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Champion Spotlight: Baroth the Bloodsoaked I Raid Shadow Legends


What’S going on guys, he’s fought here again with Another video for reading Shadow Legends. Today, we will today By shining a light on one of these fusion champions. Today We’re going to pick Baroth he’s a really cool hero, I’m excited so they show you guys about him. So, let’s get him right in by reviewing his collection and seeing if you have both Really a benefit for this hero and whether he will be one of the people who Worth the effort. If you skip the fusion take out the blood soaked, she, The horse-based barbarian, is by far the coolest hero As much as it seems in this complete fusion.

He will correct me if I’m wrong: There are a few rarities that are really cool, but as far as beauty is concerned, I really like what they did with this hero helmet. It looks really cool. I like blood drenched on it. I guess I see what They did with the words in there, even though it didn’t sound like Paint a little bit now that I have looked at it in the front. But let’s go to the skills and not Dwell on, looks, although that’s a big part of this Game, we have a1 attack twice, so the first chance happens To fill this hero a meter. The second blow has a chance To reduce the enemy counter. This is not huge, But this can prove very beneficial And he will be very powerful in a very particular aspect of this game And I’m excited to show you guys, because I think it will help a lot Of people who switch to his a2 here to attack. One enemy twice:

First strike puts his shield equal to 25 of Damage to all allies for two rounds Strike. The second cures all allies with 10 of the damage inflicted on him. There are a lot of really cool benefits here, even though this attack is One target hits one enemy. I really like what he did Plarium Here is how they give you a reward on, Although your damage handling mode just makes it Focusing on one goal, you earn that reward from provisioning Your whole team with some kind of benefits, I think so.

It is a step in the right direction and they must be proactive Lots of heroes. With this idea in mind, especially in the role of support and transition, It attacks a single enemy twice, and this is an interesting ability. It has a chance to launch the attack and remove Any attack increasingly refined from the target and the blow. The second has a chance to put a defense down and remove any Mounting defense. Now that’s kind of a strange interaction here. It is very specific. I wanted to Remove any increase for each or remove any increase for each Offensive for the first blow, Any defensive increase for the second hit, And they can make that clear in the game.

I think it would be cooler for a group This guy because they did well with this a2 ability. This is the champ so far and if you don’t catch it, it’s really hard Understand this by only reading skills. So once that Show you jogging you’ll understand what I’m saying Or I’ll say it here. This guy is like an abused monster, But for every other dungeon besides a spider, The abused monster is extremely controlling in a dungeon Dungeon spider, but it faces some problems in other dungeons because Protecting the director, despite its strength, could lead to his death Too quickly too Early because Causes complete damage pretty much to make sure it gets this. The Shield is on his entire squad, so what Baroth does is it? It does less damage because it provides shield, Powerful and healing in a co-op in three turns, but he has.

This a1 really benefit Kit this hero, as far as he makes it, so he can move around During his cool-down periods, much faster than the mistreated beast. As mentioned before. With his group, I made it like A mistreated beast, giving him an immortal as well as a group, Brutal type sure to take me harm, but me Found that you really don’t need to build this guy with crazy damage to make his collection. It works because it can move through all the skills fairly quickly, with Having A1 CE to lower the tachometer and fill the special floor counter Doing it and spinning through its slowdowns. As far as Masteries go, I love Going with the rudder smash in each mastery is greatly beneficial.

It can help form the shield. So what I’m going to do now I’ll take it Dragon 20 and we’ll show you His potential in that dungeon. How could this hero be on Alright, so this is the team that is We’ll be using it today. It’S kind of a random team, and I didn’t think much In that. I was going to make this flower clear With a horse aura. This is nice and not the loudest in the game. That would Be the heroine, but he has no place in this dungeon. We have defense down and weaken. We have increased critical damage and fushan Just to help with some clear waves. So let’s take this for a spin and see How to do this in Dragon 20.

Now, let’s start this run out and put it down On one time velocity just so we can see what the basic rundown will be Here and she has We’re relentlessly stunned, there’s an increase in critical damage. Now, let’s see What will the Baroth use first, so this is the shield not that big Now, but we’ll see as the dungeon progresses And how big this shield actually is. It can get 75000 damage, like you said it doesn’t deal insane much damage, But the main takeaway I want you guys to be aware of Is that hp. Support in this game is better Support in the entire game.

The fact that You have an enemy who puts a defense down the attack that really limits the The benefit the rest of your heroes can actually get With. That being said, the fact that this man’s ride often slows where We can see the shield actually mounting to be somewhat large, Especially in coordinating progress and setting And again the fact that he will be cycling through these cool-down periods Over and over. But back to my point before he does These enemies shoot down the attack, then this has no effect On a hero based on a ion horse. If you have a defensive base hero, then we will We’re really trying to get some massive damage. He’Ll be very paralyzed. Once To encounter this defense is not only that it will be subjected to more Harm, it reduces the amount of damage it causes by a large amount. There is no reduction in horse power aside from the reduction of the limit Maximum ability, which is not uncommon to see, which is not a fault. It is a thing Long-acting that resets as rounds progress. This is something to keep in mind, which is why I’m a huge fan of HP support. It is a pity that there are not many wonderful things.

I think this guy is an absolutely amazing support, As you can see, and I’ve said that a few times already he’s on the move During cooldowns, just because he’s enjoying these The additional feature of enhancing its a1 cycle counter with this ability, And now that was my View of an inappropriate beast, then The mistreated monster put Allied protection here and you, for some reason, are unable to Break the shield in any kind of Dragon. P paradox, Which would be a condition of failure to run your Dragon 20. I saw it from Before. In my second account, which I did when It started first – and it was a real pain whenever it happened, You would put protection for the alleys.

The dragon would use the effect of inhaling it And the wrong monster will get one shot based on the damage. All my other heroes have had They take this guy from that kind of guy, It simply navigates through its shields, and it also provides this healing, Depending on the protagonist, taking a role. Immediate recovery is not Like continuous healing in the event of an upcoming threat of damage. The hero will not have a chance to come back again, as we can clearly see here. Foshan was a wave player within two million.

A very tough defensive ring of frost hit. The hero 495000 also doing aoe capacity. Now we borrowed blood soap, Simply there to save some harm, but using its harm To provide the benefit of this continuous shield that it is applied to yo your team, in addition to this healing, which is why I was so impressed With this hero straight from the Gate he will be a giant of faction wars, Certainly especially for barbarians. If not, You have someone like a touch. Shaman handling this for your team. The man will definitely be. The answer is that there is definitely a shortage of healers In barbarians.

You have the Drake style, but I am. I definitely prefer that this guy is the safest option, even in my opinion, Without precision this makes it convenient for you to run smoothly. Have a person. Damage now applies a shield, so this guy can really get it. Who compiled a lot of listings here and in my opinion this guy is awesome If you play early, if you are at the end of the game, then there is no reason To not go after this hero if it is possible for you to do so with How much resources do you have if you can plan somewhat ahead and who You definitely have to do for this merger it’ll? Be this guy Worth it for you to progress? He is a champion.

Another red affinity, most of your beginners, will have are the blue affinity, Which will help relieve some of the pressure once you start getting to Red convergence progression stages, and there are certainly many This guy now has another really strong bright spot for this hero. Hacker. That’S 82 applies this shield And healing also applies to everyone. Now, if you are Want to team up with this champion, that’s something I’ve been thinking about Kind of, because he actually has a very good collaboration with Someone like the crown of the skull. It is fast enough to be able to turn And skull crowns, usually build them very slowly. Even They get this counterattack, but the problem is The largest in the crown of this skull is sometimes it does not heal and does not You counterattack, which your team can.

Definitely put in Danger, so if you decide to use Baroth’s Square, there is a bunch that I honestly haven’t used very often, but I will consider it For this Man and it will be revenge or revenge After a chance to counter attack when collide With the highest Defensive tree in the support tree Or you can use the chance of group 30 revenge to counterattack When you take a critical hit now I know you are probably thinking of a benefit Counterattack. If the heel was on that the a2 was real, It can reduce the tachometer and increase its tachometer Time and again, with this pairing with someone like a skull crown One or two, a skull peel and a blood-soaked strip In red, the heroes of affinity are null And void In an arena mostly filled with blue or magical affinity, heroes you’ll be spent Very easy time in the ring. If you choose to use This guy quickly overrun his database Staple since I became a haven

We’Ve got it over so far as we can see here we have 20,000 health and it’s not crazy, but we have to take into account it Epic, but not just an epic epic merger. I haven’t talked about this before, but I think merger epics Statistically made much of itself than normal sagas, because everyone He has an easier chance of getting it than he would while checking out Shrapnel. On top of this, we have 1.1000 defenses, Which is definitely a good thing. I would hate to kinda, like Other heroes I have seen privately are Having such low defense really reduces the value of this hero as a whole.

Therefore, We see 1.1000 defense, which is too strong for a 98 speed horse. Champ. Nothing to complain about has a lower threshold, Serious damage and I would have really loved to see He suffers. This critical damage, which is 63 high threshold, and I think he would have improved these Group – is highly dependent because it depends A little bit of damage to support your team. You can Certainly use worse stats than I have 100 CRP builds up as much as HP. The defense cannot be neglected too much, given that Fairly easy. As you can see, I have 595 defenses Just because I’m mostly focused on a horse and it’s still barely exposed For any damage from that 20 dragon wave in general.

If I have to say whether to Going to the fans, you can definitely do this if you use it, But you carry blood soap and I think it can be a very powerful tool for many Persons, especially in the beginning to the middle of the game, Whether It was factional wars. It probably wouldn’t be To advance in the dungeon interest in Clan Balls, as he has a chance To increase the tachometer, but with that fact I think its a2 Strong enough to be used on the speed team For the clan he’s a rather unique head. I don’t think this will get rid of The fact that you can throw off your team. Lifestyle is because the recovery is not that great Really, but it does have the ability to apply Attack and drop defense if needed.

He relies on a horse, so he’s piling up a stat to stay alive To improve the damage inflicted on him, which is always powerful to the head of the clan And, as I said, it provides shields and heals in a very short cooldown period With speed team. Even shorter, as he reinforces himself himself with two of The beating, is clear: the heroes tend to be. Do more damage then hit single champ Based on how the War Master works. So, with all three visions, it is Double whammy. It is sure to fetch a high return In the clan leader. This is another thing to keep in mind If you are an early to mid-game player and a final conclusion Like I said before, if you have the opportunity to incorporate this guy, you will decide, You will surpass the legendary. This is the hero Which I highly recommend to think about in it.

The process, and not just the thought of if Fign, is The only good champ in this fusion and now Right before I finish this video I’m going to drop a bomb at you guys. The next video I’m going to make is actually going to be Hayden, And I will tell you now that this hero is better Epic in this entire merger, and I’m really excited to show you guys why Many of you will be shocked and I will make a Statement In a video with kaiden, some people will simply say it is Awful, but I’ll explain it so much that it will be.

It’S so hard to argue against, as this guy is already competing with One of the most famous legends in the game, and it is actually the best of That legendary in a very large part of this game. So i’m really looking forward to showing you kaiten video that she gave you A little bit here to get you excited about my next video And as always guys thank you for the support. If you like this content, don’t forget to subscribe to that bell. Notification turn on. I will see you all in this light hero, as I show you, this Monster, that kaiden is yours.

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