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Puzzle & Dragons Tsubotki ^id updates & automated pings for guerilla dungeons By: TsubakiBot


TL;DR: Fill this out. Get 0-stam LTD pings in the community Discord server at discord.gg/pad if you want.

^id updates & survey!

Updates part: We are trying to make ^id easier to use and find the card you are looking for! The first part of this is already live: We’ve added an alternate evos section at the bottom of the home screen, and we also changed the default behavior of the scroll arrows so that they jump through the evo tree of the card instead of consecutive monster id numbers! (technically this functionality has been available via user preference for almost a year, you could opt in via ^idmode evo – if you don’t like it, you can now opt out via ^idmode number).

The goal is that when you land on the wrong evo of a card (e.g. you want revo Haku, but the most recent non-equip is pixel), it’s super easy to press a single button to get to the one you intended, and you can get to the right one. Also, the other evos in the tree point to PADX links, so if you wanted to just open a bunch of PADX links of the tree, you can do that easily from the home screen. Let us know what you think about the change!

Currently, transform evos are not working, we have a fix half-written for it and it should be deployed within the next 2-3 days.

(Just to complete the changelog, we also changed the home screen icon to be a house emoji instead of the letter I for info, we think it’s a bit clearer.)

Survey part: We’re also planning to make a lot more changes to ^id beyond this, including rewriting how the lookup works altogether. So we want to get some feedback on what does and doesn’t work for you right now in the search. To that end, we’ve made a survey that we’d like you to fill out! Please take your time with it and give as much feedback as you possibly can, especially answering the last free answer questions with what you do and don’t like about ^id.

Automated guerilla pings!

If you want pings for 0-stamina dungeons, you can join the Community server at https://discord.gg/pad and click roles in the #ltd_reminders_roles channel to get pings for them! But also, if you want pings for ANY limited-time dungeons starting, you can either make a personal server with yourself and Tsubaki bot and configure auto event pings, or you can set up to get DM’d pings for events starting. I made a wiki page with documentation, and if you type ^aep (autoeventping) or ^aed (autoeventdm) into a botspam channel you’ll also get help text to guide you along the process of setting it up.

If you have trouble setting these up you can join our Discord at https://discord.gg/QCRxNtC and we’ll help you out! Except, I’m a shitty mod and I’m about to go to sleep after posting this so there might be some delay in response lol but we’ll help you out eventually I promise.

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