Ragnarok Online Pet Intimacy Guide

Ragnarok Online Pet Intimacy Guide by Splintrr

There are basically 5 different status to your pet Hunger levels and Intimacy Level

Intimacy Level = [Unfamiliar/Awkward] [A little bit Unfamiliar/Shy] [Normal/Neutral] [Friendly/Cordial] [Intimate]

Hunger Level = [Hungry/Very Hungry] [A little bit Hungry/Hungry] [Normal/Neutral] [Full/Satisfied] [Very Full/Stuffed]

To make this easier to understand lets use a point system for the above mentioned Intimacy Levels

[Unfamiliar/Awkward] almost running away?so beware?..
[A little bit Unfamiliar/Shy] using moody emoticons
250-600 [Normal/Neutral] using normal emoticons (Thumbs up??)
601-900[Friendly/Cordial] ? starts using more emoticons (kiss,heart??) occasionally talks
901-1000 [Intimate] use almost all emoticons and starts talking very very regularly

Note that the scale DOES NOT go above 1000 points

Each pet starts at different intimacy level ranging from 250-399
(The Higher the pets level the lower it starts)

Each pet feed will also give different incremental points depending on the pet levels (Higher level pets lower incremental value)

All pets below LVL 33 will have a incremental value of 10-15 points per feed

All pets above LVL 33 will have 5 points per feed

Playing with the pets regularlyor not playing with it at all DOES NOT i repeat DOES NOT increase the INTIMACY LEVEL in any way?

a pet usually feeds at around 15-20 minutes after u have fed it, but this rate slows down dramatically when u are actively leveling or killing monsters.
meaning; ur pet will eat more regularly when u are sitting doing nothing (Chatting,buying,selling,vending walking?)
, and eats less regularly when u are killing monsters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ur pet INTIMACY LEVEL goes down by 15 points each time u die??regardless of the pet level?.

for example each time u feed a sohee it goes up by 5 and if u die b4 the next feed it goes down by 15, that means u have just wasted 2 pet feed and not counting in the time to feed it?

In EGG mode, everytime u try to keep it into an EGG it goes down by 5 points, thats all, it can be kept indefinitely?

Changing owner will also reset the pet intimacy to its original state, but there are some instances where it still stays intimate?.


basically feed the pet when it is NORMAL/NEUTRAL and it will go to the VERY FULL/STUFFED status

you can basically feed the pet when it is A LITTLE BIT HUNGRY/HUNGRY but bear in mind the status change from this level to the dying level HUNGRY/VERY HUNGRY is pretty fast??.

i hope this helps??.

Signing off

Splin?trr (Pokemon Master)

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