Hey everyone, it’s your friend thinknoodles and the embargo for Pokemon Ultra sun and ultra moon is officially up so I can make a video for you guys Showing you how to get a shiny starter, now…. This is gonna go in the background and you have to go through all of this to a certain point at which then you save And then you start the soft reset process now shiny chance is one in 4096 for this game so you could theoretically Reset over 4,000 times or who knows how many times? I? I do know someone who got it in just under 500 resets, so it is possible But make sure you save in the proper location so you’re not sitting through a long long intro and it’s a lot quicker to soft reset than in a Pokemon Sun or moon So what you want to do is get right up to this point right here? before you walk too close to the grass because if you walk too close to the grass a young goose will come out and start the starter choosing sequence, so save a right here and then walk to the grass and then the sequence will start now this sequence is Quite a bit shorter than the one in Pokemon Sun and Moon I’d say about half the time So you can do this a lot quicker than last time so if you want to do it This is the one to do it in You’ll go through the little intro and then you get to choose your starter You will hold it up in the air And it still won’t tell you if it’s shiny now right here when it asks you to give your Pokemon a nickname That’s when you can tell whether or not it is shiny in the previous part.

It is basically just a cutscene a movie It’s the same every time it will not show you whether it’s a shiny or not until you get to this screen if you get to this screen and…. it isn’t shiny it’s time to press L&R and start or select on your DS and recycle now how do you know it’s shiny well for Rowlet It’s pretty easy on top as the tan regular Rowlett and on bottom is the green and shiny rowlet for litten as well the regular Litten is black and The shiny Litten is bright white really easy now Poplio of course makes things a little difficult for us And you can see on top is the regular Poplio and on bottom is the shiny and they’re very difficult to tell apart especially when you don’t see them next to each other But the best way to figure that out is looking at the Necker chief, the scarf around Poplio’s neck You’re not gonna be able to compare the colors in blue although the blue shiny blue is darker But if you look at the neckerchief on the top one it’s a greenish blue color and on the shiny it is a pink Color that’s the best way to tell good luck you guys If you get a shiny go ahead and send me a screenshot on Twitter I would love it to see it and also if this guide helped you guys Please give it a thumbs up and my let’s play will be out later today Looking forward to it.

I’ll see you guys again soon. Thanks for watching and of course… Noodle On! (outro music begins) *.

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