Easiest Team to Beat Stage 120 Dark Fae Astranyx in the Doom Tower I Raid Shadow Legends


What’s going on guys, it is murder ring here back with another rage, shot of legends video. Today we’re going to be talking about astronex, dark, fae stage 120 on hard. We have a really quick team here, really successful team. I’M excited to share with you guys, so i was playing around with the concept of the blender team. Now i’ve used the blender team before thanks to an old clan mate that quit the game.

His name was deegs. He used to run a really cool blender to pretty much blend all of the doom tower waves, so i saw dark fae astronix and i said why not just blend this boss. It seemed like a perfect strategy to approach here going through the waves going to the boss, where it does have a mirror copy of yourself and then using someone like allure in that blender to keep the turn meter down after trying a ton of different champions together. I was unsuccessful. I saw once again my clan mate rrdd.

He posted a very similar team. That was a little bit slower, but it had a champion that i overlooked that champion was physics. So i have to give a huge shout out to him, because once i added physics, the team somehow got even faster and even more consistent. So shout out to my clan mate rrdd starting off with what the team is we do have. Lisandro is the leader for the speedor, which is nice.

We have the fat man fire again alert like we said basics and then only one champion from the classic blender, which is going to be sinesha so going through. Here, i’m going to show you the stats, really quick, the health doesn’t matter at all, we’re not expecting to take too much damage 308 speed. None of these speeds have to be followed perfectly. However, it will work flawlessly and consistently with these speeds. Now you do have to notice the setup for the ai that i use.

This is very specific based on how i approach this boss, and you will see that once i go through the dungeon waves and why everything works out perfect each and every time, despite there being no reset cooldown so outside of the speed here. 496 accuracy. None of these champions are wearing any special gear sets. Moving on to the next champion. Farrakhan the fat here 275 speed a ton of accuracy way too much decent amount of health.

Defense attack doesn’t really matter crit rate, just to help the damage a little bit more. To make it more consistent, finally, we have allure here we do have our a3 disabled. We have decent accuracy, not crazy, speed. 267. One thing i like about this boss that you are going to notice is outside of this speed requirement.

That is a little bit high on someone like lissandra. Nothing else is too crazy. All you have to do is hit the accuracy check for this boss and in case you missed that do a video guide for this boss altogether. If this team composition isn’t going to be realistic for you or your account, but you can use a team like this or the same exact team for every single difficulty. Of course, lower speeds or just keep the same speed and it’s going to work.

The same way outside of this moving on to the next champion. Basically, we have 36 000 health, 3700 defense, 256 speed, 417 accuracy, 100 crit rate. Once again and finally, we have senesha she’s, the only one wearing any type of. I guess we can call it unique gear set here: she’s wearing six pieces of cruel gear for the additional damage we have 3900 attack, 207 speed, 261 crit damage 100 crit rate, most of the stats. Don’T matter.

One thing you cannot see here is you have to disable her a2 as well as her a3. If you want to make this as clean as possible, all right so moving on to the start of the fight you’re going to see me start with exhaustion here. Instead of the sandra’s normal turn meter down, increase, speed up, this is on purpose based on the cooldowns. I know everything’s going to go down farrakin’s going to use his ally attack here we’re going to get some damage on these champions. Everything else here is pretty much self-explanatory.

It’S actually important that that sifi lives. All of this, like i said it, may look random, but it’s pretty calculated as far as what champions go based on the attack, the crit damage. All of that stuff together and everything together has to do with how many times lissandra, as well as farrakhan, get a chance and get a turn. So we start off the battle here, as we can see, lissandra used to return meter boost ability in our decreased turn meter ability. Then the enemy lissandra, the mirror image didn’t get to go.

Ferric in the fight used, his ally attack. We killed everyone, but the clone here, however, allure second hit did kill the clone. Ideally, if you can one shot the entire wave. My mistake that i did make for this is: i would have built fire akin a little bit less tanky. That way, alert would have used her a1 instead of that aoe, and i would have had an easier and more consistent time at lowering this turn meter.

But one thing you’re going to notice here between ally protection, the passive, a fabric and the fat. It doesn’t really matter if the boss gets a turn here. It’S not gon na one shot the team and it’s actually going to speed up the run just a little bit because, as we can see the poisons the hp burn. All of these things are stacking forward. Now, in case, you don’t know why i’m using the champions i am using, we do of course, have defense down, like i said, hp burn poison from fabric in the fat.

We have the wave clear from sinesha. We have decreased speed, which is definitely important without decreased speed from physics, and this is the key here that i figured out from rrdd. If you don’t have that buff the speeds you need on these champions are going to be absolutely insane and you just don’t want it. So, with that being said, this team is going to work 100 of the time. No need to worry about it.

There’S going to be no variance in the team, if you do base the stats like, i did base it here, making sure the proper champions get their turns. You can use someone like a silar instead of lissandra. You will have to keep in mind the speed or a difference on all of these champions, but there are lots of champions you can swap in. If you don’t have firework in the fat you can use any ally attack champion lana kiss will work very well. She actually gives increased turn meter, you’re not going to get the defense down the team’s going to take a bit longer than normal, but as we can already see two minutes in 20 seconds, the boss is over halfway killed already full auto didn’t even have to touch The screen, the stats, like, i said, aren’t crazy.

I don’t have to stack crazy accuracy, resistance, survivability, all these other things. One thing i did forget to mention and it’s kind of important, but not really because it only procked once so far it’s going to be for limits gear, letting this gear just increases the consistency of the turn meter drop here but, like i said it doesn’t even Matter if someone like visix dies here, you have decreased speed on the boss, her health’s so low already that even if two or three champions die here at the end, it’s not going to cause you to wipe. The last thing to mention is, of course, sanesha is definitely one of the harder champions to gear. As far as a aoe clearing champion, i did use her because i like the additional damage on champions under 50 health and, like i said this, is a rather scripted team as far as getting through the waves and making sure the proper cooldowns are available. But we can just look at the recap here: 400 000 damage, lissandra, 642, fire again: 700, 000 alert, 638 physics, 1.

million sunisha. So a really clean team. Overall, everyone doing a ton of damage, sanesha, of course doing the most with her aov abilities. But this is going to be a really cool team and a very accessible team for most players and, as i did state in the guide that i made for dark faestronics, this boss really doesn’t feel like the final boss of a doom tower rotation at all. It’S a little bit easy, i’m sure there are tons of other compositions.

You can definitely use i’ve. Seen a lot of teams with royal guards stagnates. You can use that. I haven’t looked into how consistent they are. What the win rates are, what the gear requirements are going to be for those champions, but i can tell you outside of the speed thresholds, for these guys.

This is a really easy team to build one of the key things that i like about this team. The most is going to be lissandra here, you’re, pretty much going to take your lissandra and use her in whatever normal build you’re using here for in any other part of this game. If she’s 330 speed with high accuracy, that’s fine! That’S what you would do for arena anyways. Some people might have a little bit lower than required accuracy, simply just swap around a few pieces bump up that accuracy and she’ll probably do even better in other areas of the game, especially arena.

If you do increase that accuracy, anyways alright, guys, that’s the quick rundown of this team, let me know what you guys think: who are you guys planning to use? If you do decide to use this team definitely need alert. Definitely an ally attack physics required for sure. The sandra and sinesha are both replaceable, so i’m interested to see what type of teams you guys have up your sleeves. What champions you think you’re going to use and, like i said i don’t think many people are going to struggle with dark fate.

Astronix. There are plenty of guides out there and it’s really simple mechanics, although it may sound complicated. They definitely revealed that for this to be a much more complicated boss than it is so, i was definitely really excited to show you guys this team here all right guys. As always, if you enjoyed this content, don’t forget to subscribe. Like turn on the notification bell – and i will see you all in my next upload – you

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