Top 5 NEW Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield w/Monkiez!


“Top 5 NEW Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield What is going on guys my name is Monkiez and welcome to another Pok?mon Top 5. It’s been about a week and a half since Game Freak announced the Long Awaited Generation 8 Pokemon Title for the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are FINALLY confirmed, and at long last we as a community are finally getting a Game we deserve. All we have right now is a couple minute long trailer but Might I say, from what we?ve seen from the small trailer we?ve gotten I think these games look absolutely stunning. The graphics are absolutely beautiful and the region is so well designed. I am super excited for these games already, and one thing about every Pokemon Game that excites me are the Legendary Pokemon. Every single Pokemon Game Except for the Original 3, have had the main legendary Pokemon of each Game grace the cover art.

In the reveal for Pokemon Sword and Shield, we didn’t get a Legendary, but if we look closely at the top of each logo there?s some sort of dog, or wolf Pokemon and I can?t help but imagine that this is the regions legendary Pokemon. Now if the legendary Pokemon were to be dogs or wolves, I?d be pretty happy. However, I did get to thinking that if these weren?t supposed to be the legendaries, what kind of Legendary Pokemon would I like to see in these games. So of course I want to cash in on the Pokemon Sword and Shield hype train, so why not make a video on it? So without further ado I?d like to welcome you all to my Top 5 NEW Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

And at the end of the video if you did enjoy be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter, I?m going to be posting previews and updates on future content, so you don?t want to miss it. And please note that all the awesome designs being used in today’s videos are not mine, and were made by Smiley Fakemon, their link is in the description below. But with that being said, let?s get started. 5. Byoxic ( My Number 5 slot goes to a Pokemon that I think would make a really cool legendary Pokemon due to its design origin. This Pokemon is known as Byxoic. Its name is a combination of the words Byoki, meaning disease, and toxic.

Byoxic is a Poison Steel type Pokemon, which I feel like fits into the theme of these games. We can see that Byoxic has armor all around his body which would make sense being the legendary for Pokemon Shield. As I mentioned before, it has a pretty cool design origin. When Smiley was designing this Pokemon, it was partially based off of the Naga. The Naga is simply a Sanskrit word that translates to serpent or snake, and many times is used to represent the King Cobra. We can see the Naga existing in many different religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. We?ve seen Game Freak draw inspiration from different religions in the past when designing Pokemon, so I can definitely see Game Freak doing this. Each of the religions have their different interpretations of the Naga, but They are principally depicted in three forms: wholly humans with snakes on the heads and necks; common serpents or as half-human half-snake beings. This Pokemon Byoxic fits the bill of a Pokemon thats supposed to be somewhat of a serpent, and I think Smiley did a great Job designing this.

For its ability, it would get a new ability called Plague. Plague is an ability similar to Poison Touch, however it doesn?t leave the opponent with a normal poison, but a badly poison. According to the Dex entry from Smiley ?Byoxic was, created to destroy a corrupt world, so Pokemon and people could start with a clean slate again. However, it went mad with power, and started destroying more than intended.? This dex entry shows the true strength of Byoxic, and this would allow him to become the evil legendary counterpart, and would make for a Great Story in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. 4. Zerone In most Pokemon Games since the third Generation we have seen the trend of Game Freak introducing a third legendary. This is Pokemon is usually a mystery until it gets its own game, with the story revolving around it. Unless you?re Zygarde? sorry dude. So for these games, I have a concept for the third Legendary, and my number 4 slot goes to Zerone. Zerone?s name is a combination of Zero and One. This name relates back to binary code.

If you don?t know what Binary code is, it is a coding system using the binary digits 0 and 1 to represent a letter, digit, or other character in a computer or other electronic device. Every Program we use, every video we watch, even this video in its simplest form are just 0s and 1s. Zerone being based off of Binary Code makes sense, since he is known as the Data Pokemon.

Zerone is an Electric/Psychic type, which makes perfect sense considering his relations to technology. It?s ability is an all new ability known as Yobipoint, which causes the Pokemon to never run out of PP, which sounds super OP, because it is. According to his dex entry by Smiley ?There is not much known about Zerone. It is barely mentioned in stories or depicted in old drawings. Zerone is said to gather data, but why is not known.? This would make perfect sense for Zerone to be the third Legendary as not much is known about him and would set the grounds for a potential third entry in the Galar region.

I know i’m getting really ahead of myself talking about a third installment of the Galar region and we haven?t even gotten our first, but this is just some food for thought. Zerone?s dex entry mentioned it being not mentioned in stories and old drawings, which surrounds this Pokemon in mystery. There probably haven?t been many people who have even seen this Pokemon. 3. Gadavian Remember the number 5 slot, Byoxic? Well Byoxic actually has a counterpart legendary.

When Byoxic went crazy with Power, This Pokemon was able to calm it down and end its madness. My Number 3 slot goes to Gadavian. Gadavian is in fact the good guy conterpart to Byoxic. You know how Xerneas and Yveltal, or Dialga and Palkia have each other to keep one another in check. Well thats how Gadavian and Byoxic work. They each exist and keep the world in order together. Gadavian is a Fighting/Flying type Pokemon who?s name is a combination of the words Guardian and Avian. It?s ability is known as Guardian Veil, an all new ability that protects the Pokemon and its allies from status ailments, upon being sent out. This description obviously paints Gadavian to be the hero of the games.

Just like Byoxic is based off of the Naga, Gadavian is based off of its counterpart, the Garuda. The Garuda is simply a Sanskrit word that translates to legendary bird or bird like creature. We can see the Garuda existing in many different religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Garuda is described as the king of birds and a kite-like figure. He is shown either is a giant bird with partially open wings a man with wings and some bird features.

Garuda is generally a protector with power to swiftly go anywhere, ever watchful and an enemy of the serpent. The Garuda?s enemy is a serpent, which perfectly shows us the relationship between Gadavian and Byoxic, Byoxic is the serpent. According to the Dex Entry by Smiley ?Gadavian was,created to guard those that would be the start of the new world after, Byoxic had destroyed the old one. However, when Byoxic started rampaging, going mad with power, Gadavian had to fight Byoxic to stop it’s madness.

Gadavian and Byoxic both lost most of their power after the battle.? This Dex entry shows the true Power of Gadavian, and would make for an amazing story in the Galar region. 2. Diplovern and Petracaul My Number 2 slot goes to not one, but two legendary Pokemon. You know how Latios and Latias aren?t the main legendaries, but they still exist and are counterparts to one another. Well for my number 2 slot I have two Pokemon that fit that description, and you really can?t have one without the other. My number 2 slot goes to Diplovern and Petracaul. Both Diplovern and Petracaul are Dragon types, with one being partially fairy, and the other being partially rock respectively.

The thing with these legendary Pokemon, is not only are they legendary, but one of them is also fossil Pokemon. Diplovern exists to this day, but Petracaul is a fossil Pokemon. According to Diplovern?s dex entry ?Diplovern, according to lore, is the only one of its species alive. It is found in an underwater lair, where it protects its family’s fossils. The biggest fossil found in its lair was originally a Petracaul.? Diplovern actually protect people from finding Petracaul, but unfortunately people had to mess with the balance of nature and look for it. There is also only one of each of these Pokemon alive, which makes it a super rare, and rewarding Pokemon to capture.

Diplovern?s name is a combination of Diplocaulus and Wyvern. A Diplocaulus is an extinct underwater creature that lived thousands of years ago, which can only be seen in fossils. It makes sense that there only be one Diplovern alive, as these fossils must be very hard to come by, however once revived it turns into Petracaul. Petracauls name is a combination of Petra, or rock, and Diplocaulus as well. According to Petracaul?s dex entry, ?Petracaul is an ancient Pokemon discovered after reviving a fossil protected by Diplovern. Their skeletal structure seems to be extremely similar. Petracaul is clad with extremely strong, blue rocks, whereas Diplovern is covered in sturdy, pink scales.? Some people even say that these are the same Pokemon, its just that the one Petracaul that lived over time had to adapt, and somewhat evolve. That evolution led it to changing its typing to fairy and losing the scales. All in all, both Diplovern and Petracaul look super cool and would make for an amazing duo in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. 1. Osorochi My number one slot goes to an extremely dark, demonic and flat out scary Pokemon. This thing is the epitome of fear.

My number one slot on this list is Osorochi. Take a good few seconds to look at this thing, and how scary it looks. It looks way too scart to even be a Pokemon. Its name is a combination of the words Osoroshi, meaning Basilisk, and Chi, meaning blood or gore. This Pokemon is known as the Banished Pokemon, and that?s for good reason. According to the lore given to Osorochi by Smiley, Osorochi was using dark magic to give everyone around him the gift of immortality. It was then said that this Pokemon was banished to the Dark Realm by the Pokemon Gods, and to this day still waits to escape and exact its revenge. Osorochi has a very similar story to Giratina, as it too was Banished to ts own realm. Osorochi is extremely scary, and makes for a really frightening Pokemon. I don?t really have much to say, due to the fact that there isn?t much known about this Pokemon aside from what I said, but all of us can agree that this would make for a great Pokemon.

Osorochi wold lead the Pokemon franchise into a darker theme, and I feel like that?s something needed in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. So that is going to be it for today’s video I hope you guys did enjoy, if you did make sure to leave a like comment and maybe even subscribe if you’re new. Check out my twitter page as well where I?ll be posting lots of updates and previews to new uploads. And also let me know what kinds of Pokemon you?d want to see in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

But with that being said, I?ll see you guys later, peace..

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