Tips and Tricks on how to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Hey, what?s up guys, Shadic 2310 here, back with another video, and today, I will be giving you guys some tips and tricks to finding shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. So, Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that look different than their original forms and have different color pallets and they are extremely rare. According to Serebii, there are multiple ways to find shiny Pokemon, the standard method of encountering a shiny Pokemon is via Random Encounters, you could randomly walk into a shiny Wooloo and there, the Wooloo will be black instead of white and will have sparkles and stars to indicate it is shiny.

Some Pokemon is these games sparkle with Squares instead of Stars which is even more rare than the normal Stars. After watching Adrives video, there are more methods than just the random encounters. There are chain encounters, which increases the chances of finding a shiny after repeatedly encountering the same Pokemon over and over. There are also Dynamax encounters which have a high chance of being shiny and also Egg hatches or the ?Masuda Method? which takes more time but has very good odds of being shiny. So this was a quick video but I hope it was helpful and hope you guys find your favourite shiny Pokemon. Thank you all for watching, remember to like, comment, and subscribe and I?ll see you guys on the next one..

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