Ragnarok Online Gunslinger Beginner’s Build Guide

Ragnarok Online Gunslinger Beginner?s Build Guide?by rinlen02

For those of you looking into making a Gunslinger, you came to the right place. If you have one already, feel free to help anyone out with builds, skills, etc. In this guide, our goal is to make the Gunslinger a more fun class to play, no matter what kind of build you suggest. A few ground rules: Don?t put down another player?s build suggestion. Second, this is not a place for ranting about this class. If you have nothing nice to say, don?t say it at all. Third, for-fun builds are encouraged. Now without further adieu, here is my guide to the Gunslinger:

Gunslingers are famous for their, well, guns. When used right, they can be your best friend and a monster?s worst enemy. Unfortunately, Gunslingers can only use guns and their equipment selection is very limited. If you adjust properly, they can be a force to be reckoned with.

My Build:
Top stats: AGI (90-something), DEX (99)

Below this point is a list of builds you can have for your Gunslinger. Note: For the Gunslinger class, the Archer Skeleton Card is highly recommended.

This class emphasizes a high attack speed to deal tons of damage.
Weapon type: Pistols, Gatling
The stats you want in this are DEX and AGI. You might want to max these stats out to get as much out of this as possible.
Skills you need:
Single Action (Increases ASPD per level up to 5% at 10)
Chain Action (basically the Gunslinger version of Double Attack. It only works with pistols, unfortunately.)
Optional skills:
Last Stand (Immobilizes you, but your ATK and ASPD gets a pretty good boost.)
Increase Accuracy (Increases DEX and AGI for a few seconds)
Gatling Fever (only if equipped with a Gatling. It decreases movement speed, but increases ATK and ASPD to have almost the same power as a rifle at the speed of a pistol.)
Greatest General (Gives a low chance to gain coins)
Sidewinder (on a Gatling)

Instead of shooting from afar, this build allows an up close and personal striking power using the skill Desperado. Very popular for leveling.
Weapons: Pistols
The stats that will help this build would be a high DEX for damage, around 50 or so INT for SP and Desperado spamming, and a pretty sizable (around 60-75) VIT to survive large mobs.
Desperado 10 (obviously)
The rest is up to you, but having a lot of INT and VIT can get you some Shotgun skills as well.
Earth Deleter (Desperado is classified as a melee attack, do as long as you keep killing with Desperado, you won?t have to use blue potions as often)
Hunter Fly (Gives a chance of gaining damage dealt as HP. This card allows you to heal while you fight)
Any Status Ailment card
Any card that increases SP

This class relies heavily on using Shotguns to deal devastation at a range.
Weapons: Shotguns
This class?s stats are similar to the stats for the Desperado build, but add or subtract points here and there to your liking so you can spam skills and stay alive.
Spread Shot 10 (the same power as Desperado 6 and AOE as Arrow Storm 6-9)
Full Blast (at level 10, it has the same power as Chain Crush Combo 9)

(The Shotgun and Desperado builds can be combined for an AOE-based build)

This build is mainly focused around rifle skills
Weapons: Rifle
High DEX is a must. All other stats can be balanced out for maximum versatility. However, too much STR is not recommended as it will only give you a higher weight capacity. After maxing out DEX, I suggest evening out the other stats.
Bulls Eye (has a 0.1% chance of casting Coma on a target. Coma leaves the target with 1 HP and 0 SP)
Disarm (Reduces target ATK by 25% by a 15% chance at level 5. If used on players, it has the same effect as Divest Weapon. Neat, huh?)
Wounding Shot (Deals 200% damage at level 5 and has a low chance of causing Bleeding.)
Tracking (The de facto skill for sniping. The cast time is annoying, but the damage is pretty good. Great for leveling on the Metalings south of Einbroch)
Snake Eyes (to increase range and Hit.)
Archer Skeleton
Any Status inflicting cards
Any cards that can boost your stats

Named after the anime, this is mainly a for-fun build that mainly uses CRIT to deal damage and dodging as much attacks as possible.
Weapon: Pistols
Max out the DEX and then put as much as possible into LUK, AGI, and INT.
Bulls Eye
Wounding Shot
Gunslinger?s Panic (adds 30 FLEE for a few seconds and lessens damage from long-range attacks at the cost of accuracy.)
Snake Eyes
Increase Accuracy

This build is for PVP and WOE. Getting the equipment from Battlegrounds is a must.
Weapons: Rifle and Pistol
For stats, high DEX is recommended while a mid to high INT can help a lot with skill spamming.
Disarm (Like I said, it?ll have the same effect as a Rouge?s Divest Weapon)
Wounding Shot (Causes bleeding)
Triple Action
Cracker (Good for stunning those pesky melee characters)
Coin Fling (Reduces enemy DEF)
Bull?s Eye (Can cause Coma and deals 500% damage to Demihuman and Brute monsters)
Optional skills:
Full Blast
Magical Bullet (Ghost property attack. Kinda helpful against Ghostring carded players)
Desperado (If the pistols used are carded to inflict status effects, this skill can help spread it.)
Any that can increase damage against Demihumans or inflict a status ailment

Gunslinger equipment:
Nothing can go wrong with Eden Group equips, but in PVP, the best would be the Elite Shooter set. Outside of PVP, Gunslingers can equip any equipment labeled ?All except Novice? or ?All Jobs?. You will be using a lot of ammo and recovery items, so make sure you plan your equipment so it?s lightweight and slotted. True, a high defense is important, but once a Gunslinger runs out of ammo or recovery items, they?re in trouble. Often, having a lot of VIT would limit the need for high defensive equipment. Try to find the right balance between defense and weight for any armor you choose. Eden Group Armor has the best defense at the best weight, but at 0 available slots, unless you plan to go without armor cards, you?ll have to settle for something else. Autocast equipment and cards will be beneficial to Gunslingers with a high attack speed. A Heroic Backpack would be good if you have the zeny to shell out for one.

Gunslinger Cards:
Gunslingers in general are about range. Having a pair of Archer Skeleton cards is the best option for you. An ASPD Gunslinger can benefit from a Greatest General-carded accessory more than any other build. When Summon Spirit Sphere is cast by a Gunslinger, they gain a coin used for skills. Desperado Gunslingers benefit from Earth Deleter cards, as Desperado is classified as a melee attack and the Earth Deleter card gives SP for every monster killed by melee attack. When combined with the Hunter Fly card, spamming Desperado can recover HP and SP at the same time. If at any time you pick up a Lord of the Dead card, that will be very useful as a Gunslinger in PVP. Constantly giving other players status effects while leaving them unable to attack back will make you pretty annoying for them and useful for your team (requires Disarm, Bloody Shells, Wounding Shot). Increasing SP is highly recommended for Gunslingers, as the constant use of skills is very draining. Any card that offers more SP or SP recovery is good for you. A Phen Card can be useful as well, as getting hit while casting skills will keep you off-balance. Having an Archer card set would be useful, as it increases ranged attack like two Archer Skeleton Cards and increases DEX, AGI, and Perfect Hit. Adding an Archer Skeleton card with this set can really add extra attack power.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to tell me your comments and/or submit your own build. Gunslingers for life! Hoo-Rah!

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