Pokemonium Fishing Guide

Pokemonium Fishing Guide by GozertNL Hi guys, There are a lot of questions about fishing, I had some trouble in the beginning too. That?s why i?m...

Pokemonium Leveling Guide

Pokemonium Leveling Guide by zachhalla This guide is how I been playing atm and how I plan to level my pokemon. However until I get...

Pokemonium Items List

Pokemonium Items List by TheqeMert BERRIES Oran BerryDrop By:Many PokemonDrop Rate:HighEffect:Restores 10 HPSale Price On Shop:$5 Sitrus BerryDrop By:Weepinbell,Tentacruel,Seel,Dewgong,Slowbro,Marowa k,Primeape,Miltank,MachokeLickitung,Dodrio,Rhydon,Jynx,Venomoth,Dugtrio,Taur osDrop Rate:MediumEffect:Restores 30 HPSale Price On Shop:$5 Cheri...

Pokemonium Nature Guide

Pokemonium Nature Guide by lorkham Hello. Many people don?t know what Nature is, so I?ll make a guide to describe it. Nature, or if translated from Japanese...

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