Frozen Banshee Guide | Raid: Shadow Legends


What is going on you guys? My name is Ling, ephod and welcome back to my channel [ Music ], you [ Music ]. In my guide, video on yoga. I remember saying that I’d have a guy done frozen, been she not too long after that, so he were you everybody frozen been. She is an attack based magic affinity champion from the undead hordes faction n, an excellent one to have in your also known as you can see. She specializes in both the clan boss and dragon’s lair. If 4.9 review for the clan boss and four point five for Dragon’s Lair when she started stats or decent, in my opinion, her HP is at fourteen thousand seven hundred attack at 1046 defense at one thousand and two speed at ninety nine.

Just a little shy below one hundred great weight at fifteen percent grade damage at 50 % resist at thirty in accuracy at ten, not bad, since some champions accuracy can be at zero, so don’t judge her too much for that ten accuracy there. Let’S take a look at her kid death scares attacks, one enemy each hit went booked has a one hundred percent chance of passing yeah five percent poison debuff for two turns. If the target is under poison sensitivity, debuff damage based on attack cool exultation, her a two attacks. One enemy feels the ten meters of all allies by two percent for each debuff under target on a three turns cool down when she’s booked damage based on attack and as for her a three we have. First flight attacks, one enemy places a 25 % poison sensitivity. Debuff for two turns on it returns cooldown when you booked her damage based on attack and as for her aura, it increases Ally accuracy in all battles by thirty five frozen is a very crucial member of my clan boss team.

Ever since I found out about her, she is a staple in my team in terms of helping the team harnessing the damage capabilities without her. I can’t deal a lot of damage against the clan boss either so cherish her like I do if you’re lucky enough to have her, let me show you what my frozen looks like in terms of artifacts. I have on her for the gauntlet. We have a defense percentage based at gauntlet, but I would prefer it to be a crate wreck on that, instead, which I now have please feel free to pause the video to check out the sub stats and the rest of the artifacts [ Music ]. You guys thank you so much for clicking on this video. Thank you so much for watching it. It means a lot. It supports the channel everybody if you’re new here or if there’s any way any way you can help the you know the channel. I almost the team. If there’s any way you can help the channel, please I invite you to subscribe to the channel and there’s a fire truck going by my house. You know you got it Adam bass, man, yeah, guys. If there’s anything you can do to, you know help in supports the channel, it would mean a lot. Ok drop us up. We are so close, yet so far to 100 sub. We currently sitting at 55.

So if there’s anything you can do to, you know help us climb up there. It would means a lot okay and you can also catch me live on Twitch. Ok, so I will have the link in the description box for you guys. Ok, so um, I’m uh. I’M always life, except for today and tomorrow so Wednesday you can catch me live on Twitch, alright, so and I’m pretty sure this video is also coming this Wednesday. So today might be Wednesday for you, while you’re watching this video guys, I’m re, hey everybody. Thank you. So much again, this video so much for watching it it it’s what’s the channel, even if it’s just one second, and I’m butchering my own now Joe, even if you just saw one second, it means a lot it supports the channel. Would that be and said everybody? I will catch you on the next video!

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