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Hey guys! What’S going on it’s josh here coming at you today in raid shadow legends today we’re gon na open some void, shards a bunch of void, shards, i’m feeling some positive energy, some positive mojo in today’s video did you guys open any shards? If so, let me know in the comments below who do you get any of my most wanted? Who are my most wanted? You ask i’ll, give you my top three most wanted void champions right now, tawanna rock number one i love to want to rock.

I really want her uh skinwalkers number two is gon na be laureus the proud. I really like him, aesthetically too, very cool to have a lion on the squad right and then, actually i got ta say this: uh tumisia looks really really good as well. So i’ll take her and then uh number four i’ll cheat i’ll give four most wanteds here is gon na be hegemon. Of course, i still don’t. Have them really want them?

Look forward to that? Oh wait i’ll be dead and today we’re gon na open up a bunch of sharks, gon na start out 10 at a time here. Actually, let’s start seven solo, and then we will go to 10 at a time after the first seven uh. As always, we’ll have a charitable component to the video. It’S not meant to be a stick or anything like that.

It’S meant to honestly just be a nice reminder of myself to give back a little bit. You know so why not do it in a video where who knows maybe one or two of you guys would be inspired as well, so today we’ll be donating to uh we’ll go with the ark we haven’t done the ark in a while. They help out uh individuals and their families with mental and uh physical disabilities right so my brother uh, you know in memory of my brother who was an honestly an inspiration to me in my life he was uh four years younger than i he passed away. Sadly, four years ago, uh, but uh always like to do a lot of work with the arc. I’Ve been uh, you know kind of a partner with them uh for about 10 years now.

So all right, so inquisitor is not a bad champion guys. He does a lot of damage on this. A2 ignores a bunch of defense, and then he has this passive. Each critical hit fills the champions terminal by 7.5 percent.

Whenever an ally receives a fear of true fear, debuff from an enemy, this skill will instantly instantly, remove that debuff and fill the allies terminator by 15, pretty cool champion right, pretty cool champ. Indeed, next up is going to be no legendaries. Quite yet don’t be greedy ash, paragon, paragon paragon, annoys the heck out of me in the uh in the fashion crips right with the unkillable. Oh god, it’s the worst all right 10. At a time here we go here.

We go guys. Let’S do this. Let’S do it boom boom: okay, okay, lua lua. We got ripper fist, we got uh man eater, we got uh, who else we have here? Cazar d part, that’s cool.

We have holo draconis and dagger. Okay, lord pretty good, actually really good champion being very harsh here. On lua all right here we go starting out with another epic. We got cardinal uh, one of the better uh revivals in the game. Let me make myself a little bit smaller.

We get fel hound one of the best, if not the best campaign farmer in the game and if you guys use felhound as your main campaign farmer. I imagine a lot of you guys. Do that’s ten more champions and no legendaries to speak of? What do we have like a one percent chance to pull a legendary we get sear. If i didn’t have her i’d, be a lot more excited.

Definitely one of my most used champions inside the entire game. Umbral enchantress is pretty good as well. Here we go, we get veteran, we get hollow, payne smith and light sworn all right. All right, we’re gon na keep it going here, guys keep it going. It’S part of the video where we get a little bit panicky a little bit, uh, not sure where the legendaries are right.

You have my word. I promise this is gon na happen. I’M gon na do this, for you, i swear to god. So that’s obviously not gon na work out yeah. No, it doesn’t work out as if uh the odds are even in our favor yet which they’re not we do get runekeeper dazzdurk.

I really like that champion guys. Let’S take a quick look at him here. Another seer i’d be doubly excited all right: doom screech ox. Let’S take a quick look at room keeper. Daz dirk he’s a really really solid champion guys because on his uh a1 he has a leech nice for heels.

There 45 chance at landing right solid. He has increased attack, turn meter filled by 25 on a three-turn cooldown, very, very solid, and then he has a removes all the bus, a full cleanse on a four-turn cooldown with the heel, 25 percent of this champion’s max hp and then places a continuous heel buff For two turns on allies who have debuffs removed a really solid cleanse overall, just a really solid kit in general, all right, let’s keep it going here by the way uh to walk the wander, who we just pulled as well he’s a really good damage dealer man. I don’t think a lot of people, you know either know or maybe just underrated, but yeah he’s super super solid, ursula, the mortar, very, very good reviver inside the game, a newer champion into the game. All we have to really look at is requiem revives all dead allies. 75 percent hp fills their turn meter by 50.

Increased defense strengthened for three turns. You kidding me what a great revival she also has decreased attack and increased attack on the same ability. Three turn cooldown. However, she does a lot of reading nine books on the a2 six books on the a1. Luckily only one book on the a3, all right, let’s keep it going here, guys, i’m not feeling so lucky, not feeling so lucky.

Thus far here we go. I’M still, i’m still holding out hope. Maybe one of my top three champions. Maybe you know any legendary at this point. Plarium uh would be great [ Laughter, ], [, Music, ] balor, stone skin a bunch of a bunch of crappy rares, not crappy, but you know they’re rares all right, not what we’re looking for, how many shards do we have left here?

This video is going to be over in two minutes all right here we go broadmon veteran again, i’m sure in oh man. I kind of want to rage like click make it go, make it end battle sage, tuak again, dude. Is that [ Music ]? That’S all my shards, oh my god, be right back well. The good news is, i got a couple: legendary books and a bunch of uh fragments.

Let’S see how many do i have in the fragments here. Are we almost there? Let’S take a look here. 85 out of 100

Not too bad i’ll definitely have a guide out for rory wormbane. In just a moment.

Let me make room i’ll be right back all right guys. Here we go. We need better luck than that man, let’s do five at a time and then and then boom boom. Ten, ten man when you pull them, when you pull them one at a time sylar one of the better uh void epics in the game. She has an aoe on the a1 aoe on the a2 and decrease speed and decrease turn meter on the a3.

Thank you very much, silar, looking good while she’s doing it as well. If i do say so, myself, [, Music, ], let’s keep it going, keep it going. Give me something good man. Give me something good. Please painkeeper!

That’S not it she’s, not bad, but that’s not. It that’s not what we’re looking for man. I’Ve never been so greedily unimpressed with pulling so many epics, gala long raids, she’s a funny champion like she’s annihilated me. I think i told this story before here on the channel, but i’ll tell it again. I went to the arena.

I was in platinum arena towards the end of the season, the last day of the season, and i saw a gala long, braids team, i’m like dude. What is this team doing here right? So i went in you know not even really thinking too much about my team. I just threw whatever my speed team in there and she single-handedly annihilated my team man. She uh.

She does a lot of damage here. We go times ten come on man, one percent shot. Don’T do it to me player, quick follow-up. Did you ever look up at the moon and wonder if i was looking at it too harrier harrier? Don’T you dare?

I don’t want to see you anymore man? Oh god, this is not looking so promising. Is it guys come on man give me mercy, mercy, plarium mercy, my last ten, i’m not dropping another hundred dollars, i’m not doing it! Man mercy me. Please give me something to make this video worth uploading.

Please. Four three left two left and boom god, damn it all right guys. Here we are, i’m gon na play a little game. It’S called pretend we didn’t just spend 400 and, let’s not think of all the better things we could spend 400 on than opening up. You know pixels inside a mobile game.

Let’S pretend let’s play that game: okay, uh, i’m doing it for the video man doing it for the video. Am i at my mercy? What is the mercy? Am i at over a hundred stupid, shards gosh, more epics paid, my no! I don’t want you, i’m not looking at your kit.

Nothing give me the legendary, please gear, grinder man, all right here we go. This is the final 20

This is the final 20 man i can’t help but feel partially responsible come on. It’S got. It will all be worth it if we pull one of our most wanted. Okay: let’s go for positive vibes start the video with such positive vibes, let’s bring them back boom boom boom.

Here we go ah q of plerium to make me wait to the final 10 to give me all of my most wanted in one big shard all right. It’S cute for them to start out giving me three rares, oh they’re, giving me four they’re giving me five here. It comes the legendary i think the last like three slots are going to be. Oh boom boom boom uh. I know you can’t hear it control yourself.

Any longer all right guys – well, that’s gon na be the video. This was not one of my more memorable shard opening videos. It’S really weird at this point in time i have like a weird feeling of like oh, if you could come inside my mind right, it’s just like hey. Do i even upload this video b? What do i title this video?

I guess you guys will know c. Why did i just do this d? Should i give them a disclaimer that don’t do what i do so i guess i just did don’t do what i do. Maybe save your money, maybe use it on. You know nice dinner out, maybe a few drinks uber if you’re of age you know, maybe what else can you do a lot more right?

Maybe uh [, Music ]. I don’t know guys. Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate all jokes aside. It is what it is luck of the draw at least i’m close to my mercy timer for next time, glass, half full guys, glass, half full.

I hope you have better luck than i do. I hope i used all the bad luck out there. Thank you for watching and, as always take care guys.

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