15 EPICS who are BETTER Than LEGENDARY Champions (New 2021 Additions)


Hey guys, what’s going on, is ash here coming at you today in raid shadow legends, welcome to the video guys. How are you doing hopefully you’re? Well, because today we’re going to talk about 15 epic champions added? Actually, this year, 2021 has been a huge year for epic champions. Has it not these 15 epic champions are better outclass.

Some of the older legacy, legendary champions inside the game. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into it. These are 15 of my favorite epic champions. Well, these are my 15 favorite epic champions added this year. However, there’s probably gon na be about like three or four or five or ten snubs man they’ve, like really stepped up their game on epics huh wish, i could say the same thing about rares.

There’S really not been that many good rares added this year has that i am fantastic. I am a professional, i am awesome, i am fabulous. I am cute. Who are you you? No not me you.

Yes, i am you just answer the damn questions. Who are you? I have told you: are you deaf? No, you is blind. Have you guys you know experienced any rares uncommons, because i have not.

I talked about it in uh in a video a few days ago. I linked for you guys in the show notes below. So, let’s start out with dwarves right, so there’s a few really good dwarves out of this here, even looking at the list, there’s a couple that aren’t even on my list that are really really uh seriously capable champions but roon keeper das dasdar is gon na, be The first champion that we talk about today, this dude’s a beast. I want to draw your attention to a couple stats first off right to over 20k hp. This dude has over 1200 1250 defense and he’s very fast at 105 speed.

You can use him against another spider against the frost fighter in every single dungeon. He is void, affinity in clan boss and in the arena. So a lot of these champions, i’m going to tell you where i use all these champions or where you can use. If you build them, ah really really solid, it’s a leech on the a1 helps out for clan boss right there. His damage based on defense, his a2 increased attack, turn meter filled 25 on three turn cooldown and then boom.

He has a cleanse as well uh. Then a heel on a four turn: cooldown great for clan boss, really great for everywhere and again he’s fast great bass, stats. This dude is a guy that a lot of people slept on early early on now. The next one is a guy that pretty much nobody slept on. It’S geomancer man, the guy with the hat, the guy with the big black hat [ Music ], this guy’s insane clan boss, spider, especially dragon eternal dragon in magma dragon is where i use this.

Guy he’s insane, he has decreased accuracy on the a1 on an aoe on the a2. He has removed all bus from a target enemy, then attacks them steals all bus they’re under hp burn reasons the cooldown of his a3, if it kills an enemy under an hp burn his a3 fully depletes. The target turn meter fills the champion’s turn meter by the amount the target loses and then has a 100 chance of placing hp burn in a weekend on the on a debuff. Excuse me on the target for three turns on a three-turn cooldown, so he’s got that hp burn up all the time and then check this out on this passive stone guard decreases the damage all allies receive by 15 and deflects that damage onto each enemy under hp Burn that is the magic of his kit, guys because he’s dealing just in if you guys have geomancer if you’ve run him in spider or if you saw my guide on geomancer. You know you know this.

Guy is incredible. One of my personal favorite, most favorite epic champions added uh this year. Let’S go to a champion that probably nobody else has on on their list right now, and it is none other than a guy that i’ve talked about a few times here on the channel and again a lot of you guys. I’Ve never seen anybody disagree with me on discard this guild, but i don’t know man, i think it’s because he got a nerf before he was even released, but he’s still really solid. Right.

Decree’S attack the big version at a 75 percent land rate on his a1. You love to see that decrease attack on the a1 on the a2 and aoe provoke with the shield on himself 75 on three turn cooldown on the a3. He has increased defense and increased attack all allies on a three-turn cooldown. He brings both of those really important kind of og buffs to your squad and then his passive. This passive is amazing.

Right right fills his chamber’s turn here by 15, whenever they’re attacked by an enemy under provoke or an increased attack buff. So, under a provoked debuff or an increased attack, buff he’s going to be again filling his turn meter every single time by 15 and he’s landing that provokes that’s a beautiful synergy. He has almost 1500 base defense. This guy is a really really good and often overlooked, champion kind of like runekeeper dasdirk number four is going to be ursula. The mourner, so ursula is a really solid champion as well she’s i mean she has one of the best revivals in the game.

A2. She has an aoe with decreased attack and increased attack on a three-turn cooldown, a million books. She loves to read a million books, but whatever you ever think about space, is it really endless? I mean if you had a spaceship, could you go flying and fly into space forever? Why don’t you give it a shot?

A3 revives all dead allies 75 hp fills their turn year by 50 places, increase the defense and strengthen on all allies for three turns. Thank you very much ursula. The mourner, you are a legendary champion. You are a legendary champion, has a great speed order for doom tower battles as well. She’S amazing, let’s go back to the beginning of the year here, guys way back in the beginning.

You guys know he was one of my most wanted champions for a while and where the heck are you where the heck? Oh there he is dick is deacon armstrong man, the turn meter specialist with the decreased defense, i’m using this dude now against dark fae man. He’S very very good by the way ursula clan boss, every dungeon, eternal dragon, magma uh magma dragon. Excuse me in frost, spider, uh with jizz card, i’m using him an ice golem dragon eternal dragon in magma drag uh dragon. When i say i’m using him, i mean you know: hypothetically, that’s where they’re best served.

I don’t use them on every single areas on all these champions, but these are where i would call them all. You know well above average or esteer right, so deacon armstrong. Basically, clan boss, every single dungeon provided the affinity is correct. Uh, you can use deke in frost fighter magma dragon in internal dragon as well on the a3. Here he has the the turn meter fill decrease, turn meter on enemies and then grants an extra turn.

He also has speed in all battles by 19 percent man deke he gets the job done, has a leech on his a1 as well man. I love deacon armstrong. All right next up is going to be another kind of i call old school, but you know in terms of the champions you’re talking about today, he’s kind of an old-school champion. It’S duck the pierce man. This guy, i don’t know like he gets a lot of love, but not enough love, in my opinion, he’s good on the clan boss, good on the griffin he’s good on frost fighter, he’s good in uh, basically, every dungeon, depending on the affinity and in the arena.

I use them in the arena on my free-to-play team. He has a decrease accuracy on the a1 on the a2 and aoe attack bit damage based on defense, easy to build this champion right and then he has a uh decrease attack and decreased defense on a three-turn cooldown, a la stagnate kind of right uh, and then He has a provoke on one enemy has a chance at putting it on uh, two random enemies, uh as well reflect damage unkillable. Some people turn this ability off. I tend to use it on my free-to-play. I need them for that support as well, but you know to each their own either way he’s a very, very good champion.

I’M gon na talk about. Am i going too much out of limb here guys by saying this? Is the strongest champion ad strongest epic added this year? If i had to make the call, i would just say he is the strongest epic added this year and it’s irregrim. This dude is insane.

He he’s insane. You can use him clan boss, nether spider, uh bommel. The bomb boss, the new bomb boss, frost, fighter, eternal dragon, every single dungeon in the game dude he has a three-time hitter with poison on his a1 giant slayer. Mastery uh removes all the bus from an ally, then heals him by 40 on a three turn, and then he has three poisons and two continuous heals. Three poisons on all enemies for two turns also places two continuous heals on all allies for two turns on a three-turn cooldown dude he’s like bad alcazar meets steel.

Skull very, very good champion has speed in all battles, as if his kit couldn’t get any better. This guy is the real deal. Man eerogram, if you are lucky enough to pull him saluting to you, hats off. Congratulations. You just pulled an absolute monster champion inside this game.

Strong powerful men, like myself or others very similar to me, for example, hercules the highlander or uh god. Actually, let’s stay in the ogre and tribe guys man huge huge honorable, mention i kind of looking at my list here. I think i should probably just take somebody off. I should take somebody off because c chalk has to be on it. Are you gon na get a quick bonus champion?

Nobody nobody, nobody tell anybody that the title of the video is is technically click bait now, because there’s going to be 16 champions because i love c chuck man, i don’t know why some people hating on siege hulk on my video that i did on the guide That i did in this champion. I have no idea he’s a beast man. If you’re looking for a herndog mini a guy that can drop the decreased defense, do an insane amount of damage on a single target. Here he has all the increased attack buffs that you need increase, crit rate increase, crit damage on himself increase, attack on himself and aoe, decrease defense and he’s just he’s such a damaged carry man he’s insane uh. Then he deserves a spot on your team.

I love this champion man. I really do anywhere again kind of like duck right he’s much squishier than duck right he’s 760 on the defense. I guess that’s why i get some hate 15 can hp if you can keep them alive, you’re walking into a nuker and a d buffer on the same team, but i really got ta. Give the title to hugo man, ugo, is the very or woman. Ugo was the very very beginning of the year, and she has just one of the best debuff abilities in the game.

On this uh a2, an aoe attack, you’re attacking all enemies right damage based on attack, uh a healthy amount of defense for attack. You know based champion right, uh 1250, a lot of hp, almost 20k right, she’s fast, 102

She’S got decreased defense and then she’s got block buffs right block buffs at a 75 land rate or even more, depending on how many uh debuffs are. Excuse me for each enemy alive: okay, so for each enemy alive, that chance goes up uh and the leech on the a1 man and the heels and the debuff removals man hugo. Does it all she’s insane clan boss arena every dungeon in the game, nether spider, eternal dragon, griffin, uh, frost fighter? That’S you can use her almost anywhere man, ugo, very, very, very good, all right speaking of very, very, very good vog off, maybe not as versatile as uh, ugo clan boss arena.

You can see volgoth all the time in uh in platinum arena a little bit less. So recently, but still an incredible arena, especially in arena defense based champion, you got every dungeon, the weakest being dragon, but the proper affinity for dragon 25. So for progression on dragon 25, you could do a lot worse, magma, eternal and griffin you can use. Will goth wow volga is very good, uh, good giant slayer mastery for vogoth as well, three hitter on the a1. We have an aoe provoke on the a2.

We also have a chance of placing decreased attack for two turns on targets to receive the provoke. Thank you very much right and then really it’s uh, this passive right whenever the champion is attacked, kills all allies by 50 of the damage received. 25 against bosses. Wow also has a leech passive as well a very, very uh overlooked at first, but i think the word is out now on bogoth. What about you guys any of you max out vogoth a very, very good champion inside this game, so uh.

Let’S talk about ally attack man, we needed a really really solid ally attack champion and i always go into orcs for some reason. I have no idea why, but it’s fat man. Where are you fat man, [, Music ]? Can you people not see me in front of my face there? We are right in front of my cursor in the fat uh on.

He has decreased uh defense on his a1. He has this cool passive, where his allies will absorb some of his damage because he’s a little squishy here at 14k hp. But then he has increased crit rate damage on all allies except himself, and then the ally attack on a four turn cooldown. The best epic ally attack inside the game is in the fat and he was added this year, good for clan boss for dragon uh for fire knight ice golem. I don’t really use them on spider, but the other three dungeons you can definitely use them.

There eternal dragon and griffin as: well not the the two newest tower bosses, but, the two, other edition doom tower bosses. Uh outside the four ogs, very good, on a, la are very uh they say uh susceptible to, ally attack teams so consider building an. Allied attack team starring, the fat man barrican the fat all right, let’s go on to the next champion. It’S going to be going to be godseeker aneery, so god seeker very, very good support champion. You can use her in clan boss, ice golem, magma dragon uh in the two other, the same two champions.

We just talked about uh, eternal dragon and the griffin right as a support champion. She has, on the a1, a heel, okay, small heel, she’s, an aoe with another heel on the a2 increase, the duration of all the buffs on allies and decrease the buffs on enemies on that ability right, provided you build it with enough accuracy, kind of a pain Because this is the only thing in our kit that needs accuracy, but whatever beggars can’t be choosers. On a four turn: cooldown, we have a revive, a dead ally. Fifty percent hp turn meter fifty percent and then resets the cooldown of all their skills. It’S a very unique revival, a very good revival, ability for single target on a four turn for single targets.

You pretty much always want their uh revival to be on a four turn cooldown. You know unless it’s doing something, absolutely incredible, but really for single targets. We’Re looking for a four turn: cooldown uh, but guardian angel. She has another four turn cooldown passive built in increased. The amount of healing all out is received by ten percent kind of cool to pair her with like a brass or a passive healer like sylvia drake’s.

Really nice healing synergy there right uh. You know doom priest right uh if an ally’s about to get killed, pre-amps that hit puts a revive on death. Thank you very much god seeker, aniri, very, very good champion. Next up is going to be one of my other favorites. I think my favorites urogrim geomancer in this champion man.

I did a guide on him. I love magnar magnar is a damage dealing beast. I really love using this guy in secret rooms in doom tower and in the arena, it’s nice to have an hp based nuker in the arena, because you can stay alive right. You can put him on a go first team or on a go second team. In the arena to me he’s kind of like an arena specialist or anywhere, you need a lot of damage from a champion who, you know, is hard to kill because you’re building him with a ton of hp.

He has 1k base defense, not bad 100 base, speed and 21k base hp. This ability is a2, just hits very, very hard. Uh, you know, plays an extra hit on enemies without hp burn, uh debuffs. So you put him with a burner. You can place a stun potentially if you place him without a burner on the same team, you’re getting two massively hard hitting abilities fan the flames, i’m not a huge fan of, but it doesn’t really matter, has a debuff spread that does not spread.

You know the most powerful b buffs uh his passive, this champion, heals by one percent of their mass hp every time. Anyone in the battle takes damage from an hp for debuff kind of cool passive there. It’S not a game changer, but it’s a nice kind of synergistic ability that keeps him fully healed up throughout the duration of the battle. If he’s paired with a burner on the same team, very cool champion, a big fan of magnar all right, we have a few more left here, guys, let’s go through him quickly. You guys know back at the beginning of the year i was kind of on the fence on rector draft and boy was i well, i shouldn’t say wrong.

I was kind of keen on retro draft, but boy she’s, amazing, 109, speed very, very fast, uh, good support stats as well. On a1 just decrease attack the big version nice to have that on the a1. I always look for that on champions, especially support champions. It’S nice to have that right. We have an aoe heal.

We have a perfect veil, continuous heal after healing uh. You know this bale synergy with the passive is pretty incredible. Whenever an ally under a veil or prevail gets a turn, yields on by 10 of the max hp also has resistance increase. That’S really nasty everybody’s going to be veiled up, but she’s going to be healing them every single time they get a turn very, very cool. She deals out a ton of healing her vrask in, like sky touch shaman, you know, vogoth sometimes still drinks depends, but these these champions are some of the best healers inside the entire game, and retro draft is right there.

In that conversation, guys the revival five turn cooldown revives a single ally, 60 hp turn here by 60, perfect bail on them for three turns. Okay, i just told you we’re looking for a four turn. Oh, it is a four turn. My bad four turn cooldown single target in a very, very good revival, because that perfect bale is going to keep them protected from everything outside aoe attacks and even aoe attacks. It’S gon na mitigate uh damage received by 15 percent, so retro draft a very, very good support champion.

Scarab king frost spider, magma dragon uh, regular dragon ice golem arena arena. You see her all the time on arena, defense right arena, defense very tricky to deal with and she is force affinity for all those trundas out there right, uh, eternal uh or the griffin and the eternal dragon you’re using retro draft pretty much everywhere. I want to go to two more champions: they’re, both shadowkin right. One of them is a little bit more niche jambo the dishonor. I had to include him on the list guys because this guy is a nuker built for the arena or anywhere.

You just need a lot of damage. He has an aoe attack here that hits a very hard and three turn cooldown uh on the a2. What does to say that this attack cannot be resisted on critical hits? The effect cannot be resisted, meaning we have to decrease the duration of all buffs by one turn as long as he’s creating there, it can’t be resisted you love to have that right and then increase crit rate increase. Crit damage three turns grants an extra turn.

So you open up with this ability, the a3 you go on to the heavy nuke on the a2. Hey, you have to go against an unkillable, maybe uh don’t worry about it. Ignore unkillable buffs, when attacking under increase attack immune to decrease attack, debuffs very, very cool ability, very cool champion. Overall, let’s make sure you have like an arbiter or an increased attack champion going before him and the last up is going to be man. There’S a lot of good champions, i’m tempted to even include you know, burning geary just because he can solo the bomb champion, who’s the hardest, most annoying champion in all of doom tower, but i’m actually going to give it to taraghi the frog right another champion.

I would say, probably four or five six, maybe seven champions who might have surprised some of you guys, but this is definitely one of them as well good for the clan boss, good for all dungeons, save spider good for scarab king and for magma dragon right on The a1 decrease attack on the a2. We have provoked for one turn on an aoe 50 chance, but that chance increases by 5 for each debuff on the enemy team. That’S pretty solid, right, hp based champion again here. There’S a lot of good hp based champions added to the game like magnar uh, taragi, the frog and look at that hp almost 22k hp. It’S a lot of hp has a shield buff equal to 50 of this champions max hp and an ally protect on all allies, so we’re getting a three-turn shield as well in his kit.

Uh also has a heel on himself. 25 30 reflect damage and the heel increases by 2.5 for each poison debuff on the enemy he’s great for clan bosses, clan boss is well, i guess, maybe hydra clan boston about a year from now and then the passive when attacked as a 50 chance of placing A big version of poison debuff on the attacker for two turns and it occurs once per hit, so we can deal a ton of damage on top of everything else. That he’s doing, i really like taragi the frog. I think his damage output will surprise a lot of you guys who give him a try so guys.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know who i left off the list. I know there’s a few champions, probably like i said, like five, maybe 10, who probably could have been on this list, but uh. You know, for whatever reason i didn’t include him, because i didn’t want to be here for 25 minutes or 45 minutes or an hour and a half. You guys know how i like to ramble uh with that in mind, let’s go ahead and wrap the video there.

Thank you for watching all the way till the end guys appreciate you and, as always, take care guys. [, Music, ],

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