Y’All, what’s up guys got poke game here today, we’re to be talking about the new mythical Pokemon that was revealed today is a root, so let’s just get all the memes out of the way feel free to leave all those comments right about now. Okay, now that you’ve had two seconds to leave those comments. Let’S talk about this Pokemon, so it is grass and a dark type with the ability leaf guard. What the hell? Listen, I don’t care about grass and dark I’ll talk about why that actually isn’t as bad as arid by saying, oh, my god, it will die too. You turn yeah, it’s our retard dies. What’S the weakest fighting type attack, I can think of what is the weakest fighting type attack? You think? Oh, that’s, physical, whatever powerup punch, it doesn’t matter, but I mean obviously there’s a huge difference in that and the move you turn that is widely distributed in the in.

Do you tier, but let’s talk a little about it, so it is. It actually looks a lot different than what I thought I do actually like the color scheme of it, and I don’t mind its design. I love the the vines around its arm. I can’t click on this video it getting leaf. Guard is probably the most disappointing thing for me, but I do hope that as a mythical Pokemon, it either gets some sort of form or a secondary ability or anything. I don’t know just any type of anything that helps it out leaf guard is not so good that for those that don’t know what leaf guard does basically, it prevents and also heals status in the Sun. I don’t that’s not good on a Pokemon that needs to be offensive. The reason I said this thing needs to be offensive is because it is um. It’S dark, blue grass, so it has a million different weaknesses and yeah. It’S it’s not it defensively.

It’S not good, but dark grass, and the main reason is obviously you turn is the big one that a lot of people’s been saying. I do think that a lot of people are kind of tunnel visioning tunnel visioning on all. You turn, though, and saying oh man. This Pokemon cannot be good period just because that four times weakness – that’s not true at all. If it has anything around the zero aura speeds here, it’s great because darken grass is really solid coverage. Offensively right, darken grass is actually really really solid coverage offensively since dark covers most of what is resisting the grass step attacks, and on top of that, it’s a monkey, slash eight type, Pokemon right. It’S the rogue monkey Pokemon and that’s relevant, because every single monkey, slash eight type of Pokemon in the game, has fighting coverage. Whether that be low, kick super power drain punch, close combat or focus blast are even hammer arm.

Every single one of them has fighting coverage. Every single really just google, this real quick, but I, if I can just show you the picture that I was looking at every eight pokemon in the game just show you that image that I found on Google perfect copy image address. That is way too small. Let’S zoom in so every single Pokemon here has fighting coverage every single one, whether it be special or physically. I’M talking about all these fully evolved forms. I don’t really care about the baby forms and I’m pretty sure the baby forms get something I’m just thinking about. Slakoth, I don’t know if slack off get something, but every single one of these has some sort of fighting moves.

That’S great fighting is really good when, coupled with the the grass, as well as the dart, it allows us Pokemon to actually be able to break, and this is very relevant because being grass and dark you have a resistance to opposing dark moves, which is really nice, Especially with the fact that Bisharp is something that’s very, very good that music – I don’t know if that musics pretty loud, but pretty sharp, is something that’s very. Very very good in the music were way too loud for a second I’m talking about that in the overture. So, being able to resist a Sucker Punch and being able to knock it out would be the drain punch or close comma is really saw. I really wish this thing got tough flaws, it definitely looks like it should have tough closet ability, and I honestly do wish that it had a unique typing. When I was looking at the you know the screen shot.

I was really hoping for something like fighting electric, though I had a feeling that we wouldn’t get electric just because their aura was the pokemon that was kind of released before this in terms of the released train, our timeline or whatever, I guess meld metal. But I didn’t think we get a fighting electric, but I definitely thought fighting. I definitely thought part fighting in 40. Fighting fighting ground made a lot of sense as well. I felt and fighting grass also kind of made sense to just looking at it was giving rerelease with the movie Coco. So I thought it made sense with it, but yeah, I’m not a big fan of the dark grass typing bite. Only it’s as bad as everybody think it is especially because yeah dark types get messed up. My bug. Okay, I’m not going through all the lists of this thing gets weak. Okay, it’s very weak. Okay, it’s very a lot of things, but that doesn’t matter.

Alright, you don’t let scissor take a flamethrower right. You do your best to not let in to take a super, effective move. You can do it with this Pokemon just switch out if they’re gon na go for u-turn, but of course that does make you play this pokemon differently. You can’t just switch this thing in let’s say even it does. Has their aura speed right or even faster than zero or speed? That’S a good speed tier, it’s amazingly fast, and the big thing is it’s faster than the relevant Pokemon that can hit you with super effective moves right, but it also means that you can check offensively something that relevant in the oh, you tier, like draggable as well As other Pokemon, but it works really well with the dark and grass stab because dark is obviously resisted by fighting and we just got a bunch of new fighting-type pokmon. We have trakula Calvillo kabali on Virizion, but grass. Next to that is solid and vs.

Knows that it actually doesn’t hit for super effective and I so it’s solid on the relevant ones, so the relevant ones are tracking on the Cal deal. Alright Cabala on and Virizion are gon na keep dropping they’re, not gon na stay. Oh, you that’s for sure, but it’s relevant because it gives it the stab next to it. The ant actually hit them for super effective coverage, and we did see in the trailer itself that it actually gets power whip already. So we saw power with and we saw ton. So what I’m really hoping is that it’s a fully physical attacker because that’s also relevant because fairy types of all fairy types wall, the dark stab. But if I hit something like cleft, which is kind of forced to run more special defensive right now or even Silvia with a knock off and I’m able to deal with them via power whip, that’s good for me, like we already saw that it has a strong Grasp of tact – and they gave basically everything close, combat this generation.

So I definitely think they’re close comment is something that we can see in its arsenal going forward. I’D hope for u-turn as well. I don’t think that, even if it gets slack off, it would be that good on it just because again defensively, not the best but being able to cover water types is pretty saw in itself. So I think a lot of this is gon na have to do with how this Pokemon stats would distribute and that’s kind of how it is everything. So if we look at, if you look at zero or real quickly, zero, all right, if you guys remember last generation, wasn’t anything that great, even though it had, even though I had fantastic stats, how do I show you this without showing you everything like my team Butter and stuff, whatever yeah, I can’t feel my team butter.

I have I bought my team’s, but we look at zero. Our stats just have it. I won’t talk about it, base 143 speed and base 112 attack, and in this current generation at least right now before before, like pokemon whole I’ve eaten before the DLC comes out. That’S a fantastic speeder, so I mean that’s a fantastic feature in any generation, but it actually has a decent attack. Stat to the point where, like I got, five this generation, the power creek kind of went down in terms of defense and offense, mainly because we don’t have maggots and we don’t a Pokemon like car tunnel running around. But obviously you know you could argue carbonated right now, but we don’t. I still in things like that. So might yeah. You won’t be able to beat the relevant pokmon like Korver night, but you’ll be able to deal with something like, especially with that type of fool.

You’Ll be able to deal with something like sighs and toad Ferrothorn s builds, though you have to worry about feral Thor running body press, but if you look at shift tree as well, which is something that was just banned from, are you are you be out its Grass night and dark is great offensively, but shift you it has going for his growth or Swords Dance, depending sucker-punch, which helps with me go for speed, but I’m hoping that this Pokemon doesn’t have that mediocre speed. That shiftry has even though shiftry speed in this generation isn’t terrible and they got heatwave as all it also has located, but yeah so provided they do. Give this thing some type of coverage great again, the biggest the saddest thing for me is its leaf guard ability. I cannot there. There is nothing I can form to defend that ability. Maybe if it didn’t have a million weaknesses leaf guard would be okay, because Sun is not bad, so I’m just actually solid right now, but even chlorophyll would be way better or solar power or something I really don’t like leaf guard, and I really do hope that We get some type of form or different ability for it. I’M not sure what the the process is when it comes to mythical Pokemon and what they like to do, but I do know that we’ve had different forms of them. So it’s the road monkey Pokemon, like I mean why would you not give it an ability like blaze, that happens all the time, so it has like a boost in its power when it comes out right, I felt like if it’s a row, it’s like it’s.

It’S going crazy, it’s gon na rev it like it’s something like that and when I think of like doorman Terrence is having guerrilla tactics. That dude is always locked into a move, but it gets a benefit out of it. So something like that would have been great for this, but the things that will at least save it knock off. Everybody saw a power with your recent close combat. I don’t know if fire punch is the way to do it. We do have another grass type with fire punch, that’s Ludicolo, which is a pokemon that doesn’t look like it should ever learn fire punch for whatever reason so maybe maybe but close comment for sure and then I’m basically giving it zero or Zed right. I think that can be a bit a better physical, zero or not better, but I can’t compete with a physical, zero or up because zero is really good because of its ability to break through court night as well.

But it can be a really good one if they also give it like play off or like very offensively, because como is something that’s very common, but again being a dark-type that sort of struggles with other dart types, at least the relevant ones. I dragged on Uniqlo’s comments, so you’ll be okay, but you don’t you turn man to buzz you’re, not really breaking but knocking it off is really good and you are gon na be luring it in so I mean it all depends on how you play it, but The other day, you know, I’m not gon na stand with my Pokemon on a u-turn where they will die. So those saying, oh god, this mode, do you turn yeah? It’S cool. I can name moves for every Pokemon that guy that are relevant Tyranitar, the body press. You don’t stay in on body press, you know, so I’m gon na give it a chance before before I like. You know the final verdict event just sucking, but it’s really highly gon na depend just so.

You know they’re, just the to sum up this video. It’S gon na depend on its stats, and it’s gon na depend on if it has fighting stab or not. I think that if they do give it swords dance, though, and if it does get a different ability like Tom Klotz, hell, yeah that’d be good. I’M sure, plus two swords is tough claws on anything. I may attack over base 100, which it should have it’s a mythical Pokemon would give it enough to break through Carbonite, which i think is good enough in my book, but yeah guys. Let me her thoughts as a route. Definitely did not. I don’t know why. I thought this program was gon na like be yellow. You know I thought it was gon na, be like yellow and like like more festive, yellow red and a little bit of green, maybe some feathers based on like what we saw before, but alright guys I’ll say. I mixed up about my friends: