re thinking sorting shields about to come out. Why are you talking about this now? Well, there’s an event in North America, or maybe just the US that just started that you’re going to be able to use the pokemon pass app in order to get a shiny pokemon.

This is part a video on the actual event going on now and also explaining Pokemon pass, because I didn’t even understand how it worked until I just did it. In fact, I recorded this entire video and then I learned a bunch of details, and then I decided to rerecord this entire video. So as you’ll see right here, the Pokemon cast app is available on the iOS and Android stores. Where you could come in here, open it up, you’ll see the activities and, oh, I got a photo sticker for some reason. Thanks by the activities, you should have a luna lat, so Gallio event that pops up right here and essentially what this does is. If you go to a game, stop physically on your device, then you’re going to be able to scan the in-store QR code, which is right here and then get the code for you to get the shiny, so Gallio or shiny Lu Nala. What’S weird, though, is this app uses, probably geofencing to actually see that you are at a Gamestop location, because if you’re not add a game, stop you can’t scan this? This is useless.

If you’re, not at a game, stop I mean you could sit outside of the game, stop and scan this on your phone to avoid the social anxiety of going inside or if you’re, going there out of business hours, then yeah you’re, fine, but other than that. You need to go physically to a location now, if we think back in the days of the Pokemon, go hacks and being able to spoof your location. That would probably also work if you could spoof your GPS location on your device to be out of games. Then you can just scan this right here and boom you’re good to go. I don’t recommend that I’m not condoning it. I’M just saying probably worked. I don’t know if that’s what you choose to do hit me up on Twitter and let me know if that worked.

That’D be neat to know, but for the vast majority of us you download the Pokemon pass app, you go to the location, you scan this in store and then you get the code how’s the see right here, I’m outside a game stop and then I open up The app it prompts me and we just walk right up to it, scan it, and then we press the button and then boom that reveals the code. That’S pretty much it! The code that’s going to be displayed on screen, you’re, not going to be able to activate it, because I’m literally about to activate it and spoilers. This happened in previous time. So let’s go to receive gift with code attention. If your battery is depleted, then you can’t use the same code twice. I know yes, verifying, don’t turn off the power, all right, no problem and oh it’s, the brilliant, so Gallio ooh wow. It is a bright fiery. Red color! That’S pretty neat! You know.

I’M really surprised to find out that my capture card on my 30s still works. I thought it didn’t. This one doesn’t work the ultra lock 3ds rip, ultra lock and boom. We talked to this guy here. He has emitted mister gift for it yep so Gallio. He is a level 60 he’s holding a gold bottle cap, so we can super train him. That’S nice! He has steel strike, Zen, headbutt, noble, roar morning, Sun and there we go, as it clearly says, on the screen. The code below will only give you one Pokemon. So, even if I were to use the same code for a different game, it wouldn’t work. It’S unique to the game. I think what I would need to do in order to get a second code is log out of my Pokemon pass app and log in with a different account, and then I could sign in go to physically a Gamestop location and then get my shiny, Lu, Nala And that would be the process in order to get myself.

My second because I clearly have more than one copy of the game, so I would need both of the shinies, which I’m probably gon na, do that as soon as I’m done here on camera. Great alright guys. Well, I hope this was informative and there’s a very good chance that this is going to be used exclusively for Pokemon sword and shield for all the events are required going to a store, instead of it being physical cards. It’S going to be this QR code method. That also requires you to actually be at the store, which I mean good on them. That’S a way to make sure that no one’s spoofing or getting more cars than they supposed to, which is nice, but yeah guys. I’M wrapping this up, if you haven’t done so, be sure to hit the like button down below if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to turn on notifications until next time, Austin John out