Hey guys! What’S going on it’s ash here, coming at you today in rage, shadow legends, i’m joined by scratch, ak47 scratch! What’S up, bro how you doing yo, what’s up bro, how you doing pretty pretty good yeah man excited excited about the new bosses. Looking for a new challenge, you know yeah, we got some new doom tower bosses and we were right. We talked about uh, you know hypothesizing that bombs are actually going to be a thing now in the game.

High resist in bomb meta, welcome to rage shadow legends. I got ta say scratch overall, i’ll show the bosses. In the background here we have uh bombal the dreadhorn and astronix the dark fae uh, two new dune tower bosses, starting coming up next rotation uh. I like how they’re adding these new bosses that really uh again give the spotlight to new champions right who have skills that are underutilized, such as bomb and high, resist again uh. What do you think of these two new bosses today we’re gon na go over by the way 12 champions you guys can either unvault or double down on some of these you’re, obviously already going to be using uh against both of these bosses.

But what do you think overall against these about these bosses? Yeah? They look pretty good honestly, they usually look always harder more difficult on paper right than they actually are in the game seem like the previous bosses. So i like the idea of these two new bosses that you can actually go with block block damage and killable, so you have different ways on going around to kill them, and i love that we’re getting a new savage segment like that’s gon na, be huge for Every single player in this game, we all know how hard is to actually get the savage set from farming, the fire knight, but now being able to actually do it in the forge which forge is one of the best best things they’ve ever brought to to this Game right, i think it’s gon na be awesome, so i’m super hyped about it. Yeah yeah, so the lethal set definitely looks to be worth farming here, it’s the uh, it’s from the dark fae.

I guess that’s her name right astrodax. So that looks really good and then the fortitude set looks all right as well. What do you think about that when it has the uh the resistance on top of the defense yeah, that’s going to be pretty good for arena as well. So it’s very similar with the one we get from the scarab king detachable. You have immunity and resistance at the same time, so they are pretty strong sets if you’re, comparing them with with the old ones.

You know so definitely worth farming now, depending it’s going to be hard to choose from these two bosses, so i want to found them both. You know and i feel like they should come up with new rotations. Hopefully, when they mix up the bosses, rather than keep the rotations the way they are now because if no we’re gon na have to wait like three months to fund these sets, if they’re not mixing up the bosses at some point you know that’s true, that’s true. They will be mixing them up. You know, that’s actually a good point there as well, so yeah mix up bosses, plarium and also uh.

Let us fragment uh. Let us get fragments of these champions from the secret rooms rather than rather than having to wait three years for darkgale anyway. So uh. Let’S talk about champions man, let’s start with the bomb dude, i’m just going to call him the bomb. Dude bumble is his name.

I think, anyway, exactly uh, so this is the guy that we’re going to be able to pull some really funky champions out of the vault for right, uh, yeah, astronex or whatever she’s going to be some popular champions and a few unpopulars as well uh. But let’s start out with who do you have number one like who are you pulling out of the vault for uh the bomb? The bomb like astralis is gon na be awesome. She doesn’t need accuracy, so you can build her with resistance. It’S gon na be a funky way to beat that boss right because his skill says don’t use hp burn, but then, if you’re using a killable, you can go with hp but and go with bombs.

So a lot of things can can happen, but definitely asteroid might be one of the the go-to champions the bombs they detonate after one turn cannot be resisted. So i think she’s gon na be pretty pretty fun, plus we’re gon na get some turmeric from her a1. For the entire team, making our team to rotate a bit faster, so definitely something that i’m looking forward to to try out. You know yeah, who would have thought right and the bomb old guy is uh. Red affinity he’s force, so we’re gon na be keeping an eye out for spirit affinity and champions like war.

Mother. We’Re not gon na include on the list, we’re not saying she’s trash, but it isn’t a a negative affinity matchup. So we’re not gon na include her kind of just wait and see on her right yeah pretty much i mean if if they will decide to actually rotate bosses or take affinities, yeah yeah walmart she’s going to be huge as well for for the boss. Okay sounds good. I i recently i think we actually might have talked about soul drinker as well.

I did a champion guide on this dude man, soul. Drinker is the real deal like he’s my favorite bomb, epic. I know there’s another one on the list as well, but soulja drinker puts out a lot of damage anyway, and he has these uh decreased bomb, detonation or cooldowns. Excuse me on all of his abilities, except for the one that he’s actually placing the bombs and then when he dies, if you happen with a reviver, he’s placed some bombs on death as well, which is kind of really cool uh possibilities in terms of the synergy Of him and a reviver with a relatively short cooldown, do you, like soul, drinker as well yeah soul drinker is definitely fun. I like the idea that, with the a1, we can actually decrease the the cooldowns of the bomb, so they can explode faster.

The only thing i don’t like about him talking about his passive is when he dies those bombs from the passive they don’t make as much damage as the rest of the bombs for some reason, but him with a raglin with a really quite tender revivals that have A shorter cooldown on the revive skill they’re going to be awesome because he’ll be landing, so many bombs he’ll be doing such an amazing job. Honestly. On that end, we have. We haven’t really had a use for that champion right even in wars, his weak affinity on the high stages, so definitely looking forward to have some funky fun with him in the on the boss. Here 100 man, i can’t wait to run soul drinker in the uh.

The new boss – and you mentioned relic retender, so we might as well she’s on our list. Man uh, i love reliquary already but she’s great, because you know she’s, a healer she’s got decreased attack and, most importantly, she has that revive. You know she’s an easy reviver to get compared to all the you know, op epics and legendaries out there. Absolutely absolutely so. Do you like roller creek tender on the uh on the bumble box as well, anything to add about her pretty much said it all.

I i am running really cool tender even on the nether spider. That cleans is actually huge, so yeah, she’s gon na be great. The continuous heal revive as well is not on a on a very long cooldown either you know, so she can do a pretty good job on that as well, especially for the budget revival. You know she’s she’s, awesome 100, so we have so far a legendary, an epic and a rare champion who you have next year, scratch who’s on your list, so i’m really leaning towards unkillable. So personally, i’m gon na go with the high resistance and killable hp burn bombs, i’ll be racking the the boss you know, but for a lot of people, it’s very hard to build high resistance teams.

You know and landing a lot of debuffs on these boss is gon na, be costly, so having unkillable block damage like a manitoba cern nicolas having a rosh counter tower, for example, and if you don’t have high resistance, just timing, it the way you’re using the skills To make sure he’s not using the skill that steals buffs and the lens bombs on it, because that then you’re gon na be in trouble. It’S gon na be awesome. You know you’ll be able to uh forget about uh, not using hd burn get in with drag star in there make those bombs explode faster, put hp button on everybody, make the boss do to land more uh millions. So like that, you have more hp button or more or more of the enemy teams to to kill the boss faster. You know okay, so so, if i heard you right, like man eater, you would use him a very high resist team and kind of go that route.

That’S your number one strategy for me. Yeah i’ll, probably go like that yeah. What do you think of this? Guy is not on our list, but what do you think of galca yeah he’s a pretty good champion for bombs as well? If you don’t have any other legendaries you’re going to have to to make it whatever you have, you know there are some rare red bombers in there as well.

That definitely is worth it to keep an eye on. You know if, if you don’t have the very high-end, uh bomb champions, yeah, so i’ll give a gal uh just a call out, because again you know the next one that we mentioned here is going to be another legendary, and i want to give you guys options. Uh, so gal cut soul. Drink are definitely really really solid bomb layers, uh non-legendary options, but man i’m going to go ahead and give a shout out to my man, lord chazzar dude. Uh he’s you know, he’s always been kind of a.

I guess. The most used bomber – if that’s even a thing just because he has speed uh, you know the one of the the best uh arena. Speed aura in the game. Uh, however, he’s a little bit underwhelming other than that. But now it looks like we might have a use for this dude.

He has a three-time hitter on the a1. He does have the increased attack and block buffs granted extra turn, and then he has the bomb on the a3. What do you think alerts are yeah? He’S actually awesome. The reason he’s used more is because of the order how he said, but he has that increased attack.

So, in order for the bombs to be more efficient to deal more damage, you want to have that attack up so yeah the amount of attack you have is kind of what determines the damage the bomb the bombs do, because they ignore defense they’re just going through It and wrecking everything. So that’s why he’s he’s better? You know the only thing i feel about him, or here is the thing that he he lands the buffs on himself. You know so that might put him in a bit in a rough spot there. But as long as you have a revival in the team, you should be more than finer to yeah.

He has a good affinity as well, so i’m definitely excited to to dust him off and give him a try. The last one on our list here for the uh for the bomb boss is actually grunge, killjoy and you’re. A big fan of this dude. Why? I, like the idea of him being able to use the a1 and block the attack up on the boss right and then he can.

He can have a cleanse as well. So it really depends on what sort of teams you’re able to build high resistance, unkillable block damage or you’re not able to build any of them. Then you really want to make sure that boss doesn’t have that attack up those bombs. They’Ll be racking you the a1. On the boss, consistently uh detonating the bombs detonating, the hp button is gon na, be such a pain to deal with.

If you’re not able to do any of the previous things, you cannot block them. You cannot remove the bombs right, so you can only resist them. So that or block them with block damage and killable, so you want to make sure he doesn’t have attack up. So killjoy has blocked buffs debuff on the a1. You know he will be getting a bomb from the boss once he lands that debuff.

But then, if you have a reviver to to to bring him back to life, he’s going to be more than fine too, to actually sustain your team and help you uh yeah we’ll get destroyed yeah. Well, he has the bombs he has the cleanse. He has the blockbuster, as you said, and i like his passive too, feels the turn of your allies by 10 whenever a bomb debuff detonates on an enemy so like that’s, obviously a good synergy. So are you before we move on to the uh to the next boss? Here?

Are you recommended just kind of reiterate because, let’s be honest here, man, not many people know how to build the bomb champion. We just touched on it before about attack attack attack. Uh. Would you recommend, folks out there, when they’re building their bomb champions, go with an attack, banner and attack percentage on the gauntlet, something that we never talk about here so yeah for some champions yeah? The only problem is for the majority of them in order to land bombs.

You still need the accuracy right, so you might still want to go with accuracy banner, but definitely forget about crit damage, guys on bomb champions. You want to focus all on attack. You know attack and some champions might require quit weight. Like lord shazam, for example, he needs crit rate in order to decrease the cooldown of the bombs. You know: that’s the only reason why we’re giving him free trade but athlete, for example, give her as much attack as possible.

She doesn’t need accuracy and she’s strong affinity. She boosts the telemeter for the rest of the team, that’s kind of like why she’s the best champion to to go against this boss. You know, as a bomb champion totally totally makes sense, uh, okay. So, let’s move on to the next boss here, uh astralix. I think yeah something like that man, these names, something something like that.

The dark faith want to call her uh. Who is your favorite champions? Give us one champion here for the uh, the dark fae, so my ultimate favorite and i think, is gon na be the number one champion against this boss is gon na be vegan. Ah, okay, so this is uh one that nobody has to unvol, because everybody who has bigen runs big, and so it’s not a surprise, but we had to put him on the list because you think he’s going to be just god here, yeah, i mean decrease accuracy. The crispy decreased termiter stands for the the mirrored copies of the team.

He’S gon na be such a huge champion on that honestly, it’s gon na be crazy, actually yeah. How good he’s gon na be so yeah and you just mentioned a few of them there. But what are your favorite like essential debuffs against this boss, so against this boss, because he’s gon na mirror copy all your team right? Yeah wait, yeah or freeze them you. You want to freeze them or stun them because, like that, whenever he’s gon na ally attack with all the little copies those they’re gon na be ceced, so they’re not gon na deal as much damage on your team.

You know, and it’s going to be dangerous – you do want to have aoh champions as well to rack those mirror mirrored copies as soon as possible to leave the boss alone, because at some point that boss is still going to steal one of your champions right he’s Going to mirror copy one of your champions, i’m not 100 sure how exactly that’s going to work like what’s going to decide which champion from my team is going to be mirrored copy by the boss and taken away till i kill the copy and then i’m getting Back my champion, so actually he’s going to go for the lead he’s going gon na go for the h, the loss hp, i’m not sure exactly how how that’s gon na work, but then the boss is still gon na steal one of your champions, even after you Kill all the mirrored copies, so you definitely wan na have heavy damage as well, and a lot of cc decree speed on the boss is going to be awesome, decrease accuracy so like that, you don’t need to have crazy resistance with your team to be able to Sustain the team in there you know inquisitor is going to be awesome because of the way his passive work was with the field. You know he’s very unique in that terms. Okay, let’s talk about him, so you think inquisitor shamil is actually going to be an all-star against this boss yeah. He will be a whole star as well yeah. So you see this boss is very interesting because of uh.

I think it’s the a2, something that ties towards each affinity on your team right, yeah, yeah yeah, so i i would really suggest against this boss to forget about spirit affinity unless you’re having heel reduction on the boss. That’S a good reduction yeah! You can go with spirit affinity if no, it’s going to be a struggle for you to take the boss down because he’s going to heal so much so why do you like inquisitor chameleon, so each critical hit fills this champion’s terminator by 7.5, whenever an ally receives A fear or a true fear, debuff from an enemy. This skill will instantly remove the debuff and fill the allied perimeter by 15 and that passive has no cooldown.

You know so that yeah. That means that you, you don’t need to bring in a cleanser in that team. You know, love it love it love that call out. So actually, i’m gon na this is the one champion actually the second champion so far that i’m gon na invest in after this video uh just in preparation, because it seems like he would be perfect for this boss uh. We also talked about a bunch of the abilities or, as you were talking, i spotlight, uh or spot lit my girl seal the drinks right because don’t you think this still is going to be a boss against this boss?

Gon na be awesome stance, terminal control, decrease, speed, revive if needed, gon na be awesome, yeah, absolutely yeah, another another boss that still is going to dominate against guys. That’S what i’m talking about, that’s for sure yeah. So who else do you like here? We we named three, we got inquisitor shamil, we got big and we got sold the drinks who else you got tyler, for example, the love of your life right she’s, going to be awesome: okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, a stance set on her. She has decreased speed, decrease accuracy decrease diameter.

So, even though the terminal manipulation is only 50 percent, effective against the boss is still going to be huge and it doesn’t say that it’s 50 against the the middle copies right, because they’re gon na get it done eventually. As well, not only on the allied attack, i’m assuming so yeah being able to control everything is going to be huge against this box. Love that love that the control master, silar, uh, okay, i’ll, give one. Let me go to uh. What do you think that ninja is gon na, be a boss against this boss, i’ll stop saying boss against boss?

What do you think about ninja, i i hope so so it all depends how uh his a3 is going to work with the freeze. You know, but it even even if that’s not going to be as efficient, the hp burn and the racking wrecking damage like that is going to be pretty good. This. You know how on the ice, golem ninja targets the adds and it actually freezes them yeah on the spider. It targets the possible boss.

It’S nothing, you know, yeah, that’s going to be interesting. Emmanuel 100 ninja is going to be the boss of the boss. You know because he’s going to freeze 100 chance, but if you got ta put it on auto, i’m not sure unless you’re targeting the the side minions, you know: okay, the middle coffees. Okay, i got another one. Then i got another one.

I got a backup how about miscreated monster miscreated right, yeah, he’s gon na be awesome, he’s going to be he’s going to be a monster he’s going to be. The first he’s got the stun. The shield i mean he’s got the ally. He’S got all the support. You need plus the stun i mean he’s just a great champion overall, but i feel like this is going to be another area where he’s going to really carry a lot of teams out there.

I would turn like protection off that, though, so, if you’re going to put a team preset 15 preset is huge. That’S true! I cannot stop talking about team presets since it came out because i love it so much yeah, you got it if the boss steals ally protection from uh, you’re, miscreated, you’re, right, you’re, dead, yeah, he’s that so it’s it’s! The same situation like in factuals, right, like i i had to manual my faction, was when i beat the stage was pre nerf before the printer right, so i had to manual for quite a bit of a time to actually beat that faction was the last faction. I had and was pretty hard, so i always had to make sure because we had no team presets miss created monster, that’s the new cesare protection or, if he does he’s using it before the boss gets to use that specific skill.

You know i love that call out you’re, absolutely right, because he’s going to be every time you attack him if he’s banished or whatever he’s going to be dead. You know, so that’s a very, very good call there so turn off the a3. Just have him stunning. Every three turns with the great shield that he has especially a shield against multiple enemies which is going to play into this boss battle. So uh good call out there and do you have a final champion?

Astrology is going to be great as well. For example, like he was a fusion, but if you don’t have the fusion, let’s just say battle around a stanza he’s going to be amazing, too he’s a rare champion. I know his void. Affinity is a bit harder to get, but if you don’t have pledges yeah, hopefully you have a better. He has decreased speed.

The lower version decrease attack, decreased defense, so he’s bringing so much block skills cooldowns, i’m not sure how the mirror copies they’re going to work. If they’re going to have the exact same skills like all my team or they’re, only going to have like a basic skill, you know i’m not 100 sure how that works. Yeah we’ll see yeah yeah, but if he’s going to be able to lock the the skills, maybe it’s going to work even on the boss as well. I can’t remember 100, you know yeah that can be a huge champion as well. Okay, i’ll give my last one here.

I think that you know she’s pretty much good everywhere in the game already, but doom priest, don’t you think, she’s going to be uh going to be useful as well yeah she she’s just skyrocketing with every single content they’re bringing. I love dumplings and i’m so happy that i pulled her on my free to play account honestly, oh congrats awesome dude. I wish i could get doom priest on my free to play. Who knows i’ve been very lucky lately, my viewers, don’t like it man. My viewers are like dude this baloney luck on me free to play.

I pulled astral on actually of all people uh. I pulled him on my last chart opening video on the freedom yeah, so uh so yeah running running the luck run the luck here, but hey man. That’S all. We have no spirit, uh champions, because you don’t want to deal with the heel unless you’re bringing heel reduction uh. But those are hopefully a lot of champions that my viewers can go ahead and utilize uh.

You know or start to build out if they haven’t built them before in preparation for this new doom tower uh rotation. I guess uh, along with the two new bosses, uh scratch ak-47. Thank you so much for joining me. You guys should subscribe to his channel. If you haven’t already, you know, he’s a frequent guest here on the channel so knowledgeable about the game and obviously that carries on throughout his content on his channel scratch.

Thank you so much for coming on man appreciate it all right guys. Thank you! So much for watching all the way till the end appreciate you guys and as always, take care guys. You

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