Top 5 Hardest Pokemon To Evolve Introduction Pokemon Evolution. One of the coolest things about Pokemon. You can start off with a small fish and end up with a giant sea dragon thing. Sounds cool right, well… in some cases evolution can be one of the most annoying things to deal with. Some evolutions are super hard and require people to do so much just to evolve one pokemon, and then you begin to ask… it is even worth it? While playing through Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon I found this a few times while trying to evolve certain Pokemon and it just honestly was a pain in the neck and I found myself giving up. Since I didn’t know how to evolve some of them on this list, I thought it would be cool to share this with all of you so Today i’m here with the Top 5 Hardest Pokemon to Evolve in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

At the end of the video if you did enjoy make sure you leave a like, comment and maybe even subscribe if you’re new. And if you had trouble evolving some pokemon that weren’t on this list let me know down in the comments below, but with that being said let’s get started. 5. Grubbin In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon one of the hardest Pokemon to evolve has to be grubbin. We’ve seen it before in other Pokemon games where Pokemon need to be in certain areas to evolve, like Leafeon and Glaceon. This is exactly the case for Grubbin. Well, his second evolution charjabug. If you were like me you knew how much of a pain this was.

When playing through the original Pokemon Sun and Moon the only way to evolve grubbin was to wait to the one magnetic field location in the game in vast poni canyon. And if you know anything about the Alola region you’d know that Vast Poni Canyon is super late in the game being on the last island Poni Canyon. After Pokemon Sun and Moon released, Game Freak realized how hard of a task this was and decided to make this a bit easier. You can know evolve Charjabug at blush mountain, a location way earlier in the games, however if you were like me you probably didn’t know this and disregarded it. Especially considering that it was just in one small, insignificant spot. 4. Salandit One of my favorite Pokemon in the Alola region has to be the fire lizard himself… salandit. Salandit on its own was way cooler than salazzle, however in my playthrough I struggled to evolve him and eventually gave up. Thats right, I said him, not her, him. Now I know I would have just looked it up and said hey, this is male, I need a female salazzlem and thats exactly what I did.

So all you needed was a female salazzle at level 33, sounds easy enough right. Wrong. What many people don’t know is that unlike other pokemon, the ratio for male to female salandit is extremely off. Usual ratios of pokemon would be 50-50, however the male to female ratio for wild salandit was 87.5-12.5. That means for every 10 salandit almost 9 of them were always male. This was the biggest pain to find as female salandit was super rare and there are other pokemon to encounter in the area.

Since salandit has a 30% ecounter rate in Wela Volcano Park this makes it so that theres a .3.75% chance to enounter a female salandit. So of course, I gave up… 3. Dusk Lycanroc In Pokemon Sun and Moon one of the coolest Pokemon introduced was Rockruff. Rockruff had two super cool evolutions and the strength of them was a nice incentive for you to catch one. In Pokemon Sun and Moon all you had to do was level him up in either day or night depending on what version you’re playing. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon we were introduced to a third form, Dusk Lycanroc. This is way more complicated to evolve from Rockruff. First of all, you can only get one Dusk Lycanroc per game, the dusk lycanroc can only come from a special Dusk Rockruff which is only obtainable through mystery gift.

Now if you were playing Pokemon Ultra Moon like me you know how much of a struggle it was to evolve this thing. Not only did you have an hour window to evolve Rockruff, if you were playing Ultra Moon you had to be up between 5 and 6 AM. I don’t know about you guys but I know I like my sleep, and I definitely know I’m not waking up for a lycanroc. 2. Wimpod One of the worst and ugliest Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon has to be Wimpod. Wimpod at first glance does not seem like much. He is probably the 2nd weakest Pokemon in the games, and that makes his evolution even harder to get. For starters, wimpod literally has 2 moves it can learn at level one, and if you haven’t guessed by now, theyre straight shoot *censor* It get’s struggle bug and sand attack, with only one attacking move at only 50 base power its going to be a pain in the neck to battle any other pokemon. He also has an awful Base stat total of 230, which is one of the lowest base stat totals a Pokemon can have.

If his base 80 speed was similar to his other stats, he’d be well below a 200 total. And finally, his ability, Wimp Out. This makes him super annoying to train as his ability causes him to flee or switch out at below 50% health. All in all, there are so many reasons as to why this Pokemon is hard to evolve, but his evolution is well worth the wait. 1. Cosmog The number one hardest Pokemon to evolve goes to…. Cosmog. Yes the Pokemon in the thumbnail, if you couldn’t tell already is in our number one slot. Cosmog is one of the hardest to evolve pokemon yet he yields the highest reward. Cosmog like Wimpod has only two moves that it can use, however cosmog only has the moves splash and tackle. Even if you wanted to try and do any type of damage with cosmog, nope, you cant do it. Cosmog is gifted to you at level 5, and you need to train him all the way up to level 43 to evolve him.

Now once he evolves to get either solgaleo and lunala you need to level him up to level 53. His evolution cosmeom isnt much better either. Sure he gets a huge increase in his stats but he only gains 1 move and thats cosmic power. And you still have to level him up 10 more levels without an attacking move, if it weren’t for the legendary pokemon I don’t think anyone would even consider doing this.

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