Top 5 WORST Max Raid Battle Trainers in Pokemon Sword and Shield!


How are your wonderful people doing? My name is Michael’s known as third-gen gamer, and welcome to my top 5 video pokemon sword and shield is 4 released on November 15th. It has become one of my favorite Pokemon games of all time, not better in third generation. My favorite generation look at my channel name, but a new feature called Pokemon max raid battles were introduced into Pokemon, sword and shield. It involves teaming up with three others to take down a Dynamax boss to have an opportunity to catch, receive, exp, candies, TRS, etc.

The higher the tier, the Pokemon, the better rewards, however, when you’re by yourself it does get a bit difficult to take on higher level raids, since the game requires you to have four NPC’s take the place of people who could participate in the raid. There are some really good ones like Janet with a Snorlax, and especially my main man Oscar this hawlucha man, Oscar, is quite the lad. I swear about 99 % of the time. Oscar does things right, but I digress when there are good NPC traders. There are also some really bad ones in this video I’ll be covering the top 5 most frustrating raid battle, NPC trainers in pokemon, sword and shield. Now what determines the ranking for this video?

I have 3 criteria: 1, the Pokemon stats to the pokemons attacks and 3. The AI of each trainer now keep in mind. This ranking is based off of my own experience with the raid battles, thus far so opinions could change in the future or you may differ based on your own experiences. Let me know what you would add take out or move around in the comments section down below. Also before we get started. I want to give special thanks to Kanto’s hero for the video suggestion, go check out his channel he’s just starting out and he’s already doing. Some really good work: number 5 backpacker Emilia Emilia has Clefairy, which is a fairy type fairy typings. Pretty nice says it’s only weak to poison steel types and it’s strong. Its fighting, dark and dragon Clefairy has a focus sash, which means that it can live at 1. Hp, if at full health it has the moveset life, do follow me.

Dazzling, gleam and disarming voice. Clefairy has some use with follow me. Clefairy is able to direct attacks to itself, since it has focus sash. It is able to take two hits at that full health. This causes less damage to other pokemon and it potentially saves you from losing to total pokemon by being the only fallen member, and you can only have four pokemon faint in a raid battle until the raid Pokemon. Please, then Clefairy can heal the team with life. Do of everyone’s low in health, which this doesn’t seem too bad of a pokemon, but why did it make the list? It really spends a lot of its time healing your team instead of doing damage when you want to destroy barriers during high to your raids, Plus life.

Dude doesn’t heal enough on each Pokemon to be worth wasting a turn as you’re. Only getting ten turns in a max raid battle, I would say it: it’s all useful, let’s say you’re about to get to hit ko’d and it just heals you just enough um. In most cases, most of the Pokemon that go into a raid battle just pretty much die in one hit anyways or if they don’t it’s to the point where life do wouldn’t even help, and that itself can be a bit frustrating number four Beauty. Catherine now you could say that beauty’s, the eyes of beholder but looks do not determine a trainer strength. She has a togepi, a fairy type holding the focus sash and it has the moves. Life do ancient power draining kiss and swift.

Now this trainer has really no strategy other than being a health support, pokemon and potentially taking out barriers. It’S really unfortunate because it has horrible stats, even though it wants to attack the red pokemon. It practically does nothing and without follow me to properly utilize that focus sash, it’s slightly worse than a fairy. The healing is subpar at best like a fairy, and there could be many other options better than this Pokemon. There have been many times where this pokemon could make or break the raid for you, that is very frustrating number 3 schoolgirl. Isabella isabella has a Magikarp. Now it’s pretty obvious why this is on the list is terrible stats. It doesn’t have a ton of moves because of a bad learn set. It is a pokemon that is practically a running joke being used in max raid battles. Magikarp carries the focus sash and its move sets flail tackle and a very powerful hydro pump. Now this Pokemon has an all right strategy to get in it. It will most certainly fall to one HP use.

The focus ash then use flail for 200 power. Hydro pump can do some damage, since it is a powerful move, but it’s special tack holds it back with a special tax out of 15. Now magic art can be useful with shields are up. Every single move is an attack versus most of the other pokemon. Have a status move which they tend to use a little too often, however, it doesn’t help when it’s most powerful move. Hydro pump is 80 % accurate, more often than not, Magikarp tends to miss with hydro pump when it really matters. For example, whenever a braid Pokemon has a barrier or shield up, it tends to go for hydro pump, which tackle or flail will do the same amount of damage as hydro pump. Would because that’s it takes out one block of that shield and then next do you know it? Hydro pump misses and everything else 100 % accurate and it just wastes a turn and flail is only useful when the focus sash has been used and it seems to rarely use flail at one HP. But this is number one. Oh boy, let’s see what’s coming up.

Next number two kaby Alfie Alfie has a Wobbuffet yeah. We might already have an idea why this Pokemon may be or may not be near. The top of this list. Wobbuffet is a very bulky pokemon I can take hits which is nice to avoid losing a pokemon in these raids. However, its move set is like every other Wobbuffet in existence. It has counter mirror coat, safeguard and amnesia, but it would have been cool to see destiny. Bond this thing, I wonder what would happen in a 5-2, your raid come on game, for you should have let this happen. Oh wait that would have been great and why don’t that would have not made this list or it could have been a bit lower. The reason why this is on the list, because, if wobbuffet actually had moves and didn’t require taking a hit in order to attack or choose the correct move between counter and mirror coat, it would be somewhat decent, since that is not the case, Wobbuffet that mostly just Sits there and does nothing or just safeguards and sets up Amnesia’s the whole time.

From my experience, I’ve rarely ever seen Wobbuffet get hit by a max raid Pokemon. Unless they used a multi attack move the game knows they can’t do anything unless it’s able to be knocked out or in one hit, so the raid Pokemon avoids it at all. Costs make sense. It isn’t like the AI is doing the wrong moves, a mop effect, but it’s just a bad pokemon for raids. Now that we’re about to announce number one. We should briefly mention to that. Just missed this list, but they could have easily been on here. First, up is dancer, Patricia she has a Wishiwashi with liquidation, aqua, tail, whirlpool and brine. It could have made this list because of wishy-washys abysmal base, stats and its small form, but it has a solid move set and it starts off in school form and deals a lot of damage to begin the raid just enough to be somewhat useful.

Next is polka kit fray out with Evie Evie is holding the focus sash and if the tacks are helping hand round quick attack and bites. But it missed this list because that’s helping hand helping hand has priority, which makes it go first and it helps boost the power of one other pokemons moves. That itself is very nice. It can take out shields effectively Plus and holds a focus edge, but I would say there is one downfall of Evie’s that I believe sometimes Evie does use helping hand on the wrong Pokemon. You think it would want to helping hand the Dynomax Pokemon. Sometimes it just flat-out, does it and that is kind of annoying number one gentleman Martin now here is my inspiration to follow. Through with this, video Martin is literally the worst trainer to have for Dynomax rate sure he looks quite dapper under covers of soul rock, which really isn’t too bad of a pokemon. It has decent stats across the board. This pokemon is a decent move set with cosmic power, rock pearl, psychic and rock polish.

Now this doesn’t seem bad at all, but I swear the trainers. Ai is the stupidest thing. I’Ve ever seen. Barton has two moves at his disposal. That does great damage, but he flat-out refuses to use them. Martin strategy is to set up rock polishes and cosmic powers before attacking, to dominate against tougher raid Pokemon, apparently he’s too sophisticated to actually attack, so he polishes his rock instead now this doesn’t seem too bad, but raid Pokemon after a set amount of, turns, cancel all Stat boosts from the opponent, this means that everything he sets up is for nothing and he just sits. There continues to set up, while rarely ever attacking, leading to more deaths in the raid. I’Ve had plenty of times when his Pokemon would not attack him on shields and set up and that either I lose enough Pokemon or the raid Pokemon, please or I’m gana turns when it’s at low HP.

I cannot make up how horrible this NPC is in the game. I’Ve seen people rage about this Pokemon on Twitter, so it is not just me he is easily the most frustrating NPC to raid with, in my opinion. So what is the moral? The story? Please find people to raid with locally or online the more that people join you the less likely these awful trainers show up on your screen during raids. Nothing is more frustrating than missing winning a raid with a sliver of HP because an npc decides to play stupid and not make the right move. Just a reminder that this list is based off of my opinion and from my experiences, so your list may differ. So let me know what you think of this list and if there’s anything else, you would change to this list. Lastly, tell me some of your most ridiculous experiences with these MVC trainers as well in the comment section down below. If you like, to see more of these types of videos, be sure it that, like button, if you’re new would like to see more content from me, be sure hit that subscribe button and that Bell icon for notifications, wherever I upload thanks for watching everyone see you Guys later,