Puzzle & Dragons Jurond With Mikage No Chris Guide By: TreasureDragon


This is my team but I think many of these subs are largely irreplaceable aside from maybe Horus? This is a super concocted specific situation type of guide after many hours of research (dying and trying again countless amount of times lol). Hopefully someone can use it! 🙂

Mikage (Egg of Wrath for SB and row boosts that really do add up damage)

Valditarne (Just anything with jammer boosts and high enough skill to not be overwritten to make Genie floor a tad bit bearable I used Cecil’s equip lol)

Allatu (I used Nelle’s equip for OE and nothing else)

DKali (Unawoken Indra for full three turns of shielding important for floor 1)

SR Horus (Orochi for either 4/5 turns doesn’t really matter too much which)

Mikage (Rikuu for SB and SBR for Plesios)

Oh for latents doesn’t really matter just SDR is good and make sure to put no poison skyfall somewhere (I put mine on Horus) since this team needs to stall out Genie.

Floor 1: You should have enough SB for first turn transform and use Allatu to delay the Piedras and shield to tank the middle dragons hits and clear the board leaving dark behind. Then second turn kill all. The dragon will abind you but just use Valditarne. Make sure you have at least either 31700 HP or do a three dark combo if you can.

Floor 2: Use delay and then stall unlocking the skyfall somewhere then row and two dark combo to kill.

Floor 3: Annoying floor. Stall out by starting the Mikage roulette system but make sure you clear jammers here and there (no need to worry about poison thanks to Allatu). Get a free round right before his absorb ends and save darks and hearts (you’ll need to heal every turn after this but my team you can just kill right after the absorb ends). If you started Mikage’s roulettes the first round of Genie, then the same Mikage will be used once his absorb ends and this is when you can go for the kill (just a dark VDP and comboing is good enough since next floor doesn’t have preemptive) assuming you have at least 4 SDR on Allatu. Otherwise, stall longer. Don’t worry about Mikage’s skill being delayed. You’ll be fine.

Floor 4: Otherwise my most hated floor back when my strategy was different and I used Allatu here instead of the next floor (dumb mistake lol). You should have a good amount of dark orbs thanks to Mikage’s skyfall but you should have the roulette going so make a three orb combo at the top corner and then line up your board so there’s a lot of darks but don’t match them. You should hopefully only have three blind orbs and then be able to row and three dark combo to kill or at least survive and almost kill it (no rage hits here). Then kill.

Floor 5: Delay and Horus it for time buff. Stall the turns and then kill (you should ideally use two dark combos at least since it’s possible to not do enough damage with just one). Save some dark orbs if at all possible.

Floor 6: Hopefully you have a few dark orbs for at least 2 or 3 dark combos to which you can try attacking by clearing the board and adding up combos that will hopefully bring the hp down to right before 50% so he doesn’t change turns and add a damage absorb. Then, use a Mikage that should be up by now from that annoying delay and VDP kill and don’t worry about the three dark combos since there’s no preempt next floor again. If fire orbs get in your way and you didn’t do enough sub damage for the other colors then a dark and a color (not heal and NOT fire I made this mistake before) should be enough for 6c DONT do 7c it will absorb it.

Floor 7: Easier than the last floor imo. He gives you three roulettes that you can utilize or just Mikage it to undo that if it’s too much but basically that damage decrease doesn’t do jack agaisnt your titanic of a damage team so VDP and kill since there’s no attack after this. He puts up a shield and does all sorts of debuffs but none of that matters since you’re going for the kill shot now. Use Valditarne and VDP kill and don’t worry too much about more dark orbs a VDP and one more dark combo and comboing through the board was enough. And congrats, you beat this dumb green dragon!

Really the hardest part is damage control on Floor 6 hoping not to rage it and flubbing on Genie but the other floors are quite straight forward. Let me know if someone with a more optimal team or team comp that was even more simple cleared it!

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