Ragnarok Online 2 Noel Skills Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Noel Skills Guide?by KangJiyoung


Noel?is a race. Its sprite is like a small cute fluffy midget. Once you create a Noel character you?ll be spawned into a unique town; which has unique quests exclusive only for Noel class.

1st class of?Noel?is called?Alter; can advance into a?Crescentia?or a?Soul Maker?once you hit level 25.

Alter skills:?[They might change the name of the skills]

alter skills

Posted Image?Diem wind ??Inflict 14% of physical attack plus 20% chance of applying stigma debuff.

Posted Image?Crucio ??Curse the enemy of 19% of your magic attack, plus DoT (Damage over time) of 9% for 10sec.

Posted Image?Ignition ??Increase magic and physical attack is doubled.. [Passive]

Posted Image?Raw Tilt ??Curse enemy for 30sec to increase the damage they received by 5%, Can?t be used with blindness.

Posted Image?Evanesco ??Reflect the damage done by the target by 2%.

Posted Image?Illusion Blade ??Inflict 40% of your physical attack and you can earn 2 stigma debuff at 20% to the target. The target under the curse skill gives 30% of the damage dealt additional damage.

Posted Image?Curse Burst ??Explode your concetraded stigma and deal damage 5 meters around you at 6% of magic attack, add 1% additional magic attack damage for every stigma compounded.

Posted Image?Furnunculus ??Down a curse upon the target every 2 sec for 30sec, DoT damage of 10% Magic attack, increase DoT damage every 5sec by 4%.

Posted Image?Blindness ??Physical / Magic Attack 30sec to break the balance of the spirit of the target decreases by 5%. Can?t be use with tilt.

Soul Maker skills?[NOTE: Once you changed to Soulmaker your skill will reset and you?ll start with 24 skill points; just like when you changed to monk]

soul maker

soul maker skills

Posted Image?Soul Extinction Mastery ??Inflict 27% of magic attack and for 10sec additional 14% DoT damage.

Posted Image?Lending ??Absorb the souls of everyone within 5 meter radius to increase your intelligence for 3 sec, you can absorb up to 5 enemy souls at a time and for each soul it increases intelligence by 2%.

Posted Image?Restore ??Restores HP of allies by 44% of your magic attack.

Posted Image?Impositio Manus ??Provides a blessing for 30mins to allies/raid members that increases physical and magical attack by 2%.

Posted Image?Restoration ??Heal all party members within 10 meters by 19% of your magic attack, up to 5 people. Decrease by 5% each time the target is changed.

Posted Image?Cure ??Duration for 30sec, Heals the target 8% of your magic attack every 2sec. Increase by 4% every 5 sec.

Posted Image?Dispell ??Decreases any abnormalities by 10%, you can even use this skill if the person can?t move.

Posted Image?Detection ??Detect any enemies that you can?t see within 10 meter radius and has a 10% chance to stun the target for 3sec.

Posted Image?Cure Pearl ??Cast 5 heal beads around five allies to heal by absorbing damage 30% of your magic attack.

Posted Image?Soul Link (Revive) -Your party receives 2% less damage and heals 2% faster for 5mins. Every critical will grant you additional 1% heal.

Posted Image?Soul Link: (Devotion) ??For 5mins you share your HP to one ally, 6% of the damage they receive will be sent to you; every time you attack you?ll regain 10% of your HP. If the damage will kill you, you?ll not die instead youll be recovering 10% of your HP and will destroy the Devotion buff.

Posted Image?Sacrifice ??Sacrifice 10% of your HP to deal damage for 78% magic attack for 3-4sec.

Posted Image?Mental Breakdown ??Inflict 20% Magic attack damage, can target up to five people.

Posted Image?Soul Extortion ??Inflict 21% Magic attack damage and reduce target?s movement speed by 50%. Can target up to five people.

Posted Image?Death Spell ??Inflict 16% magic damage on the target?s 5meter surrounding can hit up to 10 people. Debuff Soul injection will be applied.

Posted Image?Awake: Soulmate ??Increase the caster?s ATK and Movement speed by 10%. Increase vigor for 5%, Whenever you critical you heal everyone within 10 meters by 2%

Posted Image?Immunity ??Inflict 77% Magic Attack to an enemy and 31% (of total damage done by Immunity) to heal all allies within 20 meters.

Posted Image?Transpersonal ??Increase critical power of whole raid for 30mins by 2%.

Posted Image?Soul Link: (Concentration) ??Increase the Haste and Vigor of the raid team with in the radius by 2% for 5mins and 5% for critical.

Posted Image?Soul Link: (Balance) ??Increases the Phyisical and Magic attack of your allies for 2%.

Crescentia skills


crescentia skills

Posted Image?Bram Gush -Inflicts 7% Magical attack damage upto 10 enemies, Stigma debuff can generate at 6% per target.

Posted Image?Curse Reinforce ??Curse skill damage increase by 5% [Affected skills: Crucio &Land of darkness]

Posted Image?Levicorpus ??Damage reduce by 10% and puts upto 10 enemies to sleep with in 5 meters.

Posted Image?Stigma Thread ??Applies stigma debuff up to 5 times on a target.

Posted Image?Contingency ??Inflicts 16% physical damage, Add Curse nesting up to 5 stacks, Per Curse armor is reduce by 1% and dealing DoT damage for 1%.

Posted Image?Imperio -All enemies within 5 meters will have there Haste/Vigor decrease by 20% for 30sec.

Posted Image?Earth Worm ??Inflict 16% Magic attack power and reduces movement speed by 70% within 10 meters, can hit up to five enemis.

Posted Image?Land of Darkness ??Put?s 6% DoT Damage up to 10 people and stigma under the effect of the target increase damage dealth by 1%

Posted Image?Mayhem ??10% chance to silence your enemy for 5 sec. [Passive]

Posted Image?Tempest ??Inflict 68% Physical damage, increase damage by 1% per stigma debuff, 3 sec stun is also applied.

Posted Image?Awake: Darkness ??Increases the caster?s ATK and Movement speed by 10% and reduce all damage taken by 5%, whenever you deal a critical damage the armor of your allies will increase by 1%, can stack up to 10%.

Posted Image?Stigma Mastery ??Increase the chance to deal a critical damage by 1% [Passive]

Posted Image?Death Grip ??Inflicts 77% Magic attack damage on a target and can hit up to 5 enemies with in 10meters with a 10% additional damage.

Additional Information

It is?Yellow Token?for Soul Maker.

soul maker token

and to add it up it?s?Blue Token?for Crescentia.

crescentia token

This ?doll-like companion? is your off hand equipment like quiver(ranger) and shield(knights).


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