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5 Things Players Undervalue in RAID Shadow Legends!


Hey guys, what’s going on it’s ash here coming at you today in raid shadow legends, welcome to the video guys, so i’ve made my fair share of mistakes and over time over, not one but two years now, playing and uploading. This game rage, shadow legends. I’Ve also noticed that i’ve really, i guess, disproportionately valued some things inside the game, whether they be buffs or debuffs like in the beginning days. I didn’t value decrease attack, it’s incredibly valuable right in terms of debuffs. So today, from my own personal experience as a veteran player, i want to share some things that took me a year plus to actually learn inside this game, the true value of certain areas.

Certain stats are in whatever so without further ado. Let’S go ahead and jump into it. I want to hear from you guys in the comments be honest with me, though, be honest: do you undervalue any of this stuff too, or do you disagree with me that this stuff is valuable? I want to hear from you guys, as always so number one. I only have one kind of buff slash debuff on the list today, well kind of one and a half we’ll get to that in a moment.

Uh and it is block buffs. The block buffs debuff is it’s gon na, be one of my favorites in the game and not many champions. Have it? I’M gon na show you some of my favorites in just a moment here, but i definitely keep an eye out for the block buffs debuff because it used to be just faction wars primarily that we’re using it for uh. You know in the arena.

I guess here and there, but for faction wars, you know you have to deal with the pesky, valkyries and and man eaters, whatever uh, but then with doom tower. It seems like every single floor is just chock-full of you know. Everybody from sir nicholas to uh siphies to duchess is whatever right there’s, so many buffs you have to contend with this game becomes so much easier, especially in doom tower. If you just don’t have to worry about the buffs, there’s not that many champions inside the game that have the block buffs debuff, but i’ve always kept my eye out, or i shouldn’t say always the last six months. I’Ve kept my eye out for the block.

Debuffs champions uh. Let me share a few of my faves starting with fenax, so fedex or phoenix. However, you say his name. You guys seem to be split in the comments i feel like i butcher every name. According to some people, they need a pronunciation guide, rage.

Shadow legends plarium come on. What are you doing? No, actually it’s not me it is you. Fenax has a very hard-hitting a1. I love this champion just because of his a1 and his a3 has decreased speed and decreased defense, fantastic on a single target good for bosses, but his a2.

It’S a very strong aoe attack on a four-turn cooldown when booked. He has an 80 chance 85, with the sniper mastery of getting a block buffs on all enemies for two turns, and then he also has a nice block active skills for one turn as well. If you don’t place that block buffs debuff, so i’m a big big fan of fenex for various reasons, but one of them is. He is one of the only champions in the game with an aoe block buffs that lands at a dependable rate. Now, speaking of uh, you know op champions uh.

This is one of my faves man, lady kimmy man, she’s the real deal. She is like the queen first of all, she’s, so fast, 115 speed but she’s the queen of having all kinds of important and kind of rare buffs like an aoe decrease accuracy. Aoe decrease speed, decreased turn meter on the same skill, and she also has right here on her a3 on a four turn cooldown. She removes a buff and then she blocks buff. On top of that man, lady kimmy is fantastic.

I know what you’re saying ash yeah. That’S great she’s, an op, legendary she’s, tough. To get i get you, i have a a rare for you, guys, [ Music ], my man veteran, is not bad again. He used to be mainly and still is kind of mainly for faction wars, but he’s not a bad champion. He’S defense based.

He has solid defense, solid speed, not awful, not amazing uh, but look at his a3 here attacks all enemies and again a 60, a 60 65 with sniper of placing block bust for one turn and uh damage increases according to this champion’s max hp shorts, not as Good as the other skills, but the massacre does deal a decent amount of damage and you get block buffs for a turn as well, and that’s on a three-turn cooldown when booked so not too bad right uh. You know because of the fact that it is. I could go on there’s a couple more i’ll, give one more for you guys and it is umbral enchantress people forget that she has this a2 that has blocked buffs and that’s a hundred percent chance at a three-turn cooldown. Only problem is she’s, locking herself out with this a3 from the uh, the a2, so uh. If you want to use the a2, it’s still an incredible ability and this guy’s.

I want to draw your attention to this she’s very unique she’s, the only champion in the game. I want to say that has blocked buffs, essentially all the time, if you don’t use her a3 right, which is a great ability. Don’T get me wrong, but if you want to use her in dungeons you just you’re sick of dealing with the pesky buffs. You just build her so she’s faster than the enemies and then she’ll always have block buffs up because for three turns on a three turn. Cooldown 100 land rate, no weak affinity, she’s void, umbral, enchantress, she’s.

Amazing. All right number: two thing that people make mistakes about everybody’s like dude. Is it going to be five minutes per mistake? Good god ash this guy really does ramble. A lot mistake.

Number two: it is going to be kind of an obvious one, but bear with me bear with me i’m going somewhere here, speed, so listen. I always knew speed was important in this game right. It feels like the higher the content, the speed threshold that you need on your champions. It scales really quickly, and i find that not just with myself, not just with my main account with my free to play account and a lot of my viewers and a lot of account, takeovers and stuff that i see. I see that people are not properly valuing speed as sub stats on artifacts.

What do i mean by that? So i was at artifact capacity here i was at uh a thousand artifacts right for a while, and then i went through my artifact. This is a great way to free up some room too right. I went through my artifacts. You guys can all make the decisions on you know.

If you, depending on where you are in the game, you might be keeping four star gear, you might be trashing five star gear, it depends right, but i am looking for speed sub stats. Let me move myself over for a second here, i’m looking for speed, sub stats, guys, and if i don’t have it, i’m at the point where i’m pretty much selling it. You know like this. This shield it looks great, but it doesn’t have any speed on it. This it doesn’t look great so whatever, but you know this crit rate crit damage hp on a weapon.

You know, i think, for most people you probably keep this, but i am at the point where, if i don’t have speed and another good stat that i’m looking for just to make room, this is for people out there by the way who are already at the Point where you’re you have capacity, artifacts or you’re close to right, it’s important for everybody, no matter where you are in the game to always be kind of raising. You know, month after month, week after week or whatever raising that threshold in terms of the quality of artifacts that you keep versus sell because you have to scale you have to scale as you farm more artifacts. So like speed and attack again, i’m looking for crit rate crit damage. I guess i’ll keep this one because it does have the speed and the attack. I’M always gon na be putting crit damage gear on an attacker crit rate with no speed.

I don’t want it. You know so again. This is just me, so you know you have to make the decisions on where you are in terms of progression, i’m obviously in the game on this account. So i’m selling a lot of gear. But for me that threshold is incredibly high on gear, that i’ll keep anymore because have you ever gone to like equip a champion and saw like 20 artifacts you’re like?

Why did i keep this? I need speed and if you haven’t you, probably don’t value speed enough right, so we’ve come full circle. Guys speed is incredibly important in in unpopular artifact sets. Personally, my threshold is even higher. You know on a fury set that i barely use.

You know i want more than this. You know so [, Music ]. Obviously it’s gon na depend on the set in terms of the stats that you’re looking for. But for me i’m looking for a lot of speed at this point in the game. It’S going to be a really either niche or very good artifact for me to keep it if it doesn’t have speed on it, because i need speed, especially in the top row right where you know these artifacts are easier to come by this top row, my weapon, My helmet, my shield, i want speed on almost all those artifacts on almost all my champions again, there are some exceptions and everybody i want to stress this.

Everybody knows what’s best for you at your point in the game in terms of artifacts you’re keeping versus trashing, but value speed, you’re going to need it you’re going to need speed, you’re going to need speed gear. What good use is a champion. That’S really strong. If they’re going, you know very slow, you know you want your best champions to go faster, ideally right now there is speed tuning and everything like that, but again speed people still uh people think they value it, but they still, in my experience, undervalue it all right. Next, one tip number three is a simple one, but again people don’t do it.

I saw so many comments when i did a video recently on my priorities in the game and you know spoiler alert i’ll, save you guys a time of watching that video uh. I focus on on on just doom tower doom tower bosses, faction, wars and clan boss are the main things that i do every day inside this game. Okay, uh and doom tower bosses is something that i’ve. I’Ve really recognized that i just don’t value enough right, meaning spending the hour or whatever it’s gon na, be to use all my silver keys to farm for the forge and again. That leads me to the mistake to the to the undervalued item here, the forge man, people realize and recognize intuitively – that the forge is important.

However, i don’t feel like people truly recognize how important it is to prioritize doom tower farming right farm, your doom tower bosses, because that’s going to give you access to literally some of, if not the best artifacts in the game, and you don’t have to use your Energy to get them, you don’t have to use your energy to get artifacts from the force, actually that one’s really good. I may use that use your energy for you know potions and then, instead, for a day, farm doom tower bosses seriously. I know this game is like a full-time job and i know you know, half of you are rolling your eyes and saying dude as if i have time to sit there for two hours. Try to do it at night here and there you know uh. You know even this, for example, it’s a great swift pair.

I probably keep it because of swift perry, but i’m looking for speed. At least i have some accuracy in hp uh, but anyway, guys so yeah make sure you’re valuing the forge and prioritizing similar to faction wars. You’Re prioritizing your doom tower boss battles that way you can get access to all this sick gear. It’S really like regular artifact sets only kicked up a notch, no matter what you know set you’re looking at as it pertains to doom towers, so identify the set that you want to go for or spread it out day after day and really try to prioritize those Doom tower bosses, guys you get the keys you’re, not using any energy, might as well use them right. All right.

Number four is going to be the other thing that i kind of alluded to the other kind of stat, but it’s not a stat, and that is buff extenders man there’s only a few champions in the game, guys that have a cool down matching, how long their Buffs last, like one of my favorites personally, is iron braggo right, so he has a very rare ability that adds increased defense for three turns on a three-turn cooldown most champions. Don’T have that right. So uh, you know. Let’S look at another buffer here. Let’S look at like lady kimmy, for example, uh we have a uh uh or actually, let’s look at our buffs right here on the a3, so she has an increased accuracy.

Increased speed for two turns on a four turn: cooldown right uh. We love to have that on for three turns on a three turn: cooldown, when you add a buff extender to your team, not just the lady kimmies, not just you know, one buff, but every buff on your champions and another buff that is so incredibly valuable when You’Re able to parlay it with a buff extender is i’m just gon na show you duchess, but there’s a lot of champions in the game that have block debuffs right so where the heck are you duchess, so duchess, for example, right when you pair her with a Champion, like i’m gon na, go over a few of them for you guys right now, but if you can get block debuffs and you can get it for three turns. That’S a game. Changer – and all you have to do is put a buff extender on your team with a bunch of good buffers right. I think a lot of people just don’t realize how important above extender can be.

You know in terms of your overall survivability of your team right. So let me give you a few examples here now: buff extenders are even more rare than block buffs debuff, there’s only a handful of them inside the game. So let me show you some of them right now. Hopefully you guys have access to at least one of these champions. Chris being you know the best and the most rare being a void legendary champion, but he has this ability that has continuous heals on himself.

Allied protect on all allies and aoe attack and increases the duration of it all allied buffs by one turn, so one of every three turns you’re extending every buff in a way. You’Re, almost you know reducing the cooldown of those buff skills on those other champions, not really, but you guys get my point, it’s very valuable and, in my opinion, very very underrated. Let me show you a couple legendaries that have them again, there’s probably only like five champions in the game that have this at a high percentage. Look at this lannicus, the chosen people know she’s an ally attack. You know an allied attack champion, not a lot of those either in the game, and i love that ability as well.

However, it feels a term your allies by 30 and increases the duration of all ally buffs by one turn built into the ally attack. Lanik is the chosen: that’s a sneaky add-on to already an incredible ability. Now let me show you a couple uh epics here guys, so we have. Can anybody name them before i get to them? How good is your grade, knowledge, god, seeker ineri, guys a new champion.

She has decreased the duration of buffs on enemies by one and increases the duration of buffs on allies by one again on a three-turn cooldown, very, very good there, and then we have sand lash survivor as well sand last survivor, very, very good because of her aura, Because of all of her skills that she brings to the table, and where is she and right in front of my face somewhere? Why can’t okay there? She is, i’m like. Why can’t i find you uh, so she has endless sands. An aoe attack decreases the duration of all enemy buffs and increases the duration of ally buffs same thing as god, secretary on this ability very, very valuable, especially for clan boss, she’s a great clan boss champion because they’re a passive because of having the pro not the Provoke where’s the uh okay ally, protect in the block damage on herself on the passive as well and, of course, that aura defense in all battles by 25 uh.

There is check this out guys, there’s a rare champion. That does this only one, but i will show you it only one that does it at a high percentage uh. She is bannerlord valerie. Where are you valerie, so valerie? I think we know her for her shield right.

She has a shield right here on her a3. Protect five-turn cooldown, but whatever it’s a rare shield, that’s what i thought i was out. They pulled me back in, but she has energizing presence. Three turn: cooldown increase. The duration of all buffs on all allies by one turn also decrease the duration of buffs on a debuffs by one turn, as well.

With the increased attack, this ability, energizing presence, really makes uh valerie a kind of uh a sleeper pick in the rare category. Is she end game viable? Is she game changing? Probably not, but you could do a lot worse. This ability, energizing presence, plus the shield she’s, bringing enough to the table where i think some people could use her even at level 50.

You can use her at level 50 with this ability, try to throw one rare book into her, and maybe you have dupes of valerie right, try to get this down to a three-turn, cooldown you’re good to go so very, very good uh. You know rare champion to consider if you just want a buff extender on your team and have a little mini cleanse in there as well. The last thing guys, i just made two videos about this. The last mistake is going to be not utilizing unpopular artifact sets. You guys know, i’m pretty passionate about this.

I love going for reflex gear right. I have a whole video on best champions for reflex gear, where i spotlight a ton of them and i show you them in action, but suffice it to say. Let me just look at you know. My fave, i think in reflex, is bad alcazar right and i have him built out in reflex right now, 40 chance to reduce the random skill cooldown that is so good on champions, either with long skill, cooldowns or only one skill. That’S on cooldown, right and now with the ai customizer reflex is even better than ever, because we can shut off abilities, let’s just say with ninja.

We didn’t want him to do his a3. We didn’t need the freeze, we didn’t need the crowd control, even though that would be stupid to do, but just bear with me here. I’M trying to make a point right. Let’S just say: we wanted him to just keep pumping out more hail burns to get more damage on bosses right. We could shut off the scion, slash the a3, and then we could put him in reflex gear and he would be having you know a 40 chance.

Every turn to reduce the cooldown of hail burn, and do it even more often it’s great to use on champions and now with the ai customizer, it’s even better because you can essentially make these champions be only a one skill cooldown champion right. Where previously, we were only going after champions like bad alcazar like, for example, i guess valkyrie right champions that only have two active skills, they’re a one and then one skill on cooldown, so getting the you know getting the value there. Also, i just released a video. What yesterday, two days ago, on the uh, the retaliation set right, how strong retaliation is you pair retaliation, artifacts with a champion that has a great aoe attack on their a1, for example, a champion like soul, bomb boyer right, you put it in retaliation, you get a 35 chance every single time she’s hit either a single target or an aoe attack. You get a 35 chance to counter attack with an aoe attack, so you’re hitting the opponents.

You know all the time on top of your regular turns so looking into again just to kind of package this together, the last mistake, or over or undervalued, i should say overlooked or undervalued thing in the game that i found is just utilizing. Looking at other artifact sets even have building like a high resist team, a it’s really fun to think a little bit outside the box and get use out of these artifact sets and b it’s effective in a lot of ways that don’t, like necessarily correlate to the Meta at all times that doesn’t mean you can’t find a lot of use in these artifact sets so guys we’re gon na go ahead and wrap this video here. Hopefully you enjoyed it thanks for watching all the way till the end and as always, take care guys.

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