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URSHIFU MOVESET GUIDE! How to use RAPID / SINGLE STRIKE URSHIFU! Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


Yo, what’s up guys, you got pokeaim here with a Pokemon sword and shield moveset video guide on how to use your Urshifu. I’ll be talking about the rapid strike style, as well as the single strike style. We’ll be starting it off actually with the single strike style Urshifu. I’m excited! The DLC just came out today, shoutouts to my boy Finchinator, we were working on these sets and hopefully we can get some good stuff! A lot of this is actually more, you know, It’s more for singles, or 6v6, but I will be mentioning some stuff that I think will be good for Dynamax metagames and whatnot as we’re going, but keep in mind.

This is mainly coming from a 6v6 point of view, And of course, if you’re new, and you like Pokemon, feel free to subscribe. I’ll be having a lot of sword and shield content; moveset video guides of all the Pokemon, as well as Wi-Fi battles and showdown lives featuring them. I’ll probably be featuring this pokemon tomorrow, when Pokemon showdown has updated. So let’s talk a little bit about the single strike style Urshifu. First off, base 100 HP and base 130 attack is amazing. That’s absolutely amazing. Now, it has base 97 speed, not the best, but I think it’s actually better this way that it maxes out at 322 speed at level 100, because I feel like if it was any higher, if it was like, Let’s say, Intelleon level, Cinderace level, or even Dragapult levels of speed, it would be broken. It might just be broken Just straight-up broken.

But yeah, either way, let’s actually get into this first moveset that we have here. So we’re gonna be talking about the choice band or the choice scarf. Choice band obviously boosting your attack, choice scarf boosting your speed, so this is just the choiced Urshifu. Now, its ability Unseen Fist is pretty cool because it doesn’t care about moves like protect or anything else, it will just go through protect. So we’re gonna be running max attack and max speed with a jolly nature. You kind of want to take advantage of that base 97 speed just being faster than Max speed Rotom forms and even you know, Pokemon like obsagoon, you want to be faster then them, especially because we do resist Their knock off and we can knock them out with close combat. The first move we have is wicked blow, wicked blow is eighty base power and has a 100% percent chance to crit So it’s effectively 120 base power plus STAB, as well as close combat.

Close combat would be your other way of doing damage. which is also a hundred twenty base power. Then we have U-turn for momentum and the last move is either poison jab, iron head, or sucker punch. I’m actually opting for poison jab more, just because it hits Pokemon like togekiss and primarina. And these are all Pokemon that resist your dark and fighting stab attacks. It also hits azumarill, which we just recently got back. So it’s good for fairy types and more importantly hits clefable. It’s an OHKO on specially defensive clefable from the choice band set U-turn is cool too because it just gives you that nice momentum If you don’t really want to predict the fairies, but you want to get in something that can maybe deal with them, or maybe like toxapex is a problem for you and you want to u-turn onto something like Magnezone, you can have a nice volt turn core right there and I think Magnezone actually a really nice partner too, because it resists fairy type attacks coming out at this but really any Steel type is a good partne. Having that close combat is so cool because we just got pokémon like chansey back.

We just got Magearna, which we do nuetral to, we just got skarmory, so we want to be able to do damage to that too. Dark and fighting STAB is such good coverage because you’re breaking through all or most of the physical walls besides specifically fairy types, which poison jab helps you with. Iron Head is another option if you want to go that route, but it does hit less than Poison Jab in this current meta, in this current metagame, but of course the difference is the iron head has no immunities. Whereas with poison jab, they have steel types. But in the current metagame ,you hit for more super effective damage with poison jab than you do iron head, and then sucker punch is potentially your last move and I think this would be better on choice band then choice scarf. Just because it gives you that priority versus faster pokemon like Zeraora and Dragapult. You can OHKO Dragapult, obviously watch out for willowisp, you can do a nice chunk to Zeraora especially if you are choice band, but of course if you’re running choice scarf, I think you do want to run one of the coverage moves like poison jab or iron head respectively, specifically poison jab though.

Though sucker punch can still be used but I think in terms of using choice band, Poison Jab or Sucker Punch And then maybe iron head if you want, should be used. The cool thing about wicked blow as well is because it always crits and is STAB, It actually 2HKO’s physically defensive toxapex 94% of the time after black sludge recovery, so that’s amazing because with stealth rock, That’s a 2HKO always, so you don’t have to worry about that wall. And we just did get Slowbro back into the game as well.

And this Pokemon can 2HKO that with ease. Really exciting that we have Urshifu. The next set we have is a bulk up set and you can either run leftovers or Lum berry. I’ll talk about the items real. Lum berry obviously helps you avoid Will-o-wisp or toxic or just status in general. if you’re in front of a toxapex and they don’t have haze and they try and go for a scald, or a toxic, specifically scald, I think a lot of them will try and scald burn you over toxic, Because if they get the burn on you, you can’t beat them 1v1.

So Lum berry helps you avoid that whereas leftovers give you that longevity Which is why I actually have drain punch slashed next to close combat, but same EV spread as last time, jolly nature. I think you always want that speed on this pokemon with the ability unseen fist Max attack and speed, 4 defense and then we have bulk up, wicked blow, close combat, or drain punch. Drain punch can give you that recovery. And if you’re running leftovers, maybe you do want that longevity, it’s the same thing if you’re running Lum berry too, Obviously the downside of close combat is that if you bulk up and then go for close combat Your defense is back at neutral But if you drain punch, the downside of drain punch is It’s weaker than close combat, and that can make a difference.

Bulk up leftovers can beat Corvinight, with drain punch. Though with close combat, it can do a lot as well You’ll 2HKO. So you can beat corvinight on the switch in. And your last move is definitely either poison jab, or iron head again. I think poison jab is a lot better. Clefable, togekiss, primarina, azumarill. just being able to hit these pokemon for super effective instead of the neutral damage that iron head provided, is better. The next set that we have is a life-orb attacking one, if you guys didn’t know, Urshifu does have access to taunt. Unfortunately it does not get access to earthquake, I think earthquake would have been great, but one of the coolest things about this Pokemon is the fact that it does have that strong dark stab.

So when you’re a fighting type and you have the ability to hit ghost types for super effective damage like air balloon aegislash, or aegislash in general. I think that’s amazing. and this Pokemon has enough attack at base 130, to kind of be a wall breaker of sorts, because it definitely disrupts those cores with stuff like teleport slowbro coming back, so people will be using that, it can break through toxapex, it can break through corvinight.

It doesn’t really care too much, and with a life-orb, you just have the additional power for wicked blow close combat and poison jab. And then we have taunt, and taunt is really nice because It stops status, it stops healing, which is something that Pokemon like toxapex think if they come in and take 43% or something from your wicked blow and they’re thinking okay, I can recover this off And get back to full heath, but you taunt them, you stop them from recovering, you stop them from getting that HP back and you’re able to beat them down with wicked blow from there.

It also just stops setup too, Which is something that some pokemon might try and do in front of you, and then you do have that poison jab again for that fairy coverage. The last set we have is using the fact Urshifu has base 100 HP, Which means that it can make 101 substitutes. What that means is that Chansey just came back. If you guys don’t know about Chansey, Chansey is a fat Pokemon. Not like by design, (I mean, it’s kind of chubby I guess but that’s not what I mean) I mean that it has great defensive stats. ridiculous HP, amazing special defense, and it’s defense, when combined with eviolite and its HP, it takes hits SOO well. However, its most offensive move that it goes for is seismic toss. So if one of the chanseys are crazy and try to go for seismic toss versus your Urshifu, and you get off a sub, it will take 2 seismic tosses to break your sub instead of one.

So you can substitute and bulk up and in this set you want to run the leftovers, just for the longevity, and you do have drain punch again for just a little bit more longevity That’s why you’re going max HP. I still think max speed is necessary I mean being faster then pokemon like obstagoon and kyurem is super necessary, especially kyurem because kyurem with freeze-dry is just so strong. We just got chansey which is thankfully a nice little counter But before you had to run special defensive clefable If you’re using this set, as you can see, we have no way of really dealing with fairy types, Obviously if you get plus 6 you can break through fairy types, but you’re gonna want a teammate that can deal with those fairy types. Toxapex is actually a great one because it can get up toxic spikes Magnezone is a good one too, Scizor just came back, skarmory and corvinight are all pokemon that can deal this these fairy types.

Or what you can do is, You stack up on your fighting types, Conkeldurr is actually a pretty good partner, Because conk has guts and facade which can 2HKO all fairy types for the most part, with facade. Yeah I love it because this Pokemon does force switches, this Pokemon will force switches, so subbing and being able to avoid status and bulking up can do a lot.

Let’s talk a little bit about the rapid strike Urshifu So this one is water and fighting and a lot of people thought at first, I actually didn’t think this way, But some of my friends thought this would be the better one just because they compared Keldeo to Pangoro in a sense Whereas pangoro has the single strike Typing and STAB whereas the keldeo has this one, but I think the difference is that dark and fighting just hits so much more than water and fighting.

Water and fighting has some clear resistances that are very very very prominent in the metagame. I already mentioned toxapex, Toxapex hard walls you, as well as primarina, and then on top of that, We have new Pokemon that came back like amoonguss. We had Tentacruel come back. So it’s definitely a little bit harder for rapid Urshifu. I think this pokemon’s dual stab is still super good, but I think in terms of just spamming buttons you kind of want to use single strike instead. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the first set that we are going to be talking about. So much like single strike, we’re gonna be talking about a choice band set. By the way, this pokemon has the exact same stats as the other one. So, Choice band. Surging strikes is 25 base power, hits three times, and crits every single one.

It’s actually slightly weaker than Wicked blow unfortunately, so the other one does have that over it. But the good news is that you’re already hitting a lot of Pokemon for neutral besides the ones that I mentioned. You have the surging strikes which is your stab next to close combat, close combat is great because those grass types that try to wall you that are not amoongus, like tangrowth and whatnot. They’re not gonna appreciate it. The biggest thing about this Pokemon is that bulky waters are very difficult for it. Bulky waters like Primarina, Toxapex, and Slowbro can be very difficult.

You do have some moves to help deal with that though. U-turn is the next move, giving you that momentum, this can do some nice damage to Slowbro as well getting you out of there. And again, you can pair this with Magnezone for a volt-turn core. Magnezone can Can come in you know when you they go pre marina, or they go talks back? so it pairs really well, I think would either or Magnezone is just a really really really good partner. And then you have the either Last move depending on you right you guys n had but thunderpunch or aqua? I think aqua jet specifically if you’re running choice BAM, but I think Zen headbutt thunderpunch are hundred percent better on choice Ben anyway and of course You can run choice crap on this too Just because you have a credibly high speed tier faster than Pokemon like scarf carom and whatnot.

I Get it, they run in choice carpet as well but Zen headbutt thunderpunch Aquajet Zen that bug gives you a super effective hit that can to it KO tops effects and Can deal with the movies as well? That’s the main thing about that but It also gives you a neutral head versus pokemon like azumarill and pre marina Thunderpunch, however, gives you a way of dealing with Slowbro pre marina azumarill and tox effect It’s a really tough trade up because a mungus is probably gonna be very good considering it’s one of the few pokemon Well, it’s the only pokemon that has spore that’s good in my opinion I mean like more law obviously this brother myself i’m talking about in the current meta game though more low and asha notic are not They’re not it when it comes to sport right but a mungus can spore like no other That’s it. And as we generated and just sits there so that have been allowed to deal with that So you really have to decide? what you want to trade up and you also would then have a high pokemon like drug Algy as well as tender coal which just came back So it really is up to you I think one of the cool things about this blowing if you guys who know McNerney came back and I love that this pokemons dual Stab both hit McGee enough for Neutron both for two Akio’s whereas single strike style obviously can’t say that about it’s dark tab But that’s really up to you either Zen headbutt or thunderpunch.

Yeah, it’s you gotta pick your poison at this point So next that we have is a bulk upset with either left overs alum berry very similar to last one with bulk up wicked blow close Commodore drain punch and Zen headbutt now if you have Lum berry and And your opponent doesn’t have haze on their pecs. You can just break through them with Zen headbutt Like that’s a that bulk up, but you really like I said as you pick your poison Do you want to be walled by primary none? Do you want to be wall by Zoomer? Oh, do you want to or do you want to be ball by amoonguss? So that’s kind of it really just depends on how the meta game shifts as we go forward You know certain Pokemon are gonna be way more likely than others but you want to be able hit them all so I think that this one it doesn’t really have the This one isn’t as good just again, that’s my opinion but bulk up you do have some great bulk just naturally based 100 defense, obviously and Just lets you take hits better an ocelot damage.

It gives you the same damage as a choice band after a bulk up So that’s super nice for this pokemon specifically Especially because I think one of the big things about this is that has some great resistances being a water-type You have some amazing resistances right specifically water and fire are the The big ones that come to mind opposite of steel – but like water and fire is really nice and I just steel Counts as well because you know, you’re faster next Bureau, which is great You’re able to do things like Take iron heads, you’re able to take bullet punches from scizor, which just came back also one thing about the water and fighting that is Pretty big is the fact that it actually resists Volcarona So that’s actually one big plus that this one has now what piranha does have access psychic and it probably won’t be running psychic considering If you hit and Giga Drain your center get hit talks of x2, which is something they both have in common that they’re walled by but You naturally were just bug buzz as well as fire dance because of your typing So that’s great and last but not least We do have a sub bulk upset very similar to the last one max HP just because of those substitutes we can keep them nice and Not broken by seismic toss You have bulk up substitute drain punch for the recovery, and then either surging strike or liquidation now The only reason I put liquidation here over surging strikes is just because of the PP.

Surging strikes only has a 8 PP and like I mentioned before, Dark hits a lot more for neutral damage then water does. Paired with fighting coverage, so that’s why I think the sub single strike one, I think should always use wicked blow but Especially cuz it can let you 2HKO toxapex, but this one can’t. But, if toxapex does not have haze, let’s say they’re scald recover toxic and toxic spikes or something like that. Yeah, you just sub bulk up in front of it. It does this very easily because it just resists so much about it. now for checks and counters. I’ve already mentioned them multiple times to this Pokemon in particular but amoongus, Slowbro, tentacruel, bulky waters can deal with it as well as like a bulky grass type.

Tangrowth is 2HKOd by close combat with spikes So be careful if you try to use tangrowth to deal with it, it just came back as well And again Toxapex obviously is a big one that we’ve already had in this current metagame but overall I’m excited to use these Pokemon hoping to bring you guys some battles with them as well as no just showdown lives and everything going Around now, let’s talk about a little bit about a max meta game So if you’re using like you’re playing this in VGC if you’re playing this in Ruby 3 I think some things to consider is that you can potentially use aerial ace and Aerial ace is cool because it gives you the +1 speed So that’s just something like I’m not giving you a move set for that. But just some some max moves that can do that I think are pretty cool. But aerial ace is cool because it gives you max air stream So you get the +1 speed and obviously like thunder maybe thunder punches don’t have but they give you the terrains That’d be really nice too.

Dealing more damage to months like tox effects like after a bulk up and that like a bulk up in that situation They don’t be beating They don’t because you’re plus 1 and then you hey, don’t Dynamaxx move like that But yeah, that’s uh, really all I have guys. Feel free to subscribe and be doing a lot more movesets And as I said, I’ll be showing off this pokemon later. So subscribing, you know helps me out. How’s my channel grow? Leave a like as well. Leave a comment what you thought other certain moves stuffs that you Want to use or have tried out or that we’ll be trying out rather with this pokemon? This is day. One of the metagame. I can’t even use this mod on showdown yet. So Yeah, I want to know your thoughts. Yeah. Hope you guys all enjoy I will see you guys next time. Goodbye My friends have a great one

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