Hey guys, what’s going on it’s ashley here coming at you today in rage shadow legend, so a few of you guys enjoyed the video that i did about a week ago or so talking about 10 legendary champions, who you should unvault take out of Your vault and invest in with confidence, because i did and i’m a big fan of those champions. Just sharing my experience and in the comments a few of you guys suggested that i do the same video with 10 epic champions that i love that i personally have invested in, so ask, and you shall receive here. We are guys so, let’s jump right into it here, starting with bannerlords man. This guy is really good. He was nerfed pre-released and i think that soured a lot of people’s opinion on him, but i have invested in discard the sagilt, and this dude is he’s really good.

He has a very high land rate 75 decreased attack on his a1. He has a provoke on his a2, a three-turn cooldown with a self-shield and a 75 chance at landing, provoke not too bad, and the provoke is gon na lead him into applying decrease attack on all the enemies that he provokes right, which is nice to have, and Then he has increased defense and increased attack on all allies for two turns on a three-turn cooldown, very, very cool ability having the increased defense and increased attack on one champion, who’s all so provoking and decrease attacking, and then he has fills his champions terminated by 15. Whenever they are attacked by an enemy under provoke or increase attack, buff very cool paso, a pass paso – hmm, that’s weird! That’S weird kind of wearing me out very cool passive as well. I was reading egotist and saying paso.

At the same time, my brain hurts guys. I’M too old, i’m too old to be doing. This can’t keep up with the kids out there going up with the uh the high elves man, it’s okay, so maybe i’ve mentioned this dude in like every single epic champion, video i’ve ever made. Sure fair point. Fair point, but verges after the buff to this dude he’s a monster.

He is a i mean some people can use him to duo. I guess maybe even solo scarab king, depending on the difficulty, but he’s just one of the monster – support epics in the game. He has reflect damage on his a1, which is kind of cool to have on a random ally for two turns yes, continuous, heal, increase, speed, reflect damage on a target ally for three turns on a three-turn cooldown, then places ally, protect on all allies and then increase Defense on himself, but this passive man this makes him so difficult to kill and it happens every turn you put two books into the second win passive he’s the champion who’s really important to book by the way. But then you can place a shield on him uh. Well, you guys can read it he’s healing himself he’s shielding himself whenever he loses like 20 of his uh max hp, it’s pretty or actually 10 of his max hp from a single hit, dude yeah, very, very difficult to kill because he’s always self-healing.

He also has his allied defense and dungeons by 33. That can help a lot of you guys out. So a big big fan of burgess, if you guys are borderline on him, definitely invest, especially if you need that scarab king help, all right. So next up is going to be an og champion in the game. It’S shatter bones man.

This guy is an expert at turn meter. He is a control champion check out his a2 attack all enemies three times on a four turn. Cooldown has a 75 percent chance to decrease the term beer by 30 percent. That’S really nice to have there. Some people even put him in a stun set as well you’re getting 18 chance at landing a stun times three on that e2 very, very effective, and then he has a decreased speed on all enemies for two turns fills the turmeric of all allies by 25.

Granted on a five turn cooldown, but still and granted a small version of decreased speed, but with a three hitter in a stun set and the turn meter filled there again he’s all about control. All about turn meter, i’m a big fan of shatter bones. I think he’s underrated champion out there duh well, obviously right! That’S. Why he’s in the video ash?

All right next up is going to be a lizard man who i talked about earlier this week, so i hate to mention him back to back, but basilisk man. This deal this dude. First of all, i thought he was the trashiest of all champions right, like i looked at basilisk as a meme before i actually used him right, i’m like dude, who is this crappy champion? I hate a man like you what he has a stun, a guaranteed stun on one enemy on his a2. What he has is kind of annoying whatever passive on a six turn cooldown, where he revives himself with block damage, but it wasn’t until i experienced the whirling axe ability, which i talked about in the 10 champions that did way more damage than i was expecting them To video a few videos ago, man dude this a1 very unique to have an a1 that hits this hard.

Vasquez a1 certainly is a nuke, so you could even shut off the a2 and just have him nuke after nuke after nuke after nuke on that a1, because it deals a lot of damage so basilisk. I want to give a quick caveat there on basilisk, though he’s not for everybody, so he’s a champion that, if you’re borderline, but you need some damage on an a1, you put him in an avenging set or in a retaliation set. So he’s counter-attacking as well. You can just get a ton of damage out of this dude very fun champion to play around with, but i will not. I’M not gon na lie to you guys either he’s not like an s-tier champion in the game, but he’s a very useful, hard-hitting, unique a1 champion in the game.

Uh jareg i could include, but i’m not going to how will this end, what will be left? No one can survive this. I think the word is out on him right. I think he probably falls inside the top 50 tier list uh in terms of a really good epic champion. So next up is going to be a new orc champion, guys, i’m a big fan of old hermit jorg.

First of all, he’s pretty fast decent base stats on his a1. He has hp burn now. This is already a very special ability for a reviver, especially an epic one right. So it’s an important reviver orc champion. We really need that right and then he has hp burn at a 50 land rate on his a1.

Then, on his a2 he has increased attack on a three turn cooldown, with the turn meter fill of twenty percent, a really solid ability, not game, changing but solid, and then he has revived two random allies on a five turn. 60 hp fills their turn here by forty percent and then perfect veil on them for two turns so a really solid, reviver who’s, pretty fast he’s bringing turn meter phil who’s, bringing hp burn on the a1 he’s bringing a lot to the table here, a little bit More than initially meets the eye on like a quick cursory glance at this champion, i’m a big fan of him as a reviver and as a reviver who’s, bringing some really dan. Some serious damage to the table too. With that hp burn and the increased attack and the turn meter boost so he’s bringing a lot to the table, i like him, uh another repeat from the more damage that i was expecting video, but he belongs on the list, and this is the only. These are the only two repeats on that video by the way guys too tuak the wander man he’s a big damage dealer.

A lot of you guys in that video agreeing with me in the comments saying that yeah i invested in two octa wander and he is a damage dealing machine right. He has this strong aoe on a three turn. Cooldown would decrease speed, uh he’s always doing more. If he’s low in hp right, so you guys can read the skills, i’m not going to waste your time, but he has the stun as well with turmeric steel of a hundred percent. If he’s less than 50 hp on the a3 he’s bringing a lot of damage to the table – and he has like that kind of weird synergy – where he’s a little bit fragile.

But if he is low, he is very low. Defense 870 base. But if he is low on hp he’s bringing even more to the table uh on top of just dealing a tremendous amount of damage, very, very good damage, dealer underrated, under-respected damage dealer in the game. In my opinion, what is your opinion on him demon spawn? I did a guide on this uh guy about a month ago, soul drinker i forgot who it was, but somebody in the comments was like dude.

You got ta check out soul drinker. He doesn’t get a lot of love because he’s a bomb champion, but he’s really good for a bomb champion and with the new doom tower boss, which i felt like i mentioned like 10 times now to you guys, god. I hope it really is a bomb boss on the new doom tower, but we expect there to be a bomb boss, a champion that you’re going to need or excuse me, a boss that you’re going to need bomb champions to deal with soul. Drink is one of your best options there right and he’s an epic uh. He bomb, debuff detonation countdown decreases well.

That was a mouthful on his a1 and on his a2 right three times at random, hard-hitting ability, raining fire right and then on his a3 and this guy. By the way i mean books help him out on the a3, but he does not need to be booked. You’Re just getting damage on the a1 damage on the a2 and then one cooldown you’re booking him for one cooldown. I guess the bombs. I guess you do need to book, but it really sucks that it’s just damage on the a1 and a2 huh guys anyway, magma blast attacks all enemies two times with a ball.

Each hit has a bomb 100 land rate right that detonates after three turns. So a really good damage dealer, because this already deals a lot of damage as a two-time hitter. So you can put out damage and then you add the bombs to the table. Pretty cool place, two bomb debuffs on each enemy. That detonates, after two turns when this champion dies so think about it.

This way, guys you have a reviver on the team and you purposely kind of let him die. He is a little squishy on the defense again 8 48 and then you just revive him and you’re placing more bombs that way so pretty cool champion. I’M actually a big fan big shout out. I’M sorry that i forgot who you were but big shout out to ev, whoever recommended that i look into that champion, because man uh really really having a lot of fun uh, even in faction wars right now. That’S all the only area that i use him in, but he’s dealing a ton of damage on my demon spawn faction wars team, i think, a second to only sisya flametong, so very, very cool.

All right next up is golden reaper man golden reaper. I think it was hades darth. I forgot who i was talking about golden reaper 2 on the on a video, but some of you might remember our conversation, but i was like why doesn’t golden reaper get more love? I mean i don’t get it very fast, which you want out of your speed champion, she’s a speed she’s all about speed, turn me to boost and increase speed so very fast, and then on the a1 you have. This is a pretty cool a1 right.

We have a 50 chance when booked of decreasing the cooldown of a random ally skill. By one turn, i mean it’s not a game changer, but it’s very cool to have on an a1 right you’re, just gon na it’s gon na stack up over the duration of a battle right on the a2 on a four turn cooldown, it’s an aoe attack has A 75 chance of placing a decrease attack, the strong version of decreased attack, a very important debuff for two turns, and then it decreases the terminator of each target by 20, if they’re not under a decrease, uh attack, debuff, so again, 75 land rate kind of sucks, But then you get the decreased turn meter. If you do not land it, provided you have enough accuracy on the a2 on the a3 alacrity well, on a three turn: cooldown, you get increased speed and you get turn meter boost by 20, even better than apothecaries uh. A3 uh because instead of 15, you get a 20 turn meter boost now granted. This is a void epic.

He uh she ought to be better than apothecary. But when you combine that this kit compared to apothecary, i mean you, don’t have the heels it’s much different. I’M not comparing them directly and again rare versus void. Epic. I get all that, but she deserves to at least be in the conversation with high catoon and apothecary and the other speed boosters in the game, because she i mean, i don’t if i’m missing something you guys tell me, you guys tell me what i’m missing on Golden reaper because i think she’s a very cool champion.

She also does a little bit more damage too, because she has an aoe attack uh on her a2 right and decrease attack. I like her. I like golden reaper, a lot all right. Next up is going to be a dwarf man. Any guesses, you guys know i love grizzled yarrow, but unfortunately, unfortunately i guess he is ranked inside the top 50.

So is geomancer, so is rearguard sergeant, but not rock breaker man. What is wrong with rock breaker where’s? The love for my man, the rock breaker, first of all, he’s cool aesthetically. I mean look at this helmet. Look at look at those eye slits here i mean i can’t hello, sir sir rock breaker.

Where are you bro, sir? Are you there anyway uh? Look at this a1 very unique, very unique attacks. One enemy increases the champions defense by four percent. Each time.

This skill is used stacks up to 20 damage based on defense, a2 100, chance of placing a provoke on all enemies for one turn on a three turn. Cooldown counter attack on himself for two turns well that’s great, because that synergizes with his a1, where he’s going in and increasing his defense, because he’s landing and provokes at 100 clip on a three-turn cooldown. So it’s easy to stack up an extra 20 defense on this champion and then his passive ironhide has a 50 chance when booked of decreasing damage inflicted on this champion by 50. Each time he’s attacked. I mean this guy.

Without this dude i would not have been able to beat uh dwarf faction, crypt uh 21. At the time that i did now. I have you know a bunch of legendaries and stuff, but he was so important for me guys. I mean it wasn’t until i maxed him out specifically, because i think i watched a chosen video on this strategy. Actually it was jay giggs, jay giggs.

I watched his video on the rock breaker strategy and man, if i didn’t do that. If i didn’t watch that video, i would never have matched him and it would have taken me so much longer to finish. Uh dwarf action awards, which is widely considered to be the most challenging fashion, crypt in the game, depending on the champions you have, of course, but man, rock breaker, was so key. The red bra boss hit so hard, so this iron hide procking was the difference maker for me right all right next up, so you build them with by the way you [, Music. ] builds him with very low hp, so he’s targeted by the red boss right and then you have the extra defense on the a1, and then you have the iron height as well so low hp, high defense build is the way to go with rock breaker.

So he’s tanking for you all right next is going to be a shadowkin champion. Any guesses here, jen bow is inside the top 50

Uh, it’s actually taraghi the frog man. This dude is the real deal guys check out this kit. A lot of hp by the way has a decrease attack on a1 you’re, already thinking great clan boss option right has a lot of hp has alright defense a little low, a little low on the a2 three-turn cooldown when booked an aoe provoke 50 chance provoked. Okay, the chance increases, though by five percent for each debuff on the enemy team cool on the a3 plays a shield.

This is a good ability here, guys three turn cooldown when booked plays a shield, buff equal to 50 of the champions max hp and an ally protect on all allies, except this champion for two turns ally, protect. We said this a lot here on the channel, but ally, protect. Mitigating 50 of the damage taken by all allies is one of is the best support buff inside the game, provided you can keep the ally uh protector alive right. It doesn’t get the credit it’s due. Sometimes allied protect is so huge, especially for clan boss, also heals this champion by 25 percent of their max hp and places a reflect damage buff on them for three turns again on a three-turn cooldown.

The heal increases for each poison debuff on the enemy team. Again, perfect for clan boss right, so we have a shield placed above shield, 50 percent of champions on all allies. We have shield allied protect on all allies. We have reflect damage, we have a heal on himself, a big heal if there’s poisons on the enemy and then his passive, it gets even better guys when attacked, has a 50 chance of placing a poison big version. Debuffing the attacker for two turns occurs once per hit.

Man he’s a really really good clan boss option just really kind of overall all-around good champion because he has that provoke on the a2 as well on a three-turn cooldown, i’m a big fan of taragi the frog and i have maxed him out. If you want to see a guide on any of these champions, let me know in the comments below guys. Thank you so much for watching until the end, who is your favorite underrated kind of borderline? Should i vault him? Should i build him champion inside the game?

Let me know and as always take care guys [ Music, ]

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