Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been announced for awhile now so you know what that means. Time for Poketubers like me to recycle old video ideas and just put ultra sun and moon at the end… mmm… the money… so much money… What im just being truthful. But seriously to go along with the announcement of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Junichi Masuda also added that there will be more new pokemon added to these games. So I can without a doubt say that more new Alolan forms will be added to ultra sun and ultra moon. So today I am going to be giving you guys the Top 10 Possible NEW alola forms for pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. And I know only gen 1 pokemon have been given alolan forms so far but I dont just want to include gen 1 pokemon on this list, because some of the origins and designs of these pokemon are just to sick to leave out. So I decided to meet you guys almost halfway and include 4 gen 1 pokemon and 6 pokemon that I really want to see get an alolan form.

Dont like that well make your own video then. Also I did not make any of the art in this video all credit goes to darkandwindie, devildman, and locomotive111 links to their deviantarts are in the description. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. 10 This first pokemon really doesn’t have to much to it but its such an obvious one that im surprised gamefreak didnt actually go through with it the first time.

Alolan Electrode. Think about it all you had to do was get a beach ball put eyes and a mouth on it, and boom alolan electrode. And this design by locomotive depicts that scene perfectly. I know there wasn’t really that much lore or backstory to it but Its original design was just a pokeball. I could see this pokemon being found and used a lot near the beaches of alola. And For stats I would like to keep this pokemon more grounded and less speedy because of the umbrella on its head and have it be more physical by upping its attack and defense since it gets bounced around a lot. This alolan form concept is definitely not the most complex of the bunch but hey it looks cool and I needed 10 pokemon.

9 Male Combee is by far one of the most irrelevant pokemon in the entire series. There is literally no use for this thing and they are way more common than the actual useful gender. So gamefreak why not make male Combee relevant and useful in battle? Since vespiqueen is depicted as the queen bee I think that the male worker bee should want to protect their queen, thus evolving into this Bug and fighting alolan form.

This design made by darkandwindie I think acurately depicts its added fighting type and adds a bit more power to this once weak pokemon. Now for the stats I wanted to specifically putt all of the points into attack and speed leaving a base stat of 1 for all the stats. I did this because in real life worker bees actually die after they sting something once so these stats would essentially give combe the same fate.

A literal glass cannon. I know this wouldn’t make combee good in competative battle but it would be more effective than its original form. 8 I think Granbull has really developed into a forgettable pokemon within the pocket monsters franchise. I mean besides the added new fairy type there is not really anything else cool added to granbull. So lets give granbull some live by giving it a new alolan form and this design made darkandwindie makes granbull look awesome! And as you can tell by its design you can clearly see that we’ve added the fighting type making it a Fairy/Fighting type. Now I don’t actually know why it became part fighting type, but maybe the dex can explain it.

With the increase popularity of alola granbull has to face a lot of incoming trainers. Since granbull are a lot more common in the area it had to drop its timid nature, put its foot down and fight back thus earning the new fighting type. Thanks for the insight dexter. No problem Eryizo. Now for stats I would like to see an increase in physical defense and hp along with a little more speed too. These stat increases would Lower its special attack and special defense but that’s fine cause this pokemon will still be amazing. I dont know about you guys but I think alolan granbull would be awesome! 7 As you guys know the bug steel type pokemon, Durant is one of my favorite pokemon of all time.

Not to get confused with the basketball player though because f*&% that guy. But a Pokemon like Durant could really use some new flavor. So why not give it a new Alolan form. This design made by darkandwindie changes durant into a Bug/Fire type and makes it look even more cooler than it already is. Or should I say hotter… Anyways dexter want to explain why durant became a fire type? Due to the islands being somewhat isolated durant do not have that much room to maneuver around heatmor so all the durant had to retreat to wela volcano park but the conditions are too hot for durant to live. So they adapted to the harsh climate and became fire type along with bug which also helped defend against regular heatmor.

As for stats I would like to swap Durant’s physical and special attacks so that it can make better use of its new fire type moves. And to make up for its loss in physical attack let’s also make bug buzz an accessible move for durant. All in all I think this new alolan form would finally give durant the love it really deserves. 6 Remember when I said Alolan Durant could defend against regular heatmor? Well the reason I said regular Heatmor is because he too will also be getting an Alolan Form. This design which again is done by darkandwindie changes Heatmor into a pure water type pokemon. There is a lot to love about alolan heatmor, but I think my favorite thing about it are the little things such as changing its tail into a pool noodle or even the things on its wrists being changed to floaties. You gotta appreciate the little things man. Now as to why it became a water type, Dexter want to explain? Due to Durant’s type change Heatmor had to adapt the new water type in order to survive because as you know durant are heatmors prey and if you dont eat… well you dont live, Its simple knowledge really.

Um thanks for the insight dexter, really groundbreaking stuff here. Well anyways for stat changes I would love to see heatmor up its speed and lower its attack. I think the upped speed combined with the already pretty good special attack could make for a pretty dangerous water type. 5 This next Pokemon has one of the Coolest Alolan Form designs of this entire video. I mean its on the thumbnail for a reason you cant tell me that this Mega alolan Tyranitar design made by devildman doesn’t look AMAZING. Now I know it may sound weird combining a mega form with an Alolan form but cant a man dream can’t he? And its not just the mega form that looks amazing the entire evolutionary line looks insanely powerful. For typing I think its obvious that we went with a fire type, but we also decided to keep the rock typing as well.

That’s right Eryizo and as you know larvitar are known to eat mountains. And since the only nearby mountain is a volcano Larvitar unknowingly took a bite which changed it giving it a new fire type. And as for stats its really simple what you have to do. Drop a bit in physical attack and add more to special to make best use of its new fire typing. Dont drop it enough to make his rock attacks ineffective but just enough to make special attacks the primary option. Let’s face it we would all be scared of running into this monster on the battlefield. 4 Rapidash is a pokemon I think… I don’t these intros are getting harder to do… but Rapidash is actually one of my girlfriends favorite pokemon. And when you think about it, the Rapidash line hasn’t gotten any love since it was first introduced to us back in Red and Blue. So let’s give Rapidash one of the most creative designs for an alolan form. And if you’re going for creepy, this design made by darkandwindie definitely accomplishes that. The Alolan Rapidash design draws inspiration from the 4 horseman of the apocalypse.

And no I am not talking about the meme, Im actually referring to the biblical term found in the last book of the new testament. The chapter tells of a book, in God’s right hand that is sealed with seven seals”. Jesus then opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Although some interpretations differ, in most accounts, the four riders are seen as symbolizing pestilence, War, Famine, and Death.

These 4 horseman are here to bring divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment. Basically if you see the 4 horseman of the apocalypse around you might want run. But enough about lore dexter want explain why rapidash looks so dead? Since rapidash have migrated over from other regions to alola they have had to share food with pokemon like mudsdale. This of course started problems among the 2 pokemon causing them to fight over the minimal resources.

But since musdale has the advantage of having the ground typing they always win thus causing the rapidash to die of hunger. Wow dexter kinda morbid dont you think? I am sorry but I dont have feelings, I am a machine you stupid pansy. Right… so uh I think its pretty obvious with that backstory that alolan rapidash will become a Fire/Ghost typing. As for stats since alolan rapidash have gotten considerably skinnier, due to them dying of hunger and all… lowering its ability to take hits and dealing physical damage just makes sense. But to compensate for that let’s up its speed and special attack to really make use of its fire and new ghost type moves.

I think its Useful stat lines combined with it’s Awesome backstory will really give rapidash the love it truly deserves. 3 Speaking of Pokemon not getting any love aanother Gen 1 pokemon to not get very much love in the franchise has to be Venomoth. And it’s understandable really Venomoth is kinda goofy looking and Butterfree is a way more memorable bug thing with wings. But you know what? Let’s turn this googly-eyed moth into this Bad-Ass harbinger of death.

And I don’t know about you but darkandwindie did a great job doing that. This design takes inspiration from the black witch moth which in different cultures is the harbinger of death lore wise. Apparently it’s said to fly inside houses of sickly people. If one of these guys hovers around the 4 corners of a room the person with that sickness will die. Pretty cool right? That’s right Eryizo now as for how these Venomoth came about, around the time the ponyta and rapidash started getting their alolan forms their remains were infested by venomoth.

And because of this phenomenon they evolved alongside rapidash to gain their new alolan forms. If you ever see a wild alolan venomoth around expect to see rapidash too. Now as for stats I could see Alolan Venomoth have raised special attack and speed but lose physical attack and hp in the process. All of this could really help make venomoth a very formidable opponent. 2 Alright so let’s take a break from talking gen 1 pokemon. And believe it or not I don’t actually like this pokemon that much.

It was actually on my top 5 disappointing pokemon list, the freezing pokemon Beartic. But honestly if this design made by darkandwindie was real, I might have to retract that last statement. I think what really draws me to this design is its typing combining 2 of my favorite types being Ice and Fire. But let’s take a look as to why it happened. Because of global climate change beartic decided to migrate. And because of that he had to adapt to the warm climates of alola and develop the fire typing. But since beartic is a very prideful pokemon it didn’t want to fully change and keep its cold nature. As for stats I would like to see Beartic’s Special attack go up and lower its defense and physical attack. Like fire melting ice, defenses wont be strong and ice type moves wont be as effective. Like I said before what I didn’t like about Beartic is the fact that it’s design looks so bland. But with this new alolan form I think it brings some much needed flavor to such a boring pokemon. 1 And Finally the number 1 pokemon that I think needs to get an alolan form is Victreebel.

Im not gonna lie besides Venasaur Victreebel is by far my favorite gen 1 grass type and can probably make a case for being one of my favorites in general too. And surprise suprise if you take a look at its stats moves and design victreebel could really do with an upgrade. And this grass and fire type beast made by darkandwindie improves on everything I just said. for reasons still not known by scientist the acids inside victreebel evaporated. As they need the acid to digest food they took a leap of faith to see if the alolan lava would be a good substitute. And low and behold it was. As for stats because this pokemon looks so much bulkier and fatter than its original form up its Hp and defenses and lower speed and attacks.

Diversity is a thing we all love… I hope. And if this alolan form were to happen it would be the first ever grass and fire type and I would love to see it happen in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an Eryibro today.

I also want to take a second to thank all the artists who helped me make this video possible as well as ZeldaWars98 for voicing over dexter. Links to their stuff will all be in the description. If you want to check out the previous video I did be sure to click the annotation on the left. If you want to see some more ultra sun and ultra moon videos click the other annotation here. And with that being said I will see you guys next time..

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