Ragnarok Online Legal Zeny Duplicator Method Guide

Ragnarok Online Legal Zeny Duplicator Method Guide by Gaius

I?m here to share the ultimate method to earn as much as zeny as each individual can. The method isn?t that easy but, if u wanna be a billionaire, this is one of the best way.

Firstly, this guide is not for people who is not a millionaire yet. In order to be a billionaire, u must be a millionaire first. Therefore, u must be a millionaire before following this guide, other wise, u will end up with nothing.

Ok, the reason of this requirement is because, i?m using a method call ?money earns money?. I got another safer method but, not sharing now first. ?money earns money? may be risky sometimes, therefore, one must be a millionaire first..so, risking few hundred thousand won?t hurt that much. If lost, u may still rise up, if u r a millionaire. This is acording to a chinese idioms. ?Liu De Qin Shan Zai, Bu Pa Mei Chai Shao? in english is?if u still got a mountain, u?ll never afraid u?ll run out of branches to burn.

Alright, now is the key point to be a successful billionaire. Neglect the method of buying zeny using real money ok?

The key guide is that, once u got around 2 millions, you are able to earn 500 -1m within 1 to 5 hours. If u can?t or don?t dare to forge VVS elemental weapon or elemental weapon or VVS weapon, u may just refine Steel to earn big money. Firstly, buy or make iron. but iron ore not more than 50z and buy iron not more than 300z. By coal not more than 2.5k. The successful rate to refine steel is 80% for a lvl60 pure forger. According to my calculation, with such successful rate, u may earn 500k by selling 340 steels at 7k each. Isn?t that wonderful? This is obviously for low level forger. If u wanna earn more, simply raise the price of each steel.

If u bored with earning 500k, let try earning few millions. In order to instantly earn a great sum of zeny, u must take a risk. This risk may lead u to frustration so..pls ready to dump in few millions. Always spare few millions with urself..before dumping ur money into the sea. What is the sea? The sea is the risk to refine armor from +5 to +6??The successful rate to refine armor to +6 is 35% for BS with lvl10 weapon research skill. Don?t tell me u don?t know how to earn money through this method. 35% is high enough to make u a billionaire. However, selling +6 armor is kinda slow to reach billionaire standard??.but, i really don?t encourage u refine till +7 unless u got around 500M++??In order to earn through refining, use this calculation. Let says the price for each elu is 78k while a sloted manteau is 1.7m. if u successfully make it to +6, how much would u sell in order to get the maximum profit? (6 * 78k + 1.7m) * 2.857 + (the zeny u wanna earn through this +6 sloted manteau). If i plan to earn 1m through this manteau, the price for this +6 manteau will be 7.19m. Will a person buy it? the answer is NO coz..there are people who sell cheaper along the prontera street. Therefore, u got 35% to be a billionaire. Out of 4 persons, there will be a billionaire only. If u are the chosen one, u can easily sell the +6 sloted manteau using this formula (X * Y + Z ) + Gaius where X is the amount of elu , Y is the price for elu, Z is the price for the armor to be forged and Gaius is the zeny u wanna earn. So, if i?m born or i hav the luck to be a billionaire, i can sell the +6 sloted manteau at 4.17m if i plan to earn 2m from that armor. Sell it at 6.17m if u plan to earn 4m from it. Superb right? The theorey is, the more zeny u risk, the more money u will get. If u risk a bone helm, u will earn more than sloted manteau.

For forging elemental weapon, i still haven?t figure out the way to do it coz, i?m still a low level forger. I can forge steel only. However, billionaire is kinda near to me man!!!

More accounts can also lead to more zeny. Try to play around 10 accounts at once, u?ll be a billionaire within few weeks, probably 2 weeks. Vending using 10 accounts will make u crazy or bored with zeny..Just like Bill Gates, bored to see money in his life.

There are certainly more ways to earn money, but?i think, it is time for me to stop here for this time. When u guys become a billionaire, don?t forget about Gaius, ?.

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