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Floor 90 Dreadhorn Bommal Team for Hard Doom Tower I Raid Shadow Legends


What’s going on guys, it is murderinc here back with another chat, elections, video and today we’re going to be giving bama the hard rhino in doom tower taste of his own medicine. We are going to be bombing bombo. Yes, you heard it right. I’M using bomb champions. I am really stubborn and really wanted to use this, and no i’m not going to be showing you stage 10 stage, 50 on hard, like other content, creators stage, 10, 50 or 90 on normal mode.

We are going to be doing a successful stage, 90 on hard run, using bombs with bombo and to top everything off we’re not going to run any resistance at all. This is something i’ve been playing around with for a couple days and i put it into practice and it worked out pretty well, so i’m gon na be showing you a team that works on stage 90 hard for this rhino boss, but you’re going to be able To use this with tons of different champions in all of the other stages, however, stage 90 itself probably isn’t as doable without the five champions. I’M going to show you here today so with that being said, let’s jump right into the clip here. No we’re not using the original team we are going to be using, as we can see doom priest sifi this guy on the left here that bombs. I really forget his name, i believe it’s soul, drinker the forced affinity, red bomber, here god seeker and eerie and finally shiramani.

So i’m going to be showing you the gear of these champions, the stats, but first, let’s have a look at the run. Unfortunately, this run is not full auto. However, it’s pretty quick, i’m gon na be honest with you. So the fact that you do have the manual the boss isn’t that big of a deal in my opinion – maybe it is for you guys, but this isn’t going to be me – trying to solo this guy in a 13 minute run. It is gon na be manual like i said, but it’s much much quicker than that.

So why don’t i use soul drinker here and i’m just gon na call him that, because i’m pretty sure that’s his name. I used him because he has aoe wave clear but also because, like i said, i want to bomb bomb really bad like i really want to lyrium wants me to. I don’t know if you guys want me to or not it’s definitely not the most efficient way to go about this. I did discuss that in the full guide i made of this boss, giving you the ins and outs on how to beat this, with whatever champions you have, but for this strategy, like i said, i’m using soul drinker, if you wanted to make this specific run quicker, You could actually use a poisoner instead, like eurogrim, but there’s a few things you have to be careful of. I will go over that once we do in fact get to the boss, as you can see we’re still on auto here, and i believe i take it off auto yeah right now, so i’m just going to be spamming.

A1S getting this wave out of the way making sure i have all the cooldowns i need for when we do approach the boss. Here surprisingly, none of the stats are crazy and, like i said earlier, i’m not using any resistance on this at all. I’M vulnerable right now, i’m extremely vulnerable, so sheer money and cifi are both above 251 speed a nice counter attack there, i’m using attack up or the bomb damage for soul drinker now, god secret nera. You really don’t want to use your a2 because you don’t want buffs and what i’m basically doing here is the same way. I approach the griffin boss, if you’ve ever seen my guide for that, i’m weaving in buffs for this boss right after he strips it, and he would be placing bombs on my team now, if you desync this or you make some type of user error, which i Did quite a few times while testing this to figure this out perfectly, you will wipe 100 he’s going to take all of the buffs.

You have change them into bombs and you’re just dead. So don’t do that. The main goal here is to use the buffs as soon as he strips the buffs from your team. However, you do have to watch his cooldowns very closely, so what do i mean by watching his cooldowns very closely? I mean there’s going to be a situation like we can see here where he removes buffs police buffs, now he’s going to spawn the bombs, but the one thing to remember is he gains an extra turn.

This is something that messed me up so many times when i was first putting this team together. You cannot use any buffs here because, as we see here he’s going to strip again so if i had used seafie’s a2 here with the speed boost all of this stuff coming together, my team would have just instantly wiped here now it does look a little bit Scary here, but this is why we do have double reviver here, so i’m using my revives properly godseeker and erie is such a good champion here. She doesn’t provide any buff. She does extend buffs, like i said, but her main purpose here is for her passive, which reduces cool down, so i can get more soul drinker bombs onto the boss. Here she reminds the healer.

Also. There are going to be points where there are no buffs on the entire team, and godseeker can in fact use that a2 since she’s, not extending any buffs on my team and she’s just giving our team raw heels now. One thing that can mess you up, which is why i can’t say this is a hundred percent win rate is unfortunately our mvp. I don’t want to say envy people are really good champion. I’M using here’s doom priest, doom priest is good.

However, as we can see, she is applying increased crit rate buff and that’s going to apply additional bombs like we do see here on shear money if you get really bad rng and get these bombs on both revivers two times in a row. You’Re going to wipe here, it’s not a huge chance of it happening, but it can in fact happen, and that is going to cause a wipe. So that is going to be the white condition here. One thing that you can do that i also did to kind of counteract this is use deflection, set on your two reviving champions. If you have it, if you don’t have deflection set, don’t worry about it.

It’S not required here. One thing: i also did that. I’M gon na go over when i show you the masters of these champions. Everyone, besides soul, drinker has war master. Now you don’t need war master and everybody it will make the runs faster.

Of course, however, if you choose not to use war master, you can take other skills that will help you out a ton whether you need accuracy on your champions, timely intervention, a master i’m going to talk about when i do go over these champions. Masteries that boost the turn meter when an ally dies, as you can clearly see here, we have allies in our team dying all of the time. So with that being the case, if you did take that mastery to boost the turn meter, all of these champions are going to go and get many more turns than they’re, currently getting they’re going to burn through their buffs faster, which is good the bombs don’t matter As much that’s pretty much on the static thing in this fight here, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you’re not going for resistance but as we can see here, let’s pause it. We have 800 000 damage from soul, drinker 370, 1000, god seeker 133.

Cp 386 shear money, 283 doom prius. This only took five minutes and 17 minutes, while manually the boss 122 turns so not that many turns when you think about it as the fastest. I’Ve personally done was three minutes and 33 seconds with 86 turns, so this team, of course, isn’t going to be setting any records. I’M not even sure if the current record that i have here while it may be the fastest and the best on the test server. Once stage 90 does go, live, i’m sure players are going to get much lower than this, since i really haven’t revisited that team, but this team’s really cool here for a lot of the reasons i just explained as we watch that run, but the really cool part About this is the gear i’m using isn’t insane so now, let’s go ahead here, skip ahead and go over the gear i do use on these champions.

The first one is going to be cfe so see if he’s using deflection. She’S got a 70 000 health. A little bit high, nothing crazy, we’re not at ninety thousand hundred thousand. All of that good stuff do 77 speed. She has high base speed 4.

000 defense. Now, if you’re doing this for other difficulties, see if he’s not the most common champion, she’s very uncommon, being a void legendary. So what are the key things you need from this champion slot? You actually don’t need to turn me to booster, that’s completely irrelevant and just an added bonus of sephie the lost bride. Her healing is nice, but once again it’s not needed because that’s really covered by doom priest, god seeger and eerie as well as shiramani.

So the main benefit, and the reason why you want this champion is for block debuffs. Now, of course, you cannot block the bomb debuffs. However, the stuns, the hp burns. You really don’t want those on your team, so this is a slot designated for a champion that you can put in that slide. If you want to use duchess, go ahead, just maybe a little bit more common than cv, but still kind of a rare and unique legendary.

So if you don’t want to use that once again, the key here is going to be block debuffs. If you think you’re safe without it, i haven’t tried it, but i’m not going to say it’s not going to work. You can go ahead and swap in any champion. You want in this seafood, lost bride spot and see if it works for you, but i’m just going with what i know here and i’m not going to kind of tell you guys something that i’m not 100 sure on the next champion we have here is sheer Money she’s also in a deflection set here. She has 47 000 health, so very low health, which may be rather surprising, 2.

000 defense once again very low 281 speed. You don’t need speed. This fast, there’s no reason her speed. Is this fast besides the fact that this is the deflection gear that i have, as we can see, 122 crit rate 433 accuracy all of these stats. Besides, the accuracy are kind of extra and just a byproduct of the specific deflection gear that i did have as you can see, i’m also using a reaction ring.

Once again. You don’t need a reaction ring. However, my original strategy, her speed, was much lower than the dreadlord. She wasn’t in deflection and she had the opportunity of getting one shot. So i do have a remnant piece of deflection gear.

That’S not needed it’s just a byproduct, and i probably just have stats on that ring that i didn’t need, whether it be hp or defense, despite it being so low on this champion. Now the next game we’re going to talk about is going to be godseeker aniri. She is in a reflex set once again, you don’t need reflex gear. This is all quality of life to make sure cooldowns come back up. 58 000 health, 3.

, 000 defense to 39 speed outside of that. None of the other stats matter. You just want decent defense, decent speed, as well as decent health and you’re good. To go with this champion reflex gear will help it’ll improve your chances of winning, but not needed all right for our fourth champion here i decided to do something a little bit interesting with doom priest. I gave her frenzy because i really wanted her to go.

First. Every single time, for obvious reasons, because she’s a really strong passive that heals and cleanses debuffs. So i wanted to cleanse as many hp burns that did sneak through. I wanted to cleanse any remnant stuns that carried over from the previous round of a bomb going off. So i decided to use frenzy set on doom priest and it worked brilliantly so as we can see from her stats.

66. 000. Health. 3.4.

000 defense, 231 speed, so nothing crazy. The speed’s definitely much higher than it needs to be. If you know how frenzy gear works, this is going to shoot her to the top of the turn meter pretty much at any speed. As long as you don’t go too low, i would say 210 to 215 is going to be the minimum speed you would want in this champion. But for the sake of my gear, i currently have 231 speed use the basic stats of her once again.

Nothing crazy at all, just health, defense and speed on doom priest. Now for the final champion, okay, i did get the name right, soul drinker here this one was a little bit difficult to gear. We have 5
6 000 attack just under 5.7, so you want this attack pretty high. Like i said, bombs are good, but they’re not great for this boss, despite all the tool tips and how good it says they are he’s got just under 40.

000 health speed is surprisingly important. I tried this with 7.4 000 attack and i think 170 speed. It didn’t work out too well. Maybe you can find some success with it, but 222 speed was the ideal speed for me to use it got a lot cleaner once i got it up here.

So this is what i’m going to recommend reason why this is hard to gear, pretty obvious, you need attack, you need speed and you need accuracy, but as we all know, this is for stage 90 hard. Only if you were doing other difficulties, you would take bomb of the dreadhorn stats for those specific bosses. Your speed can be lower, your accuracy can be lower and, as you improve on your gear, you can start approaching these tougher and harder stages of this. If you wanted to replicate this, like i said, if you want to use a poisoner here, you want to use someone like a knox. Who is a spear affinity champion with poisons defense down, weaken all of those really good debuffs?

You would want to use them in deflection gear and it would be really hard to have deflection gear with accuracy. So probably you would avoid deflection. You would start debuffing the boss, you would get tons of bombs on them, he would die, he would get rezzed by seafeed or godseeker and niri, and that would just be a rinse and repeat there. If you wanted to give accuracy to someone, like god, secret neri, to extend those debuffs, we definitely could do that. It’Ll help a little bit for the poisons the defense down.

I also wasn’t using an attack down, so i was pretty much just surviving with the stats you do see in front of you here and just out healing all of the mechanics. So i think that’s going to be the most realistic approach to this. Now, if you’re looking for an all auto team, there are a few, but the gear requirements are extremely high on those teams, and the champion requirements are very very specific for those teams and, of course, not 100 win rate, at least as far as i know of So far, so that’s why i feel like this is a really solid team. Overall. Yes, there are champions that console the other stages, but i wouldn’t consider that too reliable unless they can solo every single difficulty every single stage and doesn’t require the most op gear in the entire game.

While that may make for a cool video, it’s just not going to be realistic for anybody watching. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and jump to the final section here which is going to be the mastery. So, as you can see here, i ended up struggling a little bit with gearing this guy, so i had to take the eagle line mastery here instead of something like war master giant slayer for additional damage. That would have made this faster for sure. If you have really good gear want to sacrifice a little bit more on attack, which i probably could have done for some accuracy, you can definitely take war master.

But to my earlier point here, you can build every single champion without war master and giants there. It’S not going to ruin the integrity of your run. This isn’t a team. That’S going to slowly start falling behind over time, everything’s pretty much straightforward. As far as this team goes different roles, the synergies of the champions.

So if you want to get rid of war master, have the battles take one or two minutes longer and start taking things like timely intervention. If you want to take masteries, it’s going to open up a lot of new things for you as far as being able to take the defense and the support tree instead of the offense and defense trade. So i know i didn’t show you any of the masteries of the previous four champions. All of them are extremely straightforward. They are offense tree all the way down to war, master and defense street all the way down to counter attack.

I took all of the damage reductions you can take. I took increased healing on the defense tree, so just think of a typical clan boss. Counter attack team build, not an unkillable team, build by counter-attack team build and those masteries are going to be extremely straightforward. For you all right guys, that’s going to conclude my video. Let me know what you think of this team.

What kind of achievements are you thinking about using? It should help quite a few of you if you’re struggling in the normal difficulty, this pretty much lays it out perfectly on how to use buffs, how not to use buffs what types of throughput healing champions you can use to get through this. If you’re looking for stage 90, specifically, i have these champions, this is going to be a home run for you. A lot of people are going to struggle on this stage specifically and, like i said there were a lot of people testing on stage 10 in stage 50 saying this champion can solo it. So it’s going to be able to solo 90

I can tell you right now: you’re gon na need at least three or four champions that are good at wave clear if you plan on soloing the stage 90 dreadhorn you’re going to need a really really strong gear on the champion.

Attempting to solo this and you’re going to need incredible gear on the other three champions used for the wave clear to make sure you’re getting as much damage as possible onto the dreadhorn before they start dying and blowing up alright guys. So that’s going to conclude my video, don’t forget if you enjoy this content like subscribe turn on the notification bell, so you don’t miss my next video and i will see you all in the next upload you

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