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Puzzles & Dragons Hera One-Shot Annihilation Team Building Semi-Guide By: nalgaeryn


I recently cleared the Annihilation difficulty and wanted to share my success and strategy with the community. I have a relatively shallow monster box, so I’m pretty chuffed. (TL;DR at bottom.)

You can see my success here: https://ibb.co/b15wSRw – I’m just lucky I didn’t get a GAME OVER for taking screenshot at the end. You lose if you switch out of the game to another app during this dungeon.

Leader & Friend

Your leader and friend need to have serious tankiness between them; if you have a 2xHP and 1.5xHP combined (or shield equivalent) you can probably tank all the hits. You’re also going to need a resolve killer, and probably a 7×6 board – no card has both of those in one leader skill (yet). While I used Feygoran/Aten, Aten/Dyer is commonly suggested as well. One or both of these cards need the VDP latent. I highly recommend Aten with all the killer awakens, although Dyer can put out some decent damage too.

There are three one-hit pre-emptives in this dungeon:

  • Floor 5 – 82874

  • Floot 7 – 72800

  • Floor 10 – 116442

It can be hard (for me, anyway) to put together a team that has enough HP/shield to cover that last pre-emptive while also having auto FUA in the leader skill and a 7×6 board.

I ended up using Feygoran with a friend’s Aten. This is enough to tank the first two pre-emptives but not the floor 10 pre-emptive. I included an active skill shield from Raphael to pop on floor 9 just before clearing it. If your team can tank the floor 5 pre-emptive, you only need a 32% shield on floor 9. I used the Raphael that I did because he was also a God-type HP statstick for use with Aten.

Floor 1

  • Hera-Ur will have resolve and do a Jammer/Fire skyfall; you can defeat this with the latent jammer skyfall resist – but I don’t have it.

  • Instead I used #5625 (Pumpkin Devil) that we could all get by farming Halloween Night recently; I assisted it onto a Revo Vritra who had a 6 turn base cooldown. On the first floor it was still 2 turns to be ready. I didn’t have any other low-CD black God-type cards with big HP to assist it onto.

  • (I am a fan of eliminating the jammer skyfall and leaving the fire orb skyfall because it increases the odds of skyfall combos.)

  • Combo to sweep, use leader skill to FUA

Floor 2

Floor 3

  • Beorc is trouble because of the Damage Void + Resolve + Att Absorb

  • You can mitigate the light attribute absorb by putting those cards closer to the left of your team; so far as I can tell, damage is dealt from left to right, all the primary attributes first, then all the secondary attributes left to right. If you have a Dyer or Aten helper, your last secondary attribute should be Fire/Red with VDP latent.

  • If you can combo all Att+ Hearts, do it and sweep. If you cannot, pop the Halloween Pumpkin (if you have it) to refresh the orbs.

  • You should have Jammer+ resist in case you don’t sweep immediately. She will give you a warning about jammers and try to make some.

  • Let the leader skill finish off her resolve.

Floor 4

  • Awoken Skill Bind 7 turns pre-emptive. You probably have one of these cards, but I used Feygoran.

  • Pop your awoken bind clear, then combo to sweep, use leader skill to FUA

Floor 5

Floor 6

Floor 7

  • Combo to sweep, use leader skill to FUA. You need 5Att+Heal in order to pierce the damage void.

  • If you want to bring an active to reset the board, you should have space for it on the team.

Floor 8

Floor 9

  • Mass attack is ideal here – I used the badge. If you have a max-skilled Bastet and triggered it early, it should be back up.

  • Zeus has att absorb while Hera has dmg absorb.

  • I used Rhamamoa, but Polowne or these other cards can negate both.

  • If you can’t take the 116442 pre-emptive for floor 10, pop your damage shield.

  • Do your second-best combo!

Floor 10

That’s it. Good Luck!


  • 82,874 HP or equivalent with 32% or better 1-turn shield

  • Alternatively, 116,442 HP or equivalent

  • Jammer+ resist (somewhat optional)

  • Leader with 7×6, Leader with auto FUA / Bonus Attack / True Bonus Attack

  • High dmg friend card with non-light sub attribute and VDP latent

  • Some way to deal with Skyfall Jammers (somewhat optional, but Beorc and DQ both create them)

  • 5x Skill Bind Resist

  • 7-turn+ Awoken Bind Clear Active

  • 1-turn+ of Mass Attack

  • 1-turn+ of Att Absorb and Dmg Absorb negation

  • Great combo skills


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