Hey guys, what’s going on, is ash here coming at you today, enrage shadow legends, welcome to the video guys and thank you for 100 000 subscribers here on the channel. It’S a cool milestone. I feel very fortunate, very lucky to have hit it, but thanks to you guys for uh well for subscribing, obviously, and for joining me here, i know a lot of you guys. Watch every day. That’S really really cool you making me a part of your day and even if you’re you know somebody watching for the first time or a very uh, you know occasional viewer.

I just wanted to thank you. Uh extend my hand of appreciation to you guys so today, we’re gon na talk about legendary champions that i think are well legendary champions that are borderline like are they do they belong in my vault or do they belong? You know, should i build them? Should they buy on my teams, you know – and i took these champions outside the consensus top 50 ranked legendary champions in the game. I combined three tier lists two youtuber tier lists in one just website tier list.

I combined them all. I excluded the champions that were in the top 50s that way these are more niche legendary champions, because i think that the obvious obvious choices like who cares about making a video about the top 10 or top 20 legendaries. I mean that could be interesting, but these are kind of more borderline cases that i personally have invested in and i stand by those investments. So let’s go ahead and kick things off here with knights revenant with tomb lord now he was out of all these champions. I think he was the guy who was closest to the top 50

He was like 52 or 53, but either way.

Two more is a very good champion. He has a shot at placing four poisons, even though on his a2 he’s only attacking one enemy. He places two poisons if it’s critical, he places four poisons on all enemies. For one turn, that’s a lot of poison. This dude can duo dragon 25 uh with bada alcazar, he’s really really good, and then he has decreased attack and decreased defense at 100 land rate when booked granted on a five turn cooldown.

He also has a grant an extra turn if turn meter is decreased, so he has a lot going on here. He has turn meter on enemies with less than 50 hp as well, so he’s bringing a lot to the table with blight in terms of the debuffs. The turn meter and uh, potentially even an extra turn there. So two lord, is a very, very solid champion, guys very good champion. I’M gon na go ahead and talk about uh.

Let’S start off with yeah. Let’S go banner lord here richthof, the bold so right off the boat. I’Ve talked about him before on the channel, but again similar to tomorrow, [ Music ]. We have nothing whatsoever in common. I don’t even like you.

This dude has first of all an aoe on his a1, not similar to tomb lord, but he has the built in and it decreased enemies max hp. So you could use this champion against the scarab king without the destroy gear and then on the a2 man he’s a great wave killer on a three-turn. Cooldown attack one enemy three times, and this was after he got buffed about a year ago, and not a lot of people talked about him after this buff it used to be attack, one enemy three times place of poison. That’S it. Each hit has a chance of placing a poison; they changed it to each hit, places a poison, big version on all enemies for two turns so he’s placing again potentially three poisons on all enemies for two turns on a three-turn cooldown.

That’S a lot of poison synergizes. Nice, with his a3 on a four-turn cooldown attack, one enemy, critical damage increases by 20 for each poison, debuff on the target stacks up to 100 extra poison, very good again, similar to tomb lord. He can solo or duo. Excuse me uh dragon 25, as well with all those poisons uh great dragon champion interesting kind of clan boss champion a little on the defense, though uh decent on the hp. So ricktop.

The bold is a nice kind of wave killer and you want to kind of slow burn people with just poisons you can build them to be a little bit more robust and like an hp or defense chest as well to keep them alive right. Next, one is going to be a sacred order champion: cupidous cupidus is definitely one of the. I think. Underrated is an understatement. Right people hate this dude, but i love cupidus.

I love cupidus. I run him on the same team as venus, so i’m cheating a little bit because i get to take advantage of this passive – inflicts 25 percent more damage to targets under debuffs only available when venus is on the team. However, even independent of that he’s, a hard-hitting nuker, ladies and gentlemen, very hard-hitting, he’s very fast. 107 speed from a nuker is almost unheard of in this game and he has a high base attack with decent multipliers. This guy is actually really good he’s an aoe on his a1 as well on his a2 three times at random with an hp burn.

Thank you very much granted on a four turn. Cooldown we’d love to see that on a three turn cooldown, but his a3 flame out. This is his hard-hitting nuke, guys it’s single target, but this nuke does, from 300 to 400 000 damage with crit damage on his gauntlets very, very hard-hitting champion. I love again the aoe on the a1. He can help him clear waves as well.

Cupidus is a very, very good champion. I’M a big fan of him, even though i think, for whatever reason, people just don’t like him. I don’t know because he’s a legacy champion. I don’t know why [ Music, ] tribe has actually a couple. Let’S talk about dracul the gaunt again a champion that a lot of people hate out there, and i know i’m pissing off a few of you guys out there right now, because draco gets a lot of hate in my comments too, and i just don’t understand it Honestly guys uh, first of all, again very very fast, a ton of hp as well.

He is a support champion uh, but we look for speed on our support champions right, honest a1. He is a stun okay. Whatever on his a2, though, on a three-turn, cooldown increase, attack and increase defense on all allies for two turns also plays a block damage buff for one turn on allies with less than 30 hp. This eldritch eldritch ground is a great ability, guys [, Music ]. Three turn: cooldown increase, attack, increase defense and block damage in case a a you know.

Any one of your allies excuse me is very low on health and then his a3 is cool too. On a four turn, cooldown uh, the active effect is placed a shield buff equal to 15 of this champion’s max hp on all allies for three turns on a four-turn cooldown, not bad, and in the past. This is very cool. He heals each ally by 15 of the champions max hp whenever a shield buff placed by this skill expires, removed is broken and allies whose shield buff are broken, will also counter-attack the enemy that breaks the shield when a shield is broken, the heel occurs instantaneously, uh. Before the damage is received, so this is a shield plus a heal plus, you know a bunch of other stuff right uh.

You know [ Music ]. So me think why waste time say lot word when few words do track he’s got the heel. He’S got the shield and he’s got the counter attack. That’S what i was trying to say there uh so has an hp in all battles by 25 as well. I think this guy is a solid shield champion and he’s also a solid, just support champion.

Who brings both the defense and the attack to the table? You can do a lot worse. Uh, shamrock guys shamrock! You guys know, i’m a big lover of shamrock and you can see already in this video that i’m a big fan of speedy champions. I, like fast champions uh, because i think speed is king, especially the more you play this game.

The more you realize that speed, sub stats on artifacts are worth keeping and rolling almost every time, even on gear that you might look at and say. Ah, that’s really borderline roll, it roll it, because speed is going to become so paramount as you transition into the end game of raid shadow legends, so we have a chance of stealing buffs on the a1 that’s kind of cool on the a2, though after the buff. I find that champions that get buffed kind of like richtoff kind of like shamrock kind of, like verges as an epic example. People don’t realize for a while, like how good they actually are after the buffs. Now shamrock is not an s-tier champion in this game.

I’M not trying to say he’s a top 10 top 20 legendary trying to say that he’s worth building. In my opinion, especially if you’re in progression on his a2, he has increased defense on all allies period on a three-turn cooldown. Now, in addition to that, he’s bringing increased speed with allies there with more than 50 hp and then also has a place to increase speed on allies of more than 50 hp for two turns and then also has increased crit rate. Now. Uh champions is less than 50 hp he’s bringing revive on death in a continuous hill for two turns so, whatever you need you’re getting it and then on his a3 on a four turn.

Cooldown we’re getting decreased speed on all enemies for two turns and then decrease their turn meter as well, and then fills the terminator of all allies by 15 at 15. Excuse me if any enemy’s turn meter falls below 50, which is usually the case. So shamrock again, i think he’s a lot better than he used to be guys and he’s gon na help out a lot of players, especially for kind of that turn meter and those kind of quintessential buffs you’re. Looking for from any champion, all right next up is going to be a skin walker, and it is. I am a big fan now of warchief only for the magma dragon warchief used to be the worst legendary in the game or at least in the conversation.

But now he has a very, very clear purpose. He can help out almost everybody, because skinwalkers is such a difficult faction in general for faction wars. He can help out almost everybody in faction wars, so you’re already going to be using him there. He does have a three hitter on his a1, so you can use him in fire night as well. If you want to he’s not quintessential he’s not mandatory, but he can help you out with that three-time hitter, if you’re having difficulties getting that shield down now he’s very special because of magma dragon.

He has to provoke on his only two abilities right on his a1. He has a provoke a dependable land rate provoked uh 35 on three hits and then, on his a2 same deal, he’s placing a provoke for three turns on a three-turn cooldown, so with warchief he’s in a very unique position as being one of the most reliable provokers. If not the most reliable provoker inside the entire game, because he has it for three turns on a three-turn cooldown and he has it on his a1 to get you covered there so very, very good champion. I use him against the magma dragon once you have a warchief against magma dragon. It’S pretty much.

Keep warchief alive, put a reviver next to warchief to keep him alive if necessary, and then just dps down the dragon. He makes it a very easy fight, [, Music, ], damn it feels good to be a gangster, a real gangster, so i think that anybody struggling with a dragon should definitely invest in warchief. Now, okay, moving on, let’s go to the champion another. I guess this is the other guy who is really close to top 50 him in tomb lord and his ghostborne, i mean ghostbourne. First of all, he has really solid stats, he’s not weak in any area.

He has 101 speed, 1100 defense, 1200 attack and almost 1900 on the hp, and then he has decreased defense on his a1 and look at the late look at the rate guys 100 chance of placing decreased defense on his a1. Now you don’t really need it, because on his a3 on a four turn cooldown, he has a decreased defense that cannot be resisted. It’S the only one in the game. The only decreased defense that just can’t be resisted guys very, very solid, does a lot of damage too. Some people run him in a sunset as well to help with crowd control, especially in faction wars, so an aoe hard hitting on the a2 on a three-turn cooldown and an aoe hard-hitting on the a3, with the decreased defense that cannot be resisted with the increased attack.

As well, ghostborne is a very, very solid champion. I am a big big fan of him all right, let’s go to demons spawn. This is the only champion that i have personally not yet maxed out on the list, and it is lord shazaar, lord, cesar of uh fast, decent stats, a little bit low on the hp. Why am i putting him on the list? Because it’s speculation?

I do think that lord cesar is going to be an important bomb champion on one of the new doom tower bosses that we think is going to be predicated on having a bomb team ready made for. So personally, i am investing in lorch hazard right now. In order to do a guide for you guys on him, you’re so confident you know i would still hold off. If i were you guys, i’m not telling anybody to invest in champions that we don’t know for certain you’re going to need. But something tells me he’s going to be an important bomb champion to have he places a block d bus buff on this champion and grants an extra turn on his a3 on a three-turn cooldown.

You guys know i love grant and extra turn abilities. It’S like magic in this game. It keeps everything else going much more quickly in terms of the other cooldowns of their skills, an aoe attack with two bombs that detonate after two turns decreases the detonation countdown by one. If the attack is critical, so two one-turn bombs on a five-turn cooldown with the extra turn cycling from his a2 uh very cool champion, and i think he’s going to be meta in a little bit here. Next up is going to be oh man.

I can’t believe people don’t give this champion more love. It’S abbas abbas is so incredibly good, guys, she’s. So good. I mean i’ve been singing her name from the rooftops. Now for a while uh honor a2, it’s a hard-hitting ability, mass impalement.

It better be hard hitting. It’S also placing a 100 rand land rate of decreased defense. Uh force affinity, decrease defense, three turn cooldown. Thank you very much, but really is divine wrath. This ability she also got a buff by the way about six months ago, again, you’re noticing that reoccurring theme here uh.

If i included uh voids, i probably would have put whirling frost king on the list as well abyss. This is on a four turn: cooldown divine wrath is one of the hardest hitting nukes in the game, often overshadowed by kind of a seer karma burn off. For obvious reasons, it hits so much harder, but it doesn’t require a setup like sears comment burn right. You don’t need a bunch of buffs on the team and, if you’re, just looking for a very, very solid nuker kind of a trund-a-esque pve nuker uh abbess is not gon na. Do you do you wrong guys, she’s, not gon na?

Let you down she’s very, very good, big big fan of abbess and again i’ve been saying that for quite a while here on the channel, all right, i have one more for you guys. Actually we stay or we go to high elves and it’s eleanor. Eleanor hill is a champion who i pulled, and i wasn’t sure you know, even in the shard opening video that i recorded when i pulled her, i was just like i don’t know guys. Is she any good? So i reluctantly maxed her out and let me tell you she deals a ton of damage because she’s instantly acting activating excuse me everybody else’s poisons on the team, so a four turn.

Cooldown deals damage from all poison debuffs on all enemies instantly boom. I used her in a bunch of my speed run teams. I used her with bad alcazar because, basically she’s placing poisons on her a2 on an aoe she’s, placing a second poison on that same aoe. If the attack is critical and on the a1 she’s placing an hp burn that cannot be resisted so great against bosses as well. So eleanor is a champion that i was incredibly pleased with and who i do not regret, maxing by any stretch of the imagination, so guys, uh honestly, i could have made this video about 20 or maybe even 30 – underrated, legendary champions.

Hopefully, at least one of my selections is a champion that you have, or you already built and don’t regret. Let me know in the comments below, if i did nail it on any of these or of course, let me know in the comments below who my biggest snub was. Thank you again for 100 000 subscribers. I will see you in tomorrow’s video and as always, take care guys, [, Music, ]

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