[, Music, ], hey guys! What’S going on it’s ash here coming at you today in rage, shadow legends, welcome to the video guys! How are you doing i’m doing fantastic today we’re going to talk about well exactly what the title says: wow we’re going to talk about 10 champions that i personally invested and i personally maxed out and boy. You never do know. Do you you never know when you build a champion in this game?

How much damage are they really going to be putting out right? You watch a youtube guide. Oh, they had them in you know: 400 crit damage, of course, they’re gon na be putting out a lot of damage right or they haven’t been god to your artifacts or even if you look at the multiplier, sometimes you build the champion and you’re surprised at how Little or how much damage they do, even despite knowing the multipliers on these champions, so today i’m going to share 10 champions that i invested in i maxed out, and i was really pleasantly surprised with the amount of damage they were able to put out now. If you want me to do the inverse of this video, because i’ll tell you what guys, there were plenty of champions that i’ve invested in uh that what why? Why did the inverse again that did no damage or way less damage than i was expecting.

So today’s list will include uh legendary champions, epic champions, even a rare champion on today’s list. So let me know if i call out one of your favorite champions that you’ve been impressed with their damage output as well, and let me know who i snubbed. So, let’s start out with basilisk dude. We mentioned this in the hell hades collab last week, but my god. I had no idea before i built him.

How much is aoe on his a1 deals, it’s an aoe on his a1 that deals a tremendous amount of damage. Like it is a legit, a2, a3 caliber nuke and he’s just a great nuker, not just for lizardmen, you know faction wars, even shutting off the skull clobber ability – if you don’t want that stun nice to have that single target stun but man he has this passive. Where he revives his cell for the block, damage can be annoying to go against, but you could just use him. Does aoe aoe aoe, aoe a1 every single time and it’ll be a really good kind of dungeon clearer champion or even if you want to go outside the box using you get in the arena. Excuse me against an all like magic affinity team.

He could be annoying with that passive, and all you need again is that a1 every single time it’s his turn, he’s a very, very underrated champion. In my opinion, all right next up is going to be tuak, the wanderer ha, who are the amazon prime free champions? Any of you guys been playing that long. There was vala. There was whisper ultimate galeck, i believe in tuak the wanderer.

Let me tell you tuak, the wander was the most underrated out of all four of those champions he’s one of the more underrated damage. Dealers in the game truly mean that i think that this guy and uh, what is his name discard the gazild giz jizz j kwellen, no jay kwellen here uh. Do you mean jacqueline balake? My name is blake d: nice. Is there a d nice?

Do you mean denise? Those are the two almost underrated epic champions, in my opinion, tuak in jizz card. So anyway, uh tuak is cool. I have him in a frenzy set guys if you have tuak. If you play tuak, you know man, this guy’s, a beast voucher me in the comments uh, he gets better when his hp is below 50.

That’S why i put the frenzy set on him, because i wasn’t using the frenzy gear anyway right on the a2, though it’s a hard-hitting, three-turn cooldown ability with decreased speed, also has increased speed on himself and a heel. If he’s below 50 hp, he also can steal. 100 turn meter on his a3 clever brutality, which also deals a ton of damage on the a3. So this guy man he’s my damage, carry in orc faction wars even over. What’S his face here, robar, where are you robar robar, a legacy champion that everybody told me?

Oh this guy, the a3 it’s gon na be insane multipliers. He’S amazing, he’s also a d buffer to his credit, but yeah man tuak deals way more damage than robar right in robar. By the way he’s in really good gear, he’s got double cruel. He’S got what probably over 200 yeah over 200 crit damage and tuak still is dealing like at least 33 33 more damage, so big, big fan of tuak, the wanderer definitely invest uh. If you’re looking for a solid nuclear with decreased speed and three turn cooldown on an aoe as well, next up is going to be trying to buy some time.

While i look for this guy here, he is geomancer man, if any of you guys are out there. If anybody’s out there, that has geomancer that have not maxed him out that have not invested in him, what are you waiting for seriously? This guy is a damaged dealer in a half man he’s dealing damage everywhere, even damage on his passive decrease, the damage all allies received by 15 and deflects that damage onto the enemy under hp, burn, debuff placed by this champion. Whenever he’s attacked he’s deflecting 30 of the damage, instead, he has an aoe on his a1 nice to have again uh on the a2 he’s stealing buffs or removing buffs uh, depending on the af hp burn. If he’s killing somebody he’s reducing the cooldown of the a3 quicksand grasp, uh, which chris quick sand grasp, excuse me fully to please uh.

The target’s turn meter fills the champions terminator by the amount the target loses and then places an hp burn for three turns with weaken. Let me tell you guys between the passive and just the aoe on the a1 and the hp burn like all the time. This guy is just insane in terms of damage. I haven’t seen a bigger damage dealer in terms of against bosses, in particular uh in a while in a while he’s he’s a special champion. Magnar is another new champion.

Who is an arena nuker? We there’s a lot of videos out there kind of comparing him to trunda. I put out a video as well uh talking about him as an upper echelon arena. Nuker i’ll include that in the links below, but really all you need to know is. First of all, i don’t buy into the comparison they’re so different, these champions, except for they have a hard-hitting aoe attack right uh.

His damage is based on hp. This this a2 can hit super hard you’re, seeing him used in platinum tier arena. There has not been an epic nuker added to the game who’s as strong as magnar in forever. I don’t know you guys. Let me know if there’s a better one out there, but i can’t think of one.

He also has a debuff spread, a hard-hitting a3 he’s just a very, very big multiplier. Uh epic champion uh spirit affinity too nice to have a great nuker against all those annoying force, affinity, teams that are cropping up in the arena, so very, very big damage dealer. Huge fan of this champion now this one guys man, [ Music, ], i’m not saying it just cause. He’S me: okay, it’s ash walker. I built him out.

I built him just for the memes man just so i could say, plarium made me into a champion guys. Hahaha, but i was really impressed with the damage he puts out now: he’s not an endgame nuker, but he’s certainly a mid-game nuker he’s, certainly a better nuker than a lot of rare champions out there in the game. Uh, the great hammer uh resets, the cooldown of his a2, if it kills an enemy and it has great multipliers on it. His a2 attacks, one enemy with a stun or decreased turn meter of all enemies. If the attack is critical and then this backbreaker ability it’s a three turn cooldown and it’s a hard-hitting ability again, especially for a rare, albeit avoid rare champion guys, i was very impressed and i’ll tell you what in gold, four just farming metals, i’m starting to see A lot of teams using ashwalker in gold four, i saw a couple teams just this morning with ash walker, so i was really legitimately impressed.

I’M not just saying that, because it’s my name in ash walker, he can be a very valid damage dealer, especially in the arena, if you’re looking for kind of an upgrade to like a kale type, a starting champion, uh, okay, next up is going to be physics. The unboat man, physics after she got her buff these aoe attacks. Here it’s an aoe attack with a provoke an aoe attack with a decreased speed and those aoes deal a decent amount of damage, but having two of them really adds up having two of them on a three-turn. Cooldown means she’s essentially going from her a1 to an aoe to an aoe to her a1 in aoe and aoe to the a1 right and there’s damage based on defense, so she’s easy to keep alive while you’re landing debuffs, while you’re ally protecting and while you’re dealing A surprising amount of damage. I have two physics built no big deal uh.

I had a fun uh, double physics, double sill of the drakes video. If you guys want to check that out i’ll try to remember to put it in the description below but yeah, i mean physics after her buff, i was surprised she’s, not your main damage carry on a team. I was just surprised by how much damage she put out. You know uh same thing with coronar, really uh impressed with coronar right, because i i pulled coronary and i wasn’t super excited about it because at the time i was already end game endgame and i’m like. Okay, am i gon na use this guy and let me tell you man: he is really sneaky strong, he’s sneaky strong and he’s more in my estimation than just uh.

You know a silly nice champion. He has an aoe attack with the inc or the decrease attack. Excuse me: uh, potentially decrease defense as well on his on a four turn: cooldown, it’s not a super hard hitting ability, but all of his damage is going to really slowly and sneakily. Add up right on his a2. He has to provoke on on all enemies.

He’S not doing any damage, though okay on his a1, though look at the synergy between this ferocious guard and the a1 counter attacks. This is his passive counter. Attacks when hit by enemies under decreased attack, decrease defense decrease speed which he’s bringing to the table again decrease. Uh defense and attack on his a4 right so he’s going to counter attack every single time he’s hit on his a1. It’S an aoe attack with turn meter reduction.

Again. This a1 is not dealing a ton of damage. It’S no basilisk, a1 right. It’S no geomancer a1. However, with the turn meter and attacking all enemies two times, instead, if mania is on the same team, which is pretty cool uh, but just attacking all enemies, one time on his a1, i am shocked at how much damage he puts out because he’s constantly counter-attacking on An aoe all the time right as long as you have a decreased speed champion on the same team, you should, or another decrease attack decrease defense champion, he’s just gon na be dishing out just tons of damage.

Even if he’s doing you know seven to 12k, which is usually what he does in my build on his a1 to all enemies throughout the duration of the battle. Again, i was just surprised and impressed with coronar in terms of how much damage he was able to put out overall now, it’s the truth, guys ninja damage, look at the damage, the sheer girth of the ninja legend man, i’m slay. Yes, that’s right. Another ninja mentioned by yours, truly uh, ninja dude. I mean this.

It’S really his hail burn right wow. He has the cc in the freeze, but this hail burn ability right. Basically, let’s just fast forward down to here three times at random, hp, burn, awesome, cool, great uh, perfect veil, great uh, but when used against bosses will instantly activate any hp burn debuffs, including hp, burn d bus placed by this skill on a scion slash. He has uh when attacking bosses. He will have ignored 50 of the defense and on his passive you’re, going to be able to against you know, clan boss or against boss fights in general every time he uses the same abilities or every one of his abilities.

Excuse me, you’re gon na get his attack by 20 percent. His crit damage up uh 25. In addition to his base stats. Just by you know these longer battles against bosses. This dude is a boss.

Killer also has decreased defense on his a1 very special champion. I feel incredibly bad to anybody downloading this game or for anybody downloading this game after october, whatever it is 15th or something uh when he’s no longer available because he’s a really special champion and everybody gets him and he deals a ton of damage, especially against bosses. I was very impressed. I knew ninja was going to be good when i saw his kit, but i was really impressed with that a2 in action and the synergy between his passive. I actually just kind of looking through these champions, there’s actually a few others that i could mention in this video.

So maybe i’ll make an additional follow-up video a few of my faves here, but i have to give the last spot to cecia flametongue again. It’S kind of like the instantly activate any hp hp burn. Debuff, similar ninja uh is really really effective for dealing a lot of damage again, especially against bosses, but she is much different than ninja as well right, she’s, putting an hp burn on herself kind of whatever uh then has a chance of placing an hp burn debuff On all enemies for three turns, and then she grants an extra turn if hp burn is placed on all enemies, so you can lead in with cicia, which is you know what she’ll default do with her ai anyway, without adding any customization, you can lead the elite In the battle with the a3 and then you automatically get an extra turn and you come in with a hard hitting or i should say, decently, hard hitting a2. It’S not like it’s uh. You know magnar hard-hitting nuke, but it’s hard enough to where you’re doing an ao you’re going in with hp burn right and then you’re going in again with the hp burn activation on this very next ability right with the weeknd as well uh with the decrees defense On enemies under hp burn, which she just placed so really cool kit on sissia, and then she has to attack an enemy three times on the a1, a chance of increasing the duration of hp burn.

She is a burner she’s, a very cool synergistic, hp, burn champion. They’Re, adding a lot of kind of champions like this, like geomancer, like ninja, like cecilia, flametong and a bunch of others. I love what they’re doing here and you can get giant slayer mastery on her for your tier 6 option and masteries and deal even more damage. Procking on a three-time hitter on her a1, so a flametongue for me she is a top-tier kind of nuker. Quasi hp burn synergy champion out there, but all ten of these champions basilisk two out the wanderer geomancer siege, hulk, magnar, ashwalker, vizik’s coronar ninja and of flametongue are 10 champions who truly impressed me in terms of their overall damage output.

Who did i leave off the list and let me know if you want to see a video talking about champions. I was underwhelmed with as well. Maybe a cautionary tale guys thank you for watching all the way till the end. I appreciate you guys and as always, take care guys, [, Music, ]

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