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We Try The Nuzlocke Challenge In Pok?mon Sword and Shield | All 3 Starters


That’S it, that’s it! That’S it! That’S not all. So if I do not catch him, Billy is dead, hey it’s iffy and I’m doing the Nuzlocke challenge in pokemon sole super excited, but also really nervous. I’Ve never done this before the Nuzlocke challenge is a fan-made viral challenge that a lot of youtubers and twitch streamers have done first rule is, you may only catch the first pokemon encounter in each area and nothing else, every pokmon you catch. You have to name if your Pokemon faints, that’s it. It’S dead, you’re supposed to feel attached to these Pokemon and you only are gon na have a couple of them. So when one actually faints, it’s gon na be devastating, I’m saying it out loud and realizing that this is gon na be hard. I don’t need it to be the best team ever, but I would want it to be the happiest team ever you know we’ll see how this goes.

The stakes have never been higher in a Pokemon game, though I’m ready, let’s do it. This is very grand. This is a a big event: Oh hair gold. Look at that thing, going welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon. Our beloved galore region is a wonderful place with thriving nature, beautiful cities and mini Pokemon, with which we share our lives. As you know, our society is able to thrive with Pokemon. Imagine go into this stadium event and a guy walks out and just tells you a bunch of stuff. You already know now turn your gaze to the galore region’s greatest pokemon trainer, your undefeated champion. It’S time for champion, Leon’s exhibition match this Leon. That’S like Gary [ Applause ], who is sick, whoa char’s outside a truly Blastoise and venusaur. Don’T get enough respect, it’s always gassing up. Charizard, Oh dynamaxx charms.

Aren’T, though alright, that’s the most terrifying thing. I’M about to dig in that Stadium, that is terrifying, ah cool intro! That’S me, hello, pop am um. I think we’re in the UK ha didn’t expect to see you here today. Dear, isn’t this the big day yeah? That’S exactly why I’m running over to get Inca! I guess hop is my best friend never mind, watching the match now record, all my brother’s matches. Ah, that’s your brother okay go with me if he he should be here. Any minute Olli always brings presents when he visits. I love that I love a good souvenir. Hmm yeah, Oh check, my swag crept check, pull you over. You have already got a sheet Pokemon. It seems this one is hurting itself on this fancy salut. Let’S see what you’re up to don’t go using tackle in the fencing. Now you listen no going past. That fence, no everyone, knows they’re scary, pokemon living in the slumber anywhere.

That’S taken care of how about it, Inka, let’s race, but I can make it to my house first, what with you looking about that big old bag? It’S I’m in that big, oh wow! This is like the equivalent of when you had like a basketball hoop in your backyard. They have like a place to fight Pokemon. Is this hops place, I’m guessing it is there? You are at last hop oh and you’ve brought along if he hello, dear yeah yeah, but where’s Alicia, yeah, alright, calm down he’s probably only arrived at the staging of web trips. You’Ve still never met my big bro right. Okay, you can’t miss out on your chance to meet the undefeated champion. That’S pretty cool to be able to meet the champion. They never make your best friend wait for you. It’S always like the best friend leaves first and then you have to catch up high, hop. Who sounds like that wild Pokemon come out of nowhere. If you walk through patches of tall grass, I’ve got my woolly with me, so I’m ready for battles against wild thug. Love but not exact, you don’t have you ain’t gon na. Tell me what to do? Oh, yes, you are, I guess we have no choice. Let’S see this famous Leon, let’s see what he has to offer. Oh man Leon.

The crowd goes wild. Imagine like Brad Pitt. This being like, and everyone’s like hello, a little winters, your champion Leon, its back, I promise I’ll keep doing my best to love the greatest battles for you all to watch. It’S beatable champion Leon. You and chairs are the greatest chairs. Art is the greatest to true that Charizard is blazingly strong, but other Pokemon can be strong as well. That’S what I’m saying that’s why I want the strongest of Challenger is to fill the gym and challenge and come battle me. They have a good relationship. So my number one fan in all the world has come out of his way to pick me up, come on, we and you Zack, that I can beat you both of you back home. Hop is constantly trying to beat us up at this boiler like five minutes behind. Well everyone, my video crew. I can’t I mean you farewell for today, but don’t you fret I’ll always be around and make sure everyone in Galler can have a champion time right. Then the greatest gift from the greatest champion, all right man, no one likes a cocky guy.

It’S show time everyone to Pokemon, [, Music, ], score bunny in the water type Pokemon sob. All this is a huge moment in every Pokemon game, rookie gang whoo. Let’S do it Sowell cry baby get out of here score bunny, trying too hard, but rookie he’s chill he’s hanging it out. He knows. What’S up, I’m just gon na go at Sabo he’s the tiniest and the cutest I must protect. I just cannot not make this cute buddy. Look at this guy. Look at how excited you guess when I walk up to him, would you like to give Sabo a nickname, I usually say no, because I don’t want to be too attached, but this time I have to which makes it harder. Why would you do that? I already know he’s gon na turn into a beefy boy, got a name beefy boy.

No, I just named it. No, I meant to go hit space and then I just didn’t name. I’M gon na call salvo mochi because he’s really cute and tiny, there’s gon na be the hardest part of the game. I’M gon na keep everyone alive and it’s just gon na be picking their names. We’Re going with Billy the bunny he’s gon na go with Pookie. Isn’T you no score bunny wait, that’s so unusual, don’t they usually go for like the other element? If that’s what you want to pick, my dude then go for it. We’Re gon na be rivals. Oh poor Saul he’s like I guess I’ll just go in that pond. Oh Leon’s gon na take sob. Oh, that’s some endgame stuff there so now they’re doing the whole like we’re all gon na, be rivals and training each other, and so we’re gon na destroy hop every time because he went with the like person, who’s weak to my Pokemon. What do you say, willing and ready to take hop on in a first-ever Pokemon battle of your life Wow when they put it like this yeah? I’M gon na take out up all right time to destroy hop, but the first time. Let’S do it mochi Pokemon battle. It is, then, I’ve got two partners with me. Let’S buy, I like Billy’s energy. It looks like he’s ready to tackle or growl. Oh my gosh, the stakes are high. Yeah smack smack it smack it with your stick. Oops need to weak. I’M about to hit you in the face again. We just need to get through this come on.

Mochi mochi is pound weight. That’S so ironic, mochi use pound. It’S like! Usually you pound, mochi. Oh yeah got him okay, this is got it. Yes, it has to be an easy fight: yeah and branch boat. Oh [, Music, ], all right. Let’S water gun this fight, fight fight. What a good go go go! Oh, oh wow that was super effective less than pepperonis. Yes, I know about type advantage. I’M not a new [ Music ], alright, first dub, first mini Oh level. Seven, you be my two Pokemon with your one you and that stubble are too much Zach you’ve got real promise. In fact, I’ve got a favor to ask you be a real rival to hop. Would you push him and make the both of you stronger? All right, you’ve seen me battle now Lee so come on. You’Ve got ta. Let me take on the pokmon gyms. That’S really what you want to do you to have a whole lot. You need to learn about Pokemon, especially your friend Zach, who just won. I guess I do need a pokedex, probably better go. Tell your mom that we’re heading out, though the gates open and the woo woo that was there has disappear when they went through the gate. It was tackling an offense pretty hard earlier. You don’t think it actually broke through there.

Do you yeah? It did it’s off-limits. Nobody supposed to go in there, let’s do it. This is not Route one Fox coming in thick. If we don’t find this pokemon we’re gon na be in real trouble. Oh no! This is it. This is my new partner for life. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! Okay, no poker balls. I am not required to catch the spoke alone, because I can’t okay, it’s level two. I should be okay now that what more is at stake? Leave BP boy to be a high level. I think we should level up Billy a bit just like not too much. Oh sorry, bye come on use your water gun, [, Music, ], who’s hidden spooky was that a Pokemon crying out? Oh, I hope it’s not that woo woo! Oh, my god, this sound come on and good that woo hoo might be in real trouble.

I mean the one who didn’t. Listen, we told we told wait, stop hitting that thing. This is mad. I can’t even see my own hand in front of my face. Music stopped, so you know it’s about to get real. Oh, it’s! The legendary Pokemon from this game. Oh we got ta get out of here. Wait! Wait! I’M not supposed to battle! No you’re kidding come on come on, I’m not fighting right, there’s, no way! They’Re gon na wipe out Billy, but if they do and it’s part of the story he’s still it’s not the rules are the rules we’re gon na risk it for the biscuit, we’re in it we’re gon na shoot some ember at this guy [ Music, ], ineffective. The mysterious Pokemon gaze is fixed on you. What the move had no effect on it, striking, isn’t hot, even a Oh same, okay, we’re just browning at each other. I think we’re I think, Billy’s gon na survive this I’m not. Okay, we’re fighting a ghost. I can’t see anything yeah. I can’t see anything either. Please don’t kill mochi whoa. Why are we going Billy’s alive and I am out like a light? Okay, if I’m passed out that doesn’t counter it hop Inca Lee how’d, you manage to find your way here. Your pants with directions, you always get lost, he was worried. Sick we’re in a restricted area.

Leon probably knows how to hold his own, though wait where’s the wound, we’re trying to rescue that woman. Of course, you got the Lulu. We put the legendary attacked by some mad Pokemon. What are you talking about? Ha? It seemed loads stronger than any Pokemon I’ve ever seen. It just had a sort of presence. Our moves didn’t even touch it, so the fearsome Pokemon they say live in the slumbering. Wilt are they actually illusions or something we’ll find out someday until then, let’s get this going, don’t forget to tell your mom we’re off to wet horse now she’ll go spare if you leave without a word even worse than Lee. Just did what, if I had just gone home to my mom, where my mom at can I have money now, isn’t beefy boy, just a sweetheart and yes, I heard the news from young Leon. I’M glad someone bothered to tell me. Oh, she did give me money.

Thirty one thousand – I hope my player understands how lucky he is. She gave me five pokeballs big news, because I think I’m gon na go pack into route 1. Now here we go. This is quite the big stuff. You know my first step toward becoming the next champion, guess I’ll, probably trained up score bunny of it by having a battle against Pokemon in the tall grass get to build that, probably I suppose my research lab. So this is it. This is route 1! Oh! No! What is this, who is this route? 1? First Pokemon? Let’S go so you’re gon na start with the flyer, I’m going to be [ Applause ] this? Is it okay, we’re going with squabbit wait. This is the Pokemon I have to catch the first one. The stakes really hit you here. If I knock him out, I can’t get a Pokemon in this area, so I’m gon na tackle it because I think that’s less aggressive than Ember yeah. Okay, we can do this.

Let me use the branch poke, so it doesn’t do too much damage and then I can catch me boom. Okay, that’s it! That’S it! That’S it! That’S not all. So this is so much harder if I do not catch him and he gets out of the pokeball. Billy is dead for them all. How about you take a nap [, Music, ], yep, yep yep! Your soul is mine. Please catch him! [, Music, ], [ Applause ]. Would you like to get rookie dick name? Yes, this is gon na be snarky. It looks like he’s judging people, I don’t think, there’s anything you can call this Pokemon other than cheeks right after much contemplation. We’Re will now be calling you GD, sir Bo Charles I’m still sitting here. I know you know that all right. I told me to go to this. Oh there’s my dude Leon. Well done you reach the goal and manage to find the podium. Our research lab. I’Ve got to give it to Professor Magnolia. Everything in here looks fascinating, bow work. Oh my gosh! If I don’t get this one, we’re quitting the game. What is it today Leon looking for info on another never-before-seen, super-strong Pokemon?

I wish you’d stop with these outlandish requests. Anyway, nice to meet you name Sonia, I’m the professor’s assistant. Oh, look like you’ve got a Rotom phone. Hey there. Rotom excuse me my life on floats she’s, adding the Pokedex asking what I know about Pokemon the usual. Could you let grande know that you received the Pokedex? She lives in the house down along route? 2. Let’S rest, so I can get my PP up, which is your power points? Let’S get some potions. Oh, I have a lot of money yeah. Maybe you can change my nickname all right. Beefy boy is back yeah. It does fit better all right. It’S time to catch our next Pokemon. I want to catch something different. Oh oh yeah / come here. Did you see him come right towards me? That was good. I don’t know which one that is gon na, be oh, it’s the ugly bug I hated level. 7. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh.

Let’S quick attack, [ Music ]. It’S not that effective, which is exactly what I want to happen. There’S no way you’re gon na one-hit ko mochi right once you don’t do it. Mochi look: okay, a scratch, but hopefully it doesn’t kill him. Okay, quick attack, one more time and then catch okay. Here we go [ Music, ]. Your soul is mine, [, Music ]. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah /, what Scott that went so much better than the first time. This might be this game’s Caterpie and he might turn into something beautiful yeah, I’m a name you you look like an Alfred. I always wanted a dog called. I know he’s a fox always wanted a puppy called Hachi Nick it. Your name is Hachi. This is gon na make me really sad. If I have to release you, if we do more of these videos, please comment below what I should nickname my Pokemon, because I have no idea what to do. I don’t know what it is about. Yam /, but they look like gay. A sweet, Charlie, Charlie, has been added to your party. Oh No, you know where that is that’s somebody who wants to battle.

Let’S heal Billy, I’m trying to get into a habit of healing my Pokemon. Nothing beat these kids ass. Let’S go youngster J youngsters like six right, because I think I’m not a day over 10. Oh that’s a cute new squabbit! You shame if I were to poke it in the face. Yep Oh hit her with the Ember and he got a little burned all right. We good okay, really every time when my bar isn’t green. I freak out. Okay, that’s all yet! Yeah! You, oh you’re, sitting on a on the side of the row, one pokemon getto, your chump 364 winning kids shouldn’t be handling this amount of money. Do I go back and heal like crazy? Please don’t do this to me all right. What do we got here? Look there’s the professor, so you’ve gone around with all the secrets of Dynomax, but no, no! Oh goodness! No! My granddaughter take off my research board who’s that little boy, my name is Magnolia.

Welcome young trainers now come let’s head indoors. You must already know about Dinah maxing right inca, not really, and now we’re trying to get the endorsement for the gym challenge. Let’S see if the two of you can show me such a brilliant battle that I’m left with no choice but to endorse you, oh I’ll, make sure both your teams are in good shape before the petal starts. I’M gon na have to ruin this kid again. All right hop: let’s go! Oh boy with the Keen I found a TM already BP boy can’t learn it snarky can, I feel like this is the first big test of losing a Pokemon because we’re both low level. I didn’t grind that much. I was so confident how do I become like you start with woo woo. I should have maybe made lineup adjustments, but this is fine. We lose only level 6. So, let’s light all that wool on fire yeah, I did really well. You scratch it with the stick.

Fire oops: oh we’re going straight to guru ki. This is the matchup. I’Ve been waiting for who a level 8. Do I want to see water pulse? Oh Billy use ember yeah. He did bye. Oh you sent out your ruca Dee. Let’S eat send out a rook, a deed, oh dang. What was that oops? It didn’t know we can learn payback gun best, because I had a TM, you sucker that quick attack boom dad hey. Oh, oh got that I lost, but I expect nothing less from my rival. Yeah beat you and I’m gon na beat your brother well after seeing a match like that, when I saw so, I got literature to give you both an endorsement as champions so now. This is our like farewells and so on and so forth. We’Ve been endorsed. I can fight in the gym. Oh what that Oh cute, shooting star. Oh wow, what are the odds their Wishing Star? I guess we can share with one of these. My Pokemon can dynamaxx they’re gon na be massive. Yes, I’m excited to try that and go hop. These are for you. What’S she giving us ooh, we got Dynomax bands. A wishing star has been affixed to it. Oh sweet, alright, so we can officially do Dynomax. I think I wan na go be to the station or man we need to go to the train station and I can’t even oh you want the oh he’s so cute. Oh, no, I’m sorry! The Jukes get on my level. Okay, I’m right behind you! Professor Magnolia was kind enough to.

Let us know that you two were setting out last little gift. I love how they’re not mad they’re, just all the kit you need instead of camping gear, it’s mom, I’m certain to be the champion. Next, no you’re, not hop you’re Owen, we’re off to the races. Do these graphics are nice? No Snoke is surrounded by a vast wild area. Oh wow, you do not want to be meeting him yet! Oh, no, the Train is halted due to a flock of Wu Liu on the track. Lulu is always getting in. My way looks like we’re off to catch some more Pokemon Sonja’s here my gran gave me a proper earful, so you own trainers sitting on her. What are you doing with your life ouch, professor with that hob? I send you off a little treat for me, a box. You can access your Pokemon boxes on the road. Oh man, okay, wild area is waiting for you. This is the start of your real adventure. Let’S go the wild area is there for the take?

Oh, my god, this wild area looks amazing. I cannot wait. Wow it’s gon na be hard to pick only one pokemon. You know what’s ironic about that in those life challenge, though you can’t catch them all, but that’s, okay! You experience them all. I know in a way now I feel, like the game really is about to open up and we’re gon na, be fighting actual trainers and it’s gon na get way harder. Typically, in Pokemon, when you get to the gym, it is like a skill check and you go through the first trainers. If you can survive that, you might be able to handle the leader this time, I’m gon na have to power level, probably in this wild area, and then after that approach the gym. I’M here to not only survive the Nuzlocke challenge, but also be the best trainer. While I’m doing it, [ Music, ]

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