Puzzles And Dragons Gileon Shura team – How to transform safely and other things and stuff By: KTO-Potato


Welcome Gileon gang! I wanted to help others who were lucky enough to get Gileon, but can’t quite seem to get them to work in Shura. Follow these tips and you’ll be transforming on Floor 1 like a pro every time.

Pairings – I don’t think Remu is very good for Gil, the FUA isn’t helpful and you can’t kill individual Gears without killing them all. One of the issues with Dante is that you suffer from orb troll while stalling and sometimes clear the floor accidentally, especially when Red Gear is making fire orbs. Gil/Gil works so well because the damage is low, but it’s not low enough where a single card with stacked machine killers can’t kill the Blue Gear. That’s why you see so many teams running Inahime.

Subs – I’ve tried a 2nd Gileon, Kotone, 2nd Grandis, and some others, but none of them seem to work together as well reliantly as these 4.

  • Inahime: Their job is vital to the team. Kill Gears one by one. Sporting 45x personal damage against machines, they are vital to killing Blue and Green every time. Other options include using Glavenus or Ina equip on a strong sub. Around 45x machine damage seems to be ideal. Because the VDP isn’t needed, I am using the combo orb awakening.

  • Grandis: 3 turn spike and orb generation that has the same transform time as Gileon. Grandis’s very important job is to kill Plum on floor 20. With a single balance killer, and using it’s own active, Grandis alone is enough to kill every VDP spawn. Grandis can also hit cap damage against Menoa without a VDP, even with only 2 machine killer.

  • Polowne: Necessary for floor 6, 12, 18 and she just so happens to have a short enough active to be available for all 3. Green Menoa requires 4 turns of color absorb, so a single Polowne active won’t help. Alternatives include any similar active, just plan to stall more often.

  • Amaterasu: They make it easy to transform floor 1 and the massive recovery can heal 250k+ after Gil actives. The huge healing allows for a lot of breathing room if stalling is necessary or mistakes have been made. RCV+ latents work especially well on Amaterasu as each one gives over 400 RCV. Alternatives include Kotone, Cruz, Cardinal, and Pixel Urd.

Assists –

  • If you want to beat Green Menoa, you’ll need 4 turns of color absorb and 2 turns of damage absorb. Since Gil/Gil/Grandis are always using their actives, you’ll need 2 out of the other 3 to carry the equips to answer her. The rest of the assists should stack all the offensive awakenings. At least 5 OE and the rest in rows. The active isn’t important as you’ll never get a chance to use it. Madoo hat, Red Sonia, Red Cursed Key are just some of the many options.

Damage – The damage of this team is extrodinary. A single row and a cleared board is usually at least 1billion damage to Cap for each Gil. It’s very important to stack rows on this team. With enough row, it becomes more powerful than VDP. Without needing VDP for max damage, the board can easily be solved to include heart TPA.

How to transform floor 1 using this team – Start by targeting Blue and comboing the board, making sure to never match 5 or more fire orbs. 2nd turn use Inahime, Polowne, and clear the board again. Blue should be dead or at a sliver of health, finish it off. Target Green and clear the board. As long as Inahime is in your first sub slot, the big hit from Inahime will land on your target and the rest of your team won’t hurt Red. Now that you’ve got Red by itself, simply 1 combo while using Amaterasu active to keep you healed until you transform. If you transform both Gil at the same time, wait 1 turn before killing Red so that Gil’s active can be up on Floor 3.

Rest of the dungeon – Most of the rest of the dungeon is the same each floor, use actives and wipe floors. Don’t worry too much if your color/damage absorb actives aren’t available as you enter the Final Menoa fight. They’re only needed for Green Menoa and you can stall until they’re up.

Healing – The combination of Amaterasu’s heal TPAs and Gil’s 1.5x RCV active is more than enough to heal to full. In order to make an ideal kill board and easy TPA’s, simply make a row of fire at the bottom and a column of fire on one of the sides. This will make a match of 10 for any combo orbs while also leaving a 4×5 grid that’s perfect for heal TPA.

Combo orb awakenings – There is a lot of synergy with this team and the Combo awakenings. With all the fire orb generation you can begin chaining combo orb turns. Typically you start the chain on a Grandis active turn. After a Grandis active, make a row and column. That’s 10 orbs exactly, use the leftover space to make heal TPAs. Heading into certain floors like floor 20 with combo orbs up can really make things so much easier. The combo orb style of play is completely new to me and I’m really loving it.

Jammer Surge – Embrace the jammer, don’t block the skyfall. Not only does jammer skyfall not have an effect on this team, it can also help you by preventing Floor 1 skyfall troll.

Blind / Jammer / Poison resist – It’s not needed. The only problem blind is on floor 4, and you can simply stall it out. Make a heal TPA once or twice and the blind is gone. Jammer and Poison resist doesn’t do anything for a team that’s changing the board so often.

Feel free to add me, I keep Gileon up with Madoo hat. Msg me anytime with questions or comments.
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