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Should You Buy Pokemon Sword OR Shield? Version Exclusives, Wild Area Map, Install Size & More


What’S going on boys and girls, what’s up we’re all the Austin John plays here and today we’re gon na be taking a look at pokemon, sword and shield, which is out in about a month as far as new updates as far as the pokemon that are going To be version exclusive, your pre-order options, the different map that’s been revealed for the wild area as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. Let’S hop into it. Last week, the world was introduced to Glory and pony toe, which is somehow not a fairy type. Its psychic type – I don’t understand, but that’s okay, it’s important to note that Golani ponyta is exclusive to pokemon shield, as opposed to surf fetched who’s gon na be exclusive to pokemon sword. So if you have an affinity for either of these Gen 1 Pokemon returning in their brand new form, then that may influence the version of the game that you’re gon na be buying. It’S important to note that we have no idea if there is going to be a glory and for fetched and there’s most likely a glory and rapidash. We don’t know if they’re going to have other evolutions based off of that like, if surfaced as a middle evolution or rapidash as a middle evolution. We don’t know any of those details.

We also don’t know if rapidash turns into a full unicorn alicorn and becomes fairy type as well, and if there is no galore Ian’s far-fetched. That means that you’ll be able to take your competitive Farfetch’d from your previous games imported into here and evolve into sir fetched. Maybe and you’d be good to go for that when it comes to the other version. Exclusives pokemon sword gets access to Dino and Jango and Pokemon shield gets access to larvae, tar and goomy kind of, and what I mean by that is that has to do with which version of the game you preorder. Now, if you decide to get it from the Pokemon Center, you get a plush keychain, which is pretty neat. If you get the double pack from the Pokemon Center, you get the plush keychain and then also there’s an inherit bonus that comes with the double pack. I’M going to review that in a second.

If you preorder the game at Amazon, you get access to a gold, backpack. Sorry, a gold studded leather case for your trainer as a customization option, which looks pretty dope. I hope there’s gold armor in this game to go along with it, your pre-order at Gamestop you’re, going to get a double-sided wall banner that goes between having the Box Legendary’s and the actual map on there. The map looks kind of dope and, as opposed to just being a regular poster like this one from Gamestop, it’s shaped like a like a sports banner, which is pretty neat now, if you decide to get the double pack you’re going to get special codes, that you’re Going to be getting a larva tar and a Jiang MOA, well you’re, not getting them you’re getting Dynomax crystals, which means that you’re gon na be able to summon them on will and battle them in battle.

Now we don’t know if Jiang mo and larva tar have Giganta max forms, they might considering that you know you’re gon na get these as a pre-order bonus, but what’s unique, is you’re gon na be able to redeem these in either game? So if you get Pokemon sword which does not have larva tar, you can use the code for larva tart in Pokemon sword. Therefore, you don’t have to you know trade, for it and same thing goes for Jiang mo in Pokemon shield, not too relevant because you’re going to own both of the games. I mean you can’t trade with yourself. If you only have one switch and Pokemon home, is it gon na be out for a couple of months? I guess it just makes it a little bit easier, but I’m really excited to see if these two are gon na be having Giganta max forms. While we’re talking about verging exclusives, there is also a version exclusive gems which we’ve covered before and pokemon sword. You’Re gon na fight, bei and pokemon shield you’re gon na fight Alistar.

The gym is, in the exact same location that ties into something that Game Informer talked about recently, how they said that the game is going to have 18 gems kinda. There are 18 gems in total, spread throughout two different games: pokemon sword and pokemon shield, so versioning exclusives are unique, gems and also there’s the major and minor leagues similar to the Japanese style, j-1 and j2, like the minor-league and major-league kind of concept. So what I’m thinking and hear me out here is that there’s going to be four minor league gems and there’s going to be eight major league gems, just like normal and there’s going to be four of those gems that are version exclusive, so in the minor league You’Re gon na have say, for example, one version exclusive Jim, whether you fight you know psychic or dark and then in the major league you’re going to be having three verging exclusive gyms, or maybe it’s two and two or there’s a chance that it’s going to be. Six in the minor league and eight in the major league and there’s one version exclusive in each – we don’t know those exact numbers. Yet we know that there’s 18 spread throughout the major league, minor league and the version exclusives speaking of pre-ordering.

If you decide to purchase digitally you get 12 quick balls, that’s not great! I mean it’s it’s better than nothing but 12. Quick balls. Does that really gon na help you? But if you’re thinking about downloading the game, digitally the actual game, size has been leaked. If we look right here, this is the game card. If you want to, I guess, buy the game digitally right here, ten point: three gigabytes! That means that if you are against physical copies and you want digital only and you want to be able to install it onto your Nintendo switch, you may need to delete some games in order to have ten point three gigabytes available. It might be slightly higher than that for the actual installation process be warned and if you want to install it to your SD card, to make sure same rules apply ten point three gigabytes. It’S always healthy to have a little bit more available.

Now you may be asking: why is it ten point, three gigabytes, that’s almost the size that breadth of the wild was. Is this game going to be as big as breath of the wild? Absolutely not! You should not be deceived or under any influence that this game is going to be near the size of Legend of Zelda breath of the wild Legend of Zelda. Breath of the wild is a very, very large world, but they cleverly use the same assets and just move them in different areas, with different textures, like the hills and the valleys and the snow area and everything in the desert area. Let’S just look at the enemies, for example in breath of the wild there’s bow cabins mob, lends lizalfos and keys. I think that’s pretty much the end of the the, not mini-boss or or unique enemies, even though it’s just them, it’s just the same model. They just. We use different textures for when it changes different, colors and difficulty. So all that is just one model with four different textures and that covers four different classes of the same enemy as opposed to Pokemon, which is gon na, have hundreds of Pokemon that have their own unique forms. Color schemes, Road Amma, has a few different forms. So each of those is their own custom, texture and model.

So there’s a lot of that data. That’S all stored in there and while you compare this to older games like Sun and Moon, ultrasone, altra Moon, X or Y horas, it’s more than double even the largest game, which was pokemon ultra Sun and Moon, which is about 4 gigabytes. And that has a lot to do with the textures of this game. Everything is gon na be at 1080p, so the textures are gon na be a 1080p instead of how they were on the 3d s when they were displaying it. 200. 220. 240 P. Whatever that number was, it was garbage so bottom line is this game is going to be one beefy boy, clear up ten point, three gigabytes: if you’re going to be downloading it digitally from Australia the day before release like I am.

That brings me to one of my final talking points is that Coral coral magazines cover for their guide for Pokemon sword and shield has leaked and just like lots of guides, they both said. There’S a map and the the very small part of your screen at right. Now is the map we went ahead and I threw this into Photoshop and here’s the full glorion map and what i did is i decided to leave this area over what we’ve seen in the full map. So if we hide that we can see, this is the outline of this giant wall with the big dragon face right there going all the way down past the red town to the large water structure over here to the left of the mountains boom same exact area. Now, particularly, what all these little dots are we’re not really too sure. At this point, I haven’t been able to find any concrete information on this. I’Ve had some sources say that they are dynamaxx spawn locations and I’ve had some people theorize that they’re just references of wild Pokemon that appear in the area. If I were to go into sharpening and sharpen a whole bunch, that gives me a better contrast.

So you can actually see – oh, that was too far zoomed in where all these icons are and right here we can see that this is an icon with what looks to be aligned straight up going to the keys over here. I do want to note what pokemon has been doing in the recent generations with spawn locations and Pokemon Sun and Moon ultra Sun ultra moon route. One had lots of pieces of grass and what was unique as each piece of grass had its own unique spawn table. So, instead of think of Gen 1, how all of route 1 had the same chance to find the same Pokemon in the more recent games, there are some Pokemon that only appear in certain areas of a route or some Pokemon are more predominant in certain areas.

Even going back to Pokemon X & Y, when lebay Bay, I always say that name wrong. Only spawned inside of the flower patches that got expanded more upon in Sun and Moon to the point that each patch of grass is unique and if you’ve ever played the game with a randomizer. You would know that each of those patches of grass has completely different Pokemon. That means that what they can program is every single little zone, gate, fencing of location that they want can spawn different Pokemon, and this is important because it looks like the wild area is just one area. It’S not going to be two separate areas, although it does look like there’s something that prevents you from progressing half way. So maybe here’s like the beginner wild area and then once you clear, a certain amount of the game you get access to this wild area. We’Re not 100 % sure right now or you might get access to the whole thing. If these are in fact Dynomax spawn locations. I would say that these are Pokemon that have a chance to spawn at those max raid battles, know what I mean. We won’t know exactly what this map is and what these keys are on the outside until we either get better leaks of the inside of it.

But this has been leaked about a month out from the game, and this is only gon na release after the game releases. So we’re not too sure exactly what all of this is. But it is nice to see that the wild area is one large expansive area and there’s a lot going on here like if these are all different Pokemon that could spawn inside of the wild area. You’Re gon na be able to explore here for a long time, and I like that, all right guys. Well, that’s gon na be wrapping up all the Pokemon updates that we have for today. October 14, 2019. Every we’ve enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like down below if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe. Turn on notifications until next time, Austin John out grip, Sven

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