Puzzle And Dragons Diamond Dragon Fruit Farming Mini Guide By: Rylite


With Gungho pumping out the super reincarnated evos, I’ve been running out of the diamond dragon fruits. The best way to farm them is by running AA2 which is a 1/3 chance. Regular three hands of fate also works but you don’t get some extra benefits that AA2 provides.

Obviously using OOO with furaku system isn’t new, but I figured I’d share this build since it’s so stable & took a couple runs to figure out the tweaks & strategy that allow you to 1 shot every floor. Run’s average 12 minutes.

I use this team & DC with my alt who puts up a shield before disconnecting (to deal with Goemon’s preemptive attack) but you can easily do the same thing in solo with a shield assist, SB’s are not a problem, I only DC for half stam.

If a floor isn’t included below, just use furaku and swipe one dark orb to the left to TPA & sweep the floor. The guide is specific to my linked build but I’ll add some general notes if you make assist swaps.

F1: use a shield active (also burn whatever assists are up on furaku’s)

F4: use the fourth furaku’s spirit horn inherit to stall out Fuma’s binds. Don’t clear the floor until enough furaku’s are up to start chaining actives (the one’s who had overcharged assists will be the one’s to keep an eye on). Any bind + awoken bind clear can sub in for spirit horn

F10: If Khepri spawns, it’s up to you whether you use OOO’s damage absorb void active or stall. I use the active & hope that F13 doesn’t spawn in cyberdragon, but even if that happens you just stall a couple turns on him & continue on.

F13: Rushana or Cyberdragon: Use OOO’s assist which voids damage absorb & creates dark orbs. This assist takes care of the need to void cyberdragon’s damage absorb as well the additional orb requirement to VDP Rushana.

F14: Use typhons Indra assist to clear awoken binds (Folklore awoken binds 8 turns) & shield in case Tsubaki spawns & hits you with a 153k premptive attack

F21: Because of furaku haste, OOO’s assist should be up again or within a turn. Use it to void attribute absorb & clear the puppet master floor

F22: Optionally use Typhon for dark orbs + burst. If you have enough dark to VDP, you can kill everything but Wallace. If I see Wallace I usually use typhon here.

F23: Use typhon if you haven’t yet & VDP when you can. If typhon’s burst isn’t active, use OOO’s mini burst

F24: Turn 1 move furaku’s dark orbs into the center, turn 2, use OOO’s mini burst & match a TPA with a VDP to kill. Generally you can kill without needed the TPA, but it’s best to do it if you can.

Extra notes:

OOO’s assist is the most crucial components to this build. It allows you to deal with all of F13’s gimmicks & it’s up in time for the puppet master’s which is super nice. Egg of greed would also work but you lose out on the dark orb generation to VDP rushana.

The assists are more a matter of preference aside from having a FUA equip. I had the assists to fit in most resists so I did, but you really only need blind for Mowa. Having unbindable equips on furaku’s which allow for a VDP SA actually does help kill the last floors so I would recommend doing it.

Fun fact:

It looks like dragon fruits only spawn to the left of jewels and to the right of pixelits

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