Ragnarok Online Class Introduction Guide

Ragnarok Online Class Introduction Guide by EvilLoynis

I wanted to make a thread like this just so that anyone just starting up might easily see what character they should make if they are just coming to the game. Anyone who has been playing for a while just think back to what your first character was and perhaps give some fond memories or regrets about your choice.

Also anyone just beginning should book mark the iROWiki site as it is SOooooo helpful for those of you getting started. Has info on basic builds, skills and job change quests.

I am just going to list some quick pro?s & Con?s for each starting class.

Mage ? Basic Int/Dex build. Normal evolution would be Wizard for this build. I would recomend this for a begginer or 1st character.

? Starts easy enough with stats. 9 Int, 9 Dex, 9 Luk, 1 Str/Agi/Vit
? Stat progression is straight forward with Int at least going to around 70 before you need to look at Dex.
? No real gear needed for early ? mid levels (other than rod/wand/arc wand for Int and Matk bonus)
? Straight forward skills.

? Low variety for leveling spots
? Low mid challenges early on really. (either to hard or to easy only)
? Skill variety (to many, which should I get?, how high?)

Archer ? Dex/Agi is base of almost all builds. Starters usually go for Hunter instead of Dancer/Bard.

? Starting Stats, 9 Dex,Agi,Int 1 Str,Vit,Luk
? Lowest number of Skills makes skill build easy (only 50)
? Easily takes advantage of element weaknesses without the need for Endower.

? Low HP makes survivability early on tough.
? Balancing weather to go for dex or agi sometimes tough to balance. (I usually just max Dex first and use Double Strafe to kill)

Thief ? Stat Builds vary depending if you go for Assassin or Rogue, but skills are the same. Most stat builds start out similar though so no need to decide right away. Also recomended as a starting character.

? Starting Stats, 9 Str,Agi,Dex 1 Vit,Int,Luk (weather going Assassin or Rogue)
? Second lowest number of skills only 51 easy build
? Extra possibility for Loot with the Steal Skill to make $$$
? Fast attack speeds and attack skills make killing easier

? Low Variety of builds
? Money needed for Equipment near the mid point (lvl 50 or so) (weapons)
? No element attacks. (other than poison with Envenom)

Acolyte ? Aco -> Priest Build (monks only for experienced players)

? Starting stats like Mage, 9 Int/Dex/Luk 1 Agi,Vit,Str
? VERY useful Heal and Teleport/Warp Skills exclusive to this class*
? VERY useful Buffs to help both you and allies. Bless +1-10 str/dex/int, Increase Agility +1-10. Save lots of money on healing items.
? Holy property magic attacks. 1 of the only classes that get these.*
? No need for a lot of $$$ for early equips as healing will lower the need.
? Always welcome in parties.

? Hard to solo lvl after the first bit.
? No real offensive magic early on. (Healing can be used to damage Undead guys only)

* = yes some of these skills can be used by Crusader but takes a long time for them to get access to them.


Swordman ? Sounds easy but is pretty hard to use effectively. To many different builds. 2 main theories on builds are based on either Agility (avoiding hits) or Vit (high Def and HP) NOT FOR BEGGINERS

? Highest HP of all characters.
? Any build usually starts with at least 9 Str/Dex
? Any build is High Damage output
? Recovers HP pretty fast with the HP recovery skill.

? VERY VERY VERY Equipment dependent all through the game.
? Needs a LOT OF $$$$$
? Needs to rest frequently after fights to recover HP and SP.
? To level ?effectively? really needs a party. Almost mandatory past lvl 35ish

Merchant ? This is only to help you Sell&Buy; loots&items; for your other characters. Blacksmith & Alchemist are the upgraded version but NOT FOR BEGGINERS. Not even going to bother listing pro?s and con?s here.

***Edit*** For beginners it is good to make a Merchant just to either buy your potions/wings equips cheaper, sell your loots for a bit more $$$ and to vend drops. However DO NOT lvl your merchant beyond lvl 39. This is so that you can easily skill reset in Prontera via the hypnotist just North of the center of town. This way you can easily do either of the 3 things. I have 2 merchants on alt accts to do this for me. 1 is lvl 37 other is like 34 and that?s all i really need.

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