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Last week, I told you what I think are the best Pokemon of each type in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so I figured it would be a great opportunity for some Pokemon bashing. That?s right, I?m talking about the worst Pokemon of each type, available in Generation 8. If you didn?t already see the best of each type, be sure to click the card or the link in the description. So how this works is I?m taking into account every Pokemon available in Sword and Shield, and telling you which ones are the worst of their primary type.

So if a Pokemon is Rock/Dark, they?ll only count towards rock types, since that?s their primary type. These worst Pokemon will be based on their stats, abilities, move pools, and overall ability in battle. And of course, these are only the ones that I think are the worst, so if your favorite Pokemon ends up on this list, that?s totally okay. We can respectfully disagree in the comments, right? Okay, yeah I might be asking a bit much, but I tried. With all that said, be sure to leave a like and subscribe with notifications on so you never miss a video. I?m Pokemon Insider, and let?s get right into the list. Normal: This one was a toughy because both Noctowl and Greedent are pretty terrible. Greedent has an awful design, I mean, it?s just a fat squirrel without any changes to make it like a Pokemon. To add onto that, it?s got a horrendous 20 base speed, which isn?t made up for in any way. Even its somewhat high HP stat is outclassed by tons of other Pokemon with better overall stat spreads. Its best feasible physical STAB move is also Body Slam, which really isn?t that great.

But, Greedent has decent abilities with Cheek Pouch and Gluttony. Noctowl on the other hand, doesn?t excel at anything, and its mediocre stat spread make it really hard to use. It also suffers from a similar issue with moves, only getting the special move Uproar as its normal type STAB. The flying type, though, gives it access to some better moves, as well as gives it a couple strengths that it normally wouldn?t have. So in the end, I?m going with Greedent as the worst normal type. Fighting: The worst fighting type is a tie, and that?s because both Sawk and Throh are the worst pair of fighting types. They both have access to the ability guts, which isn?t terrible, but they?re both Pokemon without evolutions that don?t have great stats or anything really to set them apart. They were generation 5?s version of the Hitmon line, but they?re just worse in every way. Sawk is supposed to be the limber, strong attacker, and Throh is meant to be a thicc tank, but there are just so many better options out there for each.

They?re not horrible Pokemon, but they lack uniqueness, as well as ability in battle. They just don?t do what they?re designed to, and that?s why I think Sawk and Throh are the worst fighting types. Flying: For the worst flying type, I?m going to keep this as quick and easy as possible. It?s Cramorant. [fake roll next type] Okay, I?ll actually explain this one. There?s only three primary flying types in Sword and Shield. Noivern and Corviknight are both really good Pokemon, so it kinda has to go to Cramorant. It?s got subpar stats, a really niche ability, and a X4 weakness to electric, which kinda hurts a lot when we?ve got Pokemon like Toxtricity going around wrecking entire teams. Cramorant isn?t going to win you any battles, so you might as well go with another flying type. Poison: For the worst poison type, I narrowed it down to Toxicroak and Salazzle because of their low base stats and typings.

But Salazzle has just one more weakness than Toxicroak. Their abilities are very similar in terms of usefulness, so this really comes down to the fact that Salazzle is weak to one more type. It?s got a X4 weakness to ground, which is a really common type in competitive battle. And even though I love Salazzle?s design as a Pokemon, it?s just not great as a battler. Ground: The worst ground type goes to Dugtrio. It?s got a measly 425 base stat total, and none of its abilities really help it that much. Sand force can be somewhat useful if you?re on a sandstorm team, but let?s be honest, are you really going to build your entire team in-game around sandstorm? Yeah, I didn?t think so. It?s got basically no defenses to speak of, and even though it?s got a pretty high speed stat, there are plenty of Pokemon that can outspeed it, and lots of priority moves that would probably KO it in one hit.

So sorry Dugtrio, but you dug your own grave on this one. Rock: The battle for worst rock type comes down to Stonjourner and Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo has probably the lowest base stat total of any fully evolved rock type, with just 410, so Stonjourner?s 470 must be a home run in comparison. Well, that?s not entirely the case. This abomination of a Pokemon design has a puny 20 base special defense.

Even if you try to put EV?s into special defense, it?s not going to help. It will literally die to any special grass, water or ground type move you throw at it. Now don?t get me wrong, Sudowoodo isn?t a lot better, but it might be able to withstand a non-stab Bubble or something, but Stonjourner is just gone from one hit of anything special. It doesn?t help that there are tons of options for special water and grass moves, and you?ve got Earth Power for ground types too. It just doesn?t seem like a good idea to have such a weak special defense stat on any Pokemon. Bug: There is absolutely no reason you should be using a Shedinja on your team in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This Pokemon has plenty of unique lore around it, but it?s actually one of the worst Pokemon of all time. It?s got the gimmick of Wonder guard giving it 1 HP while being immune to all non-super effective moves. But that doesn?t really help when it?s weak to 5 types. So if you go up against a Pokemon with fire, flying, ghost, dark, or rock type moves, you?ve got no chance.

Even if it did have a respectable HP stat of, let?s say 70, its base stat total would still be around 300, which is comparable to most unevolved Pokemon. Shedinja?s got me shedding tons of tears about how bad it is. Ghost: The Ghost types available in Generation 8 are actually insanely good overall. I?m giving the worst spot to Drifblim, but it?s definitely not a terrible Pokemon. All of its abilities are decent but not great, and that?s the basic theme for Drifblim.

It?s not flying high above the rest, but it probably can get the job done if you really love this Pokemon. Drifblim actually has a massive HP stat, and some pretty okay special attack. However, its low defensive stats don?t really do it any favors. So sorry Drifblim, it?s just not better than the other ghost types. Steel: After losing its mega evolution, Mawile is a clear outlier for Steel types. It?s got a tiny 380 base stat total, and even the ability Sheer Force doesn?t help at all. It doesn?t have a single stat above 85, which means it?s not going to deal much damage, it?s pretty slow, and it?ll die pretty easily. There?s really no saving grace for Mawile in Sword and Shield. Fire: Torkoal may be a physical wall, but it just doesn?t have the speed to be a great Pokemon in-game.

With just 20 base speed, there?s not a very high chance you?ll get a move off with Torkoal without taking some damage. And with 70 base special defense, there?s definitely a chance you could live a super effective special move, but I wouldn?t count on it. Torkoal isn?t even the best fire turtle Pokemon, with Turtonator being a much better mon overall. There are honestly just better Pokemon out there that serve the same purpose, and I can?t see any reason to use it. Water: There are so many great electric type Pokemon in Sword and Shield, which is why Pelipper is the worst water type. The water/flying combo has never been very good, but this generation makes it even worse. With Pokemon like Toxtricity to go up against, you?re going to have a hard time finding much use for Pelipper at any point in the game. Even Pokemon like Seaking and Quagsire have some sort of usefulness, but I feel like Pelipper won?t really do much good, since it?s weak to rock types.

Fly away Pelipper and go steal someone?s corn dog. Or just anywhere away from my team. Grass: Grass has always seemed like one of the weaker types, and this generation is no different. Shiinotic has got to be one of the worst Pokemon of all time. It?s got just 405 base stats, and a X4 weakness to poison. It also doesn?t help that it only has 30 base speed, meaning it won?t have a chance to set up or even get damage off. It?s also got some of the worst abilities to choose from, so it really has no saving grace. If I could remove a Pokemon from Sword and Shield, it might just be Shiinotic. Electric: Although I absolutely can?t stand Morpeko, Togedemaru is still the worst Electric type. It?s got horrid base stats, and a X4 weakness to ground makes it even worse. It doesn?t have terrible abilities, with Iron Barbs and Lightning Rod, but that doesn?t make up for the fact that one ground type move, or even a super effective move of any type would send it to the shadow realm where it belongs.

So if for whatever reason, you thought about using Togedemaru, spare yourself the shame and pick something else. Psychic: I?m sorry to all you Swoobat fans out there, but what were you thinking? I?ll admit, my favorite Pokemon, Victreebel, isn?t very good in battle, but Swoobat? There?s got to be a great reason, like some sort of really sentimental reason for this choice, because it?s a horrible battling Pokemon. Swoobat has decent speed, but you?re not going to deal much damage at all with only 77 base special attack. The worst part about Swoobat to me is the fact that there?s literally a Pokemon with the same type combination that does it poorly, but still better.

Xatu isn?t anything to write home about, but it?s at least better than Swoobat. I know I?m being a bit harsh here, but Swoobat is really that bad. Ice: A jack of all trades may seem like a decent idea for a Pokemon, but Glalie isn?t exactly the best choice. It?s got 80 base stats across the board, which isn?t horrible. But in a game where so many Pokemon excel in certain stats, you can?t afford to have mediocre stats everywhere. You kinda need something to be good at, and Glalie doesn?t have that. Ice has also generally been seen as one of the weaker types in general, and not having a secondary typing hurts. Dragon: There were only 4 primary dragon types to choose from, so take this choice with a grain of salt.

Haxorus is the only primary dragon type with a base stat total below 600. With 540 overall, it?s certainly a great Pokemon, but it?s just not the same level as the pseudo-legendaries from other generations. Haxorus actually excels in a lot of ways, and I definitely don?t think it?s bad at all. It?s just the worst out of a cast of amazing dragon types. Dark: No matter how unoriginal Thievul may be, it?s not as bad as Liepard. This early game cat Pokemon doesn?t have much going for it other than a somewhat good speed stat.

It even has decent attack stats with 88 in both, but I just can?t get over how weak it is defensively compared to its offensive abilities. It?s mediocre at best when it comes to dealing damage, but it?s absolutely horrible when it comes to taking a hit. The same can be said about Thievul, but Liepard?s weaknesses are more pronounced. Fairy: Okay, if you?ve known my channel at all, you know I can?t stand Slurpuff, which is exactly why the worst fairy type is Aromatisse. Wait. What? I thought we talked about this! I wanted Slurpuff on this list! Okay, so all jokes aside, Aromatisse is actually the worst fairy type. It?s got insanely low speed, and subpar defensive stats to wall out opponents, which is kind of its purpose.

Base 99 special attack isn?t terrible, but there are so many better fairy types to use as special attackers without giving up speed. So no matter how much I hate Slurpuff, I have to give it up to Aromatisse as a worse fairy type. That?s it for my list. Thank you so much for watching this video, and be sure to leave a like and subscribe with notifications on so you never miss a video. Of course, your list of worst Pokemon might be different than mine, so feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think are the best. If you haven?t already, be sure to follow me on twitter where I post a lot about my channel and my own Pokemon journeys. Thanks again for watching, and I?ll see you with another video.

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