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Where to find / catch Gallade and Gardevoir in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Hello everyone, Padoca here with a quick guide on how to find Gallade and Gardevoir. To find Gallade you need to be by the daycare spot in the wild area and just go right over here. wIth these guides I’m trying to cover all the unique Pokemon that you can find in overworld but don’t have their location shown in the Pokedex. Some of these overworld Pokemon just appear after you have a certain amount of Gym badges and I have the only seen Gallade here under the clear and partially cloudy weather so if you can’t find Gallade here, that might be why. As always I recommend saving the game before attempting the catch cause if you knock the Pokemon down you only gonna get another chance in the next today after the clock passed midnight, and by then the weather will probably have changed, so another Pokemon will appear in its place.

And with that is another unique pokemon for the Pokedex that we dont need to worry about evolving anymore. Now to find Gardevoir we’re gonna visit the lake of outrage to the west of Hammerlocke, you just need to go down the hill in this direction and cross the lake. Lake of Outrage is always full of rare and unique Pokemon like the eeveelutions, so be sure to visit this place every day under different weather conditions. Gardevoir only appears here on foggy weather and the foggy weather only starts taking effect in the Wild Area after you beat the main game story so be sure to have already collected the 8 Gym badges and is defeated the champion.

she’ll right here at the top. Again be sure to save your game before attempting the catch. you just gonna have another change on the next day this place has the foggy weather again. And that’s another unique we can cross out of our list That’s about it for this quick guide hope I was able to help you out If you enjoyed this guide please consider subscribing, I will be bringing lots more guides like this soon. Thank you for watching, hope you can catch up with me next time, take care!.

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