Puzzle And Dragons Durga the Immortal – Shura Realm Team (Check comments for guide!) By: KTO-Potato


“I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings” – Durga… and also Freddie Mercury

Welcome back Durga gang! I’ve been hard at work trying to come up with the best team strategy for Halloween Durga. I have tried many different approaches and I’m very happy with the results, so I thought I’d share this extremely fun and powerful team with everyone. Since Durga is a purchasable leader that can clear Shura, I’m hoping there are many people out there that could get use out of this guide.

Like always, I make changes based on community feedback. If you see anything glaringly wrong or something that should be added, leave a comment below and I’ll make the necessary changes. Check back often as I constantly update all my guides!

Shura Realm Guide – Every Gimmick Broken Down

H.Durga / H.Durga = 2.25/289/0/75%

Defense – Halloween Durga paired with herself creates loop of immortality that only the strongest of executes can overcome. It’s very similar to the Kuroyuri loop, only instead of having a weak sub like Kuroyuri, you have the incredibly powerful Durga. Sporting a 75% shield while over 50% health, damage that would normally hit for 100k hit for 25k. The average Durga/Durga team will have around 100k health. Healing 30% every turn is an effective heal of 120k per turn, more than most every damaging hit that Shura can throw at you. The only threat of dying is to executes.

Offense – Since dying to normal attacks is no longer a concern, we have to figure out how to deal with the executes. The best way to deal with the executes is to have a lot of on demand damage. However, Durga’s 289x attack multiplier is leaning on the low side when compared to other meta leads. Out of all the offensive options I’ve tried, nothing comes close to the raw power of an all Dark H.Durga team that stacks rows + orb enhance. That 289x multiplier balloons up to 939x multiplier when you have 15 row enhance. That’s even before doing the math for orb enhance.

Big Burst Combo – This is vital to beating Final Menoa. It is possible to tank enraged hits from Final Menoa, but only for a few turns, so killing her quickly is ideal. In order to kill the Final Menoa within the 2 turns of your color/damage absorb, a large burst is neccessary. I am using Ichigo, even though he’s not an equip assist. Ichigo’s active provides a massive 8.5x burst and 2 combos, for 2 turns, if using 15 row enhance. This will easily cap damage for nearly the whole team. The burst can also be used to clear Floor 20 and then recharged easily on Base Menoa. Alternatives to Ichigo include Cameo’s Ornament, Silk’s Ornament, and Okita’s Sleeping Mask. Egg of Wrath could maybe work for some teams. You will need to test damage in Endless Corridor.

Resists – No hazard/tape/cloud resists needed. Blind is only for floor 4 but Durga’s healing can stall it out. None of the Jammer or Posion effects disrupt Durga’s immortality. When facing Spica, don’t clear the poison orbs, just tank her large hit.

Lead + Pairing – I looked at other leads like Halloween Sonia, but the sub pool was a bit too restrictive. It’s also a large loss of damage to either not use rows, or have a team member that doesn’t benefit from them.

Subs – I chose my subs based on what I have available. Nothing here is set in stone. Your choice of sub may be better. A couple of my picks I chose because I’ve always wanted to use them, but never had the right team. Many different subs and combinations can be used, just as long as you have 5 subs that can reach damage cap against machines when you’re using your Big Burst Combo. Since you can easily stall for skills on any floor, your choice in subs will determine how often you may have to stall. I’ll explain the reasoning for my subs so that you can use that info to pick subs from your own pool.

  • Gravezord & Ranger Slayer – I wanted a sub that can kill the Floor.15 Devils without needing a burst. Ranger slayer can hold devil killers, fills the fire attribute, has a great active, hits cap during a burst, and fills out the fire attribute.

  • MA Eschamali – Provides the fantastic 99 turn dark skyfall, hits cap during a burst, murders problem attackers like YouYou and Misteltein, adds VDP damage (if you can hit 7 combo), and fills out the light attribute.

  • Ina – 30x machine damage before VDP. 75x VDP machine damage that doesn’t need 7 combo. Super short CD base for the burst equip assist, and 4 rows.

  • Nelle – Fast charging damage absorb sub. 35x VDP damage to machine that doesn’t need 7 combo. Fantastic short Dark + Heart maker. Fills out the water attribute. More Rows. Alternatives can be Polowne, Yugi, or basically any dark sub with an absorb / absorb equip assist.

Assists – You will need a sub or assist to provide a large 2 turn burst. One assist needs to be a 2 turn damage absorb/color absorb. A delay assist can be very helpful against some floors like the King Dragon or Devils. The rest of the assists should provide as many dark offensive awakenings as possible. Use whatever you have.

Tips and Tricks –

  • Both Durga require 5 skill bind resist. The Durga heal system would be disrupted if vulnerable to skill delay.

  • Don’t be afraid to take a turn off to store dark orbs for a massive attack the following turn. This is important for getting 9 orbs when VDP is necessary.

  • Dark row boards are always more damaging than VDP, however a VDP with 5-6 combo is often safer than going for a row and only making 6 combo.

Friend me! ID# 332,441,255

Floor 1 – Use Durga’s active to heal Floor 2. Lucifer’s poison orbs, then wipe the board. Don’t stall for transforms on floor 1, incase you fail Lucifer’s test.

Floor 2 – Lucifer. Best advice I can give is to count the orbs. If any of the colors have 5,6,10, or 12, then you can easily put that color in a column or row, leaving you with only 2 color to solve. Try your best to make 3 blobs.

Floor 3 – Use this floor to stall for any transform subs. One combo until ready to wipe.

Floor 4 – One combo until the blind + spinners are gone.

Floor 5 – Wipe the board

Floor 6 – Trigger Denebola’s super resolve, then proceed to 1 combo until the color absorb shield is gone. If you try to kill with the color absorb still active, a skyfall into a wood match will kill you. Against Alcyone, don’t hold back on damage after triggering super resolve. It’s possible your team may need to use a burst.

Floor 7 – Wipe the board

Floor 8 – Wipe or wait out the color unmatch

Floor 9 – Be alert to any skill delays on your damage absorb sub

Floor 10 – Wipe the board

Floor 11 – Against Spica, DON’T clear her poison orbs. She’ll convert the poison to wood and hit you for 58k. The next attack will make poison and hit you for 14k. This alternating attack lets you stay alive while storing dark orbs for VDP.

Floor 12 – Kill Thoth in the first couple turns to be safe, then damage absorb active + wipe the board.

Floor 13 – Easily stall out Caladbolg’s awoken bind. Against Misteltein, 5 turns of big damage attacks should be enough. If not, use your burst here.

Floor 14 – Rich Gold can easily be tanked until the ATK debuff is gone. Your approach to Rainbow Metal depends on your team. Most subs can survive through leaderswap due to the defense of the friend Durga + 30% heals. If a leaderswap is too risky, I recommend a delay, or shield like Nergigante equip.

Floor 15 – The Devils are tough, but can be killed with strong row boards. Do not try to VDP.

Floor 16 – Be wary of Raphael removing all buffs (Durga heal + Eschamali skyfall)

Floor 17 – Wipe the board

FLoor 18 – Use your damage absorb if necessary and wipe the board

Floor 19 – Use this floor to quicky charge up any assists

Floor 20 – Plum is the only real threat. You want to kill on the first turn but it needs to be VDP damage. VDP + 7 combo isn’t a guarantee so ideally you have some subs that deal massive VDP damage without needing 7 combo. Don’t be afraid to use the burst on this floor. You can charge it back up on Base Menoa.

Floor 21 – Base Menoa can’t kill you, so you have all the time in the world. Charge up any skills on Base Menoa before facing Final Menoa. Know your team damage and take your time. To be extra safe, wait for Base Menoa to turn to light before dealing the deathblow.

Floor 22 – As long as you have your 2 turn burst and 2 turn color/damage absorb actives, barring some bad RNG, Final Menoa should be a piece of cake.

  • Red + Blue Menoa – Not much to say for Red and Blue Menoa.
  • Light Menoa – 2 turn color absorb necessary. 33% to lock the board each turn. I recommend using your burst combo the turn before a Durga active. This way you can get a max attack in, and then if she locks the board you can Durga unlock + another orb maker to finish her off.
  • Dark Menoa – 33% to 2 turn awoken bind. If she awoken binds on the 2nd turn of your big burst, just wait it out and kill her after.
  • Green Menoa – Trigger her super resolve then use your big burst combo.

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