Ragnarok Online Mage Build to Level Up Fast Guide

Ragnarok Online Mage Build to Level Up Fast Guide by ginji_amano75

First of all, I?d like to point out that SP Recovery is quite useless once you have at least 50 INT. You?re wasting Skill Points!
Here?s my Mage Build Guide:

Starting Stats are: 9 INT, 1 STR, 5 VIT, 5 DEX, 5 AGI, 5 LUK
While still a Novice make your stats like this before your a Mage:
18 INT, 1 STR, 8 VIT, 10 DEX, 9 AGI, 6 LUK

Job 1-10: Firebolt 4, Fireball 5
Go to the Mandragora Forest (From Prontera: East, North)
You kill those Mandragoras using only LV 4 Firebolt
-Problems here are you?ll lose SP here quite fast
-Get All INT first, dont get DEX yet since you have all the time to kill enemies here cause they?re not aggresive

Job 11-21: Sight 1, Firewall 10
Go to Mt. Mjolnir (From Prontera: West, North, North, North)
Now you kill Argoses and Floras
Floras are just like Mandragoras, stationary but aggresive
Dont get too close cause they?ll give you up to 300 damage
When you see an Argos, run! and set a Firewall in its path and finish it off with LV 4 Firebolt (this is practice for Firewall and enemies here give around 5-10% per kill so its an easy shot)
-No problems here but you?ll still lose SP fast but you can gain 50-80% an hour in this area and it practices you to use Firewall
? Get mostly INT but pump also some DEX until 15 so use can cast faster

Job 22-26: Coltbolt 5
Go to Mt. Mjolnir but a diffrent area (From Prontera: North, North)
Now you kill Argiopes and Argoses
Argiopes here are a real pain and will reduce your SP by 1/3 per Argiopes cause you?ll be using 3 Layers of Firewall and 3-4 Casts of LV 4 Firebolt!
For Argoses, use 1 Layer of Firewall and LV 2 Firebolt on them, it will take them out quickly
-Problem here is the ?tricky? monster spawning cause Argiopes usually spawn near you! Plus, Argiopes have heavy damage and have high HP but are slow
? Get INT again until its around 55 and pump LUK until its 7-8 for a bit higher Frost Diver Freeze Chance. Get DEX too until its 20.

Job 27-36: Frost Diver 10

Same place where the Argiopes are or you can try now the Clock Tower but you?ll waste 250 SP per Alarm there! You?ll have around 450 SP now.
-Get INT until it reaches 70-75! Get INT only! Nothing else, but its your choice. I got all INT. If you want to know why ?get all INT as a Mage? because when your a Wizard, you?ll cast powerful but Hell-Long-Time spans casting Spells like Storm Gust and LOV. So you?ll only add DEX until 45 when your a Wizard already OK?

Job 37-43: Lightning Bolt 4, Thunderstorm 1, Napalm Beat 1, Stone Curse 1

Same place but you can NOW easily take on diffrent types of opponents except for those which have HIGH MDEF (Magic Defense) like Bathorys and Cookies. I suggest you have a Healling Clip at around this level (well, I did purchase a Healling Belt for 3.5M at around Base LV 43). If you have a Healling Clip, you can NOW kill aggresive, undead opponents and other enemies that 2nd Job Players can kill easily like Munak, Bongun, Sohee, Marse, Mystcase, ETC. (I got an OBB from a Mystcase and I got Eagle Eyes! and I killed Argiopes and I got S. Boots and sold it for 900K!)
-Start pumping in some DEX and at LEAST have 80+??? INT, dont rush to be a Wizard at Job LV 40! If you do, you?ll waste 2 Wizard Job Point getting Thunderstorm, Stone Curse and Napalm Beat! Dont waste your Wizard Skill Points!!!

Then become a Wizard?
This is the Mage Build I made and used this exact info to make my Mage
It took me a total of 26 hrs from Novice to Job LV 43 Mage! This is the fastest Mage build and level up for me. I hope you like it and NO GETTING OF SP RECOVERY!!! Anyway, I?m from pRO, not iRO. Philippine Ragnarok Online!

My Equips are:

+5 Erudite Circlet ?? Purple Glasses
Flu Mask ?? +5 Silver Robe of Ares
+6 Triple DEX Staff ?? +4 Cranial Guard
+6 Quick Hood ?? +4 Soul-Enchanted Shoes
Teleport Clip ?? Healling Belt

and I?m a LV 60 Mage in pRO, my name is :::Ginji~Amano::: in Loki Server
(I also have a Hunter, Acolyte in Fenrir and 3 Wizards, 2 Merchants, 1 Acolyte and 1 Thief in Loki, I have 3 Account and its hard to pay for all of them!)

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