Top 8 Best Galar Gym Leaders ! Pokemon Sword and Shield


Hey guys ! How are you doing ?Today I will rank Galar’s gym leaders from worst to best based on how fun is the challenge and how entertaining is the battle. Without further ado, let’s do this ! Piers from Spikemuth. Marnie’s big brother would probably come first in a singing contest but unfortunately comes last in this ranking. The “challenge” consists of beating several team Yell members and that’s it no maze no puzzle nothing on the battle part Spikemuth’s gym is the only one where you cannot use Dynamax.

The core feature of this game that comes in place of mega evolutions and Z-moves is unavailable in this gym ! sorry Piers, but your gym is by far the least fun Opal from Ballonlea. Once again the pre-battle challenge is defeat 3 trainers yay so much fun but in addition to these battles you have to answer really stupid questions how old are you ? Hum 88 ? Wrong ! What did I eat for breakfast ? Dude who the **** cares ? Sorry grandma but you’re 7th Raihan the dragon tamer You thought the last gym leader to beat had the best challenge ? wrong again.

Like Opal and Piers you just have to defeat boring trainers to face Raihan? The worst part is probably that you have to fight in a museum surrounded by precious pieces of history seriously who had this awesome idea ? Cinderace use Pyro Ball ! Oh No you burned the inestimable tapestry ! So why isn’t he further down is this ranking ? Just because I’m the big fan of double battles. Gotta be honest that’s the only reason Bea and Allister. Finally finally a proper challenge but don’t get too excited there are still mandatory battles against useless trainers but at least you get to play with a bumper car first great isn’t it ? Rotate the stick clockwise to move to the right and counter clockwise to go left you will get used to a controls quickly and the path is easy to guess rather entertaining but not awesome well done you two you’re fifth Kabu the fire specialist.

Here you don’t have to beat trainers sort of but you have to earn points by catching or defeating a Pokemon before you opponent does. this is an interesting challenge because it’s kinda like a 3-way battle you can either defeat the wild Pokemon or beat the trainer next to you first but be careful as your opponent won’t hesitate a single second before using damaging or paralyzing moves against you own Pokemon once again great challenge cool Gym Leader Kabu you deserve this fourth place okay guys this is getting really serious right now on the lower step of the podium we have Nessa did you know that her number is 49 because 49 sounds like like swim in Japanese ? yeah no me neither. In her stadium you have to use that thing up there your brain you have to use your brain and solve a puzzle press different buttons stop water flow and move forward once again this challenge is enjoyable and not too hard.

On a scale from Route 1 to Seafoam Islands, we are still on the easy side but yes it is fun to solve Milo and his Wooloos. This big boy grabs the first place for the most entertaining challenge chasing Wooloos avoiding Yampers this is the most fun I had in a gym for a long time but unfortunately is terrible as a trainer he only has two Pokemon and from the same species also if like me you picked Scorbunny this is a free win And finally the best gym overall is… Gordie’s and Melony’s ! In their gym you are given a trap detector as you approach a hidden trap the detector will start beeping and shaking you have to find your way to the other side without falling this is a well-made brain-teasing challenge where you can actually feel the increasing difficulty I only regret that you get teleported back on the field if you fall I would love to see an underground path full of trainers where you have to fight your way back to the top floor just like in Stootopolis congratulation you two you share the best gym Galar well done hope you guys enjoyed this top 8 best Galar gym video.Full game review is coming soon be sure to hit the subscribe button if you don’t want to miss it and tell me what you think which gym should be first do you agree or not let me know in the comments and see you next time

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