TOP 5 Regional BUGS For Pokemon SWORD and SHIELD


In most Pokemon games, once you get passed the first route or two, you?re likely to come across a forest of some kind thats home to the very common, and sometimes annoying early bug type Pokemon. Or in other words the regional bug type Pokemon. The purpose of the original regional bugs were to show off the evolution mechanic as they were made to be Pokemon that quickly evolve into their final forms. However, with some of the more recent regional bugs, evolutions have been getting a bit more tricky and they?ve been managing to hold off on their own in battle as well. On top of that, they?ve started to have more unique typings and/or mechanics to them, even making them to be some of my new favorite parts of the region, and even one of my most anticipated kind of Pokemon for the Galar region, as anything is possible with this new regional bug! So since I?m really excited for this Top 5 list, let?s get on with our Top 5 Regional Bugs for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield! #5: The bug and poison typing is a very common typing, and one of the most common ones among the regional bugs.

But despite having this typing tossed around so frequently, Gamefreak never decided to make a mosquito Pokemon with it. Like seriously, how are you gonna make a poison moth, and not use this typing to make a mosquito 20 years later? Sure a mosquito Pokemon may not be the coolest thing ever, but it can be pretty dope if you kinda make it like Vorvosip over here! Zerudez has made that tiny lil insect that annoys us all so much into a really cool bug and poison type Pokemon, and the design isnt really too over the top either. You know what is over the top? Buzzwole. This is an alien mosquito okay? It doesn?t count. The thing that probably makes Vorvosip so cool is it?s purple and red color scheme along with how simple it?s features are. This is all we really need for a regional bug and this is all we really need for a mosquito Pokemon! #4: Do you know what Nincada and Wormadam Sandy cloak have in common? That?s right! It?s their typing! Their typing of bug and ground! I wonder how many of you guys actually knew that.

But the thing is, these are the only two bug and ground type Pokemon that we have. One evolves into two other Pokemon of different types and the other is a Pokemon that comes in 3 different types and is frankly? Not.. All thaaat great? So seeing as how there are no fully evolved bug types that stand out for their typing, I think its about time we have a new one. Mortasque from Pokemon Sage is actually a bug/flying type, but with it?s color scheme I?m hoping that Bug and Ground can pass with levitate as it?s ability. If I?m being honest, it kinda does remind me of Volcarona, but thats not a bad thing.

After all these are both really cool looking moth Pokemon. There may be a few other bugs that Gamefreak can make better use of the bug and ground type with, like ya know? A bug that actually burrows underground, but I definitely be fine if it flies or if it is Mortasque. Cause I?m all for a skull moth that tries to scare people away. #3: Okay mosquitoes and moths aside, if I show this next bug it?s probably gonna make the inside of your jellies go all smushy, so I?m just gonna show a cartoon image of a centipede instead! See? Don?t say that I don?t care! Now obviously Scolipede exists, and I really like scolipede myself! But we got different kinds of moths, butterflies, and even spiders! I think it?s alright if we have a few different kind of centipedes right? Well if we do end up getting some more, I?d really like to see a bug and steel type Pokemon like Plateross join the Pokedex, cause this thing is a boss! Does it look like a centipede? Well jokes on you cause ReallyDarkandWindie does his research and made it based off of a beetle called the platerodrilus.

I?m not gonna show the picture to save you jellies again but trust me, he knew what he was doing, but even if Plateross is based off a beetle, we could still use some more of those. Of course the dual typing is one of my favorite things about it, as I would love to see an early game steel type Pokemon, especially an early game bug! But beyond that, this thing just looks super menacing and cool! Simple enough to be an early game bug, and boss enough to leave an impression. #2: Flygon? You know where this is going. How this thing managed to not end up mega evolving into a bug and dragon type Pokemon is beyond me. I know it?s not a regional bug, but it really is slap to the typing as a whole. On the bright side however, seeing as how Flygon didn?t end up becoming a bug and dragon type and how we dont have a Pokemon of that typing yet? It would make an early game bug and dragon type Pokemon all the more memorable and impactful. This unnamed Bug and Dragon type Pokemon by GeoisEvil is probably the best bug and dragon type design I have ever seen, and as much as I love Flygon, its an even bigger slap to Flygon?s face as this Pokemon has Flygons exact same color scheme! Chances are that pokemon of this typing is more than likely going to be saved for mid-late game, but this design isn?t too over the top or anything and I think it COULD work as the regional bug! A fantastic regional bug that also serves as one of the first ever early game dragon type Pokemon.

Honorable Mentions: If we had to have another bug and dragon type, then I think Basillect from Pokemon sage could be a good choice. Only problem is that its kinda huge, although again Scolipede does exist so it could pass. Archanet from the Ronto Region is a great bug and dark type Tarantuala. Not only is it a unique typing that we haven?t gotten yet, but its probably more spider looking than the other spiders we have in the pokedex. If I?m being 100% real, the only reason why it wasn?t on this list is because of how common arachnophobia is so I wanted avoid talking about spiders for the most part. And finally we have Nimflora, A bug and fairy type Pokemon from Pokemon Uranium. Now if you played Pokemon Uranium you know how great this Pokemon and the typing is, if you havent I suggest you do so, and then you may see why I like it so much. But theres one Pokemon I really like more than the rest! #1: When Vivillon was released, I was very impressed with all of it?s unique forms and it?s colors! Sure it made wonder trading great, but I was more into all the different patterns and play of colors that was going on with it, I?m just a big sucker for colors really.

So that why when I saw Mothicoor by Nyjee, I was drawn to the Pokemon immediatly. Like I said what gets me about this bug and flying type Pokemon is the colors. The design is cool too, but man whatta display of nature! Honestly, I don?t know what else to say about this Pokemon. For my #1 spot I?m sure you guys were expecting me to say a lot more, but if we can get a Pokemon that just looks cool, and stands out like Mothicoor, then it doesn?t even have to be good in battle. Just like Vivillon, I can just appreciate it from a far, and be very content doing so. Thanks for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed! Next time, we have the Top 5 Pikachu Clones for Pokemon Sword and Shield! So stay tuned for that! If you enjoyed be sure to HERO PUNCH that LIKE BUTTON! If you didn?t hit that dislike button! Let me know how you feel! COMMENT down below with your thoughts and opinions! How did you feel about this list, and what kind of regional bug would you like to seen in the Galar region? Let me know! SHARE the video around with a friend, and finally.

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