Hey guys, what’s going on, is ash here coming at you today in rage, shadow legends, welcome to the video guys so man, these two new doom tower bosses are very difficult. Are they not? A lot of people are saying that bommel, the dreadhorn is the most difficult doomtower boss. Today, we’re gon na go ahead and check out how you can solo him or, as i would advise, uh solo heavy lift the boss, but you know, run a team of even uncommon or rare champions around him that way at least we’re getting the extra speed off Of the masteries, all that and more in today’s video, let’s go ahead and jump in first by taking a look at the star of today’s video burning, geary burying gary the shadow fin, a shadow finn. What shadow kin a faction champion force affinity?

He is an epic champion as well. The good news here guys is, you do not have to book him. I actually did have him pre-booked because of a clan vs clan tournament. I want to give a big shout out to like, i feel, like every youtuber has probably released this video by now. Oh wow.

I can’t even comprehend how inappropriate this is. However, uh. I think that the for the person that i saw that chosen that showfly, who is an amazing, uh content creator by the way you guys, should check him out if you’re not already subscribed, but he gave credit to this guy bumble. The dread horn, so lowable uh by aegis, uh, thus aegis. Thus, anyway, he had the idea first, at least that’s what we’re seeing.

Also scratch cold brew. A bunch of other youtubers also put out this content, but i wanted to share this with you guys, because i made a couple mistakes right. I saw the reddit posts. I tried to build them myself and i wasn’t getting it done right. So i’m like what am i doing wrong and once i learned what i was doing wrong, i i you know i wrote that down.

I’M gon na share it with you guys in today’s video. Just in case you don’t get the bill right, i’m just gon na start out by saying the one thing that i did wrong was: i had them in regen gear, but i didn’t have them in a mortal and regen. I had them in regen in speed just to get extra speed and it didn’t work out man he wasn’t able to heal himself enough to you know, survive the entire fight, so i would highly recommend you guys go immortal in regen, i’m not saying it’s impossible. Just going regeneration artifacts, however, you’d have to have that threshold of stats, uh higher, more speed or more hp, probably both okay. So speaking of hp, that’s the other mistake that i made on this champion.

Let’S go ahead and start with his total stats right. I had him very very fast with maybe like thirty six hundred thirty seven hundred defense damage is based off defense. You don’t need a lot of crit damage, crit rate he’s getting all his damage off of the warmaster prox, okay uh, but essentially we’ll talk about why this champion’s good in a second here, starting with the stats. A little unorthodox of today’s video right got about 80k hp. I had around like 60k hp right and i had like 4 000-ish defense, 3800 or so uh, and he was dying.

You need hp priority way over defense, so i think around three thousand defense, but i’m shooting for over 70k, ideally close to 80k hp. I was on like 68 69 k. Hp wasn’t getting it done right that synergy between the immortal, the regen sets in that hp is obvious. Okay, so it’s dumb mistakes, i’m always good at making dumb mistakes guys. So you guys don’t have to you’re gon na see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team because he knows when it comes down to it.

You’Re gon na do the same for him. Let’S talk about his masteries for a second here spirit: haste increase speed by eight for each dead ally stacks up to 24;

That’S really important: it can help you guys out just put a bunch of food champions in there or wave clear clearers. You know to help you out on the first two waves. Those bosses are those bosses. Those mobs actually have a lot of hp anyway, you know but uh you know who do i run.

I run shield guard right, uh, really really nice, him and lifesteal gear put a bunch of just crap champions on the same team, so they die. So you can get that spirit haste and get that extra 24 speed on your team or on your team on your bern geary, for when you face off against bomb. Okay, that’s going to help you out meeting those thresholds. Also, you want to go support tree because you really want the extra healing masteries. Okay just go ahead and copy this uh.

It’S definitely going to help you out and then warm master. We already talked about the most important thing. All you need to know on the offense side. All that really matters is that you get warm master, that’s where all of your damage is coming from again, not important to get any crit rate or crit damage on this champion. It will help you out, but it’s not imperative, just focus on hp right.

So again i already mentioned it, but we have regen set. We have an immortal set on this champion, so we’re getting all those extra heals every single turn now. Why is this champion? So good, we don’t need to worry about his a1. We don’t need to worry about his a2.

I mean he has a decent kit, as is like a nice 60 stun on his a2 defense base. Easy to keep alive is going to be great in faction wars. For a shadowkin faction, how did you say all that in one breath uh the a3 cool strength and shields? No, no! No!

We’Re shutting that off. I repeat: we are turning the a3 off for this battle. If you have it on you’re gon na lose all right. The passive heals this champion by 50 of their max hp whenever an ally or enemy dies, those bomb things that bomba summons, instead of doing a ton of damage to them, they’re actually going to heal him by about 80k hp, instead really really cool and that’s why He can solo bomb right, that’s it because of the passive all right guys. You know.

No, you know. Excuse me, why can’t i speak today? Why can’t i speak today? You know everything you need to know it’s my son’s birthday. You know a four-year-old four-year-old birthday parties.

You know gon na get a little tipsy, not really at all, but uh anyway. I am. I am in the middle or after the birthday party of my son right now. This is the team guys now listen. This is uh as far as i can go right now right, so we’re gon na go hard, uh level, 10 right, so a hard dreadhorn level.


Again, i just put a bunch of whatever champions on the team. Just so they die. They are going to help me out through the wave, the first two waves, though, let’s go ahead and start this battle out. You guys can see what it’s all about right.

Man, it’s weird right, because doom tower is very, very tricky. Uh. All these bosses can be challenging. If you don’t have the right champions. However, i will say that i’ve noticed that almost every boss has you know either a one two or three champion combination where you can almost exploit something about a specific champion to tackle that boss right.

We shared like nether spider, with soul of the drakes and uh in direct star, there’s earl’s, the soul cage can solo scarab king there’s a bunch of champions who are able to kind of verges as well, who are able to kind of maybe make a video about. All of those champions for you guys would you like that? Let me know in the comments below, but let’s go ahead in here and wait till everybody else dies once we get to the uh the boss right now and you’ll see how it all works here. I’M gon na slow it down, so you guys can see it in slo-mo the uh all these insane heals right, so everybody’s gon na die in just a moment here. Now these bombs do a lot of damage right.

I’Ll show you my main team as well. If any of you guys are curious, i’ll show you, like the the main team i run ninja, i run uh soul, drinker man, soul, drinker deals a ton of damage, even though they kind of low key nerfed uh bomb champions. Very, very weird. All we can do is remember them what they did and why they had to be brave for us, but soul drinkers still very, very good against this boss. If you guys are looking, for you know a different team or if you don’t have burn gary and you’re watching this video anyway.

Thank you so much for watching all right here. We go guys, see the turn meter of these bombs. Are they called bombs? Is that what they’re called uh – oh, oh, oh you guys saw it 47k 47k. You guys saw that let’s do it one more round and then i’ll pause and i’ll come back to you guys, okay, so let’s what are they called?

Let’S see what are these bomb things all right, i’m gon na turn meter whatever stun okay. Here it is here it is slow. It down slow it down. Oh they’re bombs, okay, there. It is right, look at that!

41K. 41K. This is passive guys, so he’s healing himself like a monster every time they explode, because that passive is essentially mitigating the damage and healing him instead right so you’re not even worried about these bombs, you’re just worried about taking so much damage and not healing yourself enough In the interim to where you know, you’re, essentially lapped, that’s why speed is somewhat important. Now there is no stat thresholds that i can share with you, because it depends on. You know the floor that you’re facing uh in the difficulty level, obviously even floor 10 of hard, is harder than you know the highest floor level in normal.

So guys you can see he’s getting all this damage from war master he’s healing himself by around what is he healing around 13k per turn? That’S why the regen in the immortal is so very important, because what will happen is those bombs will trigger? If you don’t have enough hp and if you don’t look at that see it got very, very low there, so you have to be very careful he’s getting healed back every time the bombs explode from the enemy, which is great in a way they’re. Actually helping us out and that’s the beautiful synergy of his passive in the bomb ads that the boss summons right, they’re healing us up when we get low on hp and then the regen. The moral just adds that extra that you need to make sure that he stays alive throughout the entire battle, so guys what i’m gon na do here.

I think this video is gon na, be rather short, but you know it gets the job done right. I’M gon na cut, probably uh. You know, take a long break, come back to you guys at the end of this battle and we’ll see how he does be right back. All right guys so took a little nap, went downstairs, went for a jog took a shower, and here i am 15 minutes in and we got the job done because really that’s all that matters. I didn’t tell you guys.

This would be a quick run. But again, if you’re looking for a an answer to these challenging doom tower bosses, sometimes investing in a champion like this is gon na, be the difference maker. You guys are looking for so we’re gon na go ahead, and here i tried to time it. Okay perfectly. I was gon na say i timed it.

I tried timing, excuse me uh perfectly and we ended up doing so so burning geary here 7.1 on the heel 7.1 million, that is in 1,
8 million on the damage. Thank you very much burning gary guys, a good option for you guys to invest in on who is widely considered to be early on here, doom tower’s, most difficult boss. Let me know if you agree with that statement or if you disagree in the comments below, if not, who do you think, is the most challenging doom tower boss guys thank you so much for watching.

Hopefully, you found this video helpful and, as always, take care guys. [ Music, ]

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