High Elves, Barbarians and Demonspawn – Raid Shadow Legends [Faction Wars – EP2]


[RAID SHADOW LEGENDS – FACTION WARS GUIDE] Well welcome back everyone We officially go to the selected factions For the three factions that we’ll cover in this video are who High Elves Barbarians And Demonspawns, Make sure to follow the end of the video So you can see cheese this way or I’ll say a very easy way to beat Demonspawns, We have all the tricks covered In this video series to make sure that in which faction you will have little trouble with We can show you the easiest way to get rid of it But before we get into any details about all The three factions, what we’ll discuss first is the president In all three of these factions because he is the same manager in all three He is the yellow president Ah, welcome again, Azazzle. Thank you so much for joining me again Uh, the land is yours so that you can take over Welcome to all of you.

Thanks for hosting me Once again, uh, we will cover the yellow president, uh, now They are the specific yellow balls, as Manipal mentioned again, he is one of the chiefs who appeared in three factions, not two but three And uh three of them are High Elves, Barbarians, and Demonspawn Leader Yellow is what the yellow chair is The boss with two adds ah they both add Heal the president and apply the BAF to the president, So uh first I will cover the additions By themselves, then we’ll go to the actual mechanisms of the president, So the extension on the right of the screen Speed ​​increase and tackle will be applied President for 447,000 hp, I think That this is what The right extension will apply it On the left. Defend the big version of it, of course And the president healed more than a million horses For each orange applied and a treat Now the important thing is the plugins The only way to disable them is to electrocute them or freeze them and sleep So provocation does not work on them Uh, block amateurs Or calm down, uh, it doesn’t work ock skills In them, They’ll do what they do anyway, So keep that in mind because we’ll be jumping more into the video Now, the manager himself He’s the boss himself, uh, he’s got a negative component It works as a free package Uh, with the one exception, I think it cannot be resisted By 20%, So it cannot be resisted, so the resistance is on your heroes In this regard Does not matter , There is a one in five chance that you will attack your boss.

It will freeze no matter what You don’t have a crack on your heroes, The second ability is ah AOE that applies true fear to everyone And it has a 100% chance of applying it to two cycles Then A1 attacks Two goals are random and a debuff provocation applies to two turns on the target Now both of these capabilities can be resisted If you have a high resistance team, you can avoid these two capabilities Just uh, you know, hope RNG can be good for you The only thing that will disable you is freezing – And so – I was what kind of resistance we needed For resistance generally to phase 21 across the board, you’ll want to have a range of 250 plus Closer to 300 to be on the safe side, OK , I think the end result is 250, but you’d better have like 270 to 80 300 is the optimal number And no need to go more, So this is the basic mechanism for the manager himself And I think we should also mention that people need to know this.

The waves themselves differ from faction to faction as you guys will see And in one of the factions, especially Demonspawn, which is why it is very difficult to actually complete it, We have a triple Valkyrie wave that everyone loves and dreams about We encounter it every time we do factional wars But for that further So, let’s start with the actual factions [HIGH ELVES] The best way to start faction wars In fact, most people get rid of the first faction wars In High Elves Because High Elves probably has the best collection of Support heroes in all levels or all levels of heroes Whether they are rare or legendary sagas Plus the way the game was designed.

High Elves is one of the factions that people are likely to start picking a starter Where uh Elhain; She is a strong hero that can be used in faction wars Also, of course, the tasks Most of us are owned by Arbiter Arbiter allows you to pretty much complete faction wars, So without further ado, let’s take a look at the heroes we have From the legendary role, we have Elenaril We have Shirimani We have Basileus Lyssandra Royal Huntsman Yannica Ithos, Bellanor, and Arbitrator All legendaries can be used In this format Uh every one of them However, the special uh was highlighted to be tight, Lyssandra ya Sheremani These three, uh, make faction waves from all, all faction waves At all stages is a joke If you have any of them uh every one of them You can fit it into any other hero, and you are good to go If you have two of these, then you can just press the automatic button, and they will do whatever you need to do Yannica is a good DPS, Ithos is one of the best DPS in games.

So I mean uh, there’s not much to cover when it comes to inflicting damage The hero Basileus is actually a good choice for CC waves due to its shock and shortening Gyro, Belanor is actually okay. It is nothing special, but it is usable again in faction. And also Huntsman From the sagas that I think unlike Exemplar, everything else again, uh more or less usable with Marksman and Uh Jingle Hunter as options Less preferred however Royal guards I mean We all use it to cause massive damage and faction wars, especially in the late stages of Stage 21 20 From uh the royal guards become really strong against the waves Because waves have a lot of HP points Which, uh, the Royal Guard really shines in the factional wars Just as they do in the dungeons, Yes Tayrel, To be honest, We all know Tayrel One of the best AOE martial heroes, Defense champion, But it is not just that Especially for Faction Wars Because all bosses are vulnerable to upheaval – meter manipulation, He’s a big star, uh, when it comes to epics Of the sagas, it is the best saga in a faction Thenasil, a good choice Very powerful processor Uh, great support could be a good shield group eh Because of his basic stats Uh, Lothia, fine As a damage dealer, it has a slow decline in its ability Uh, not a bad poison, but nothing else, nothing special For Virgis .

A good choice for anyone who strives to keep people alive , He can carry the whole faction Across nearly all of the waves due to his negativity, he will never die It will keep everyone alive Oh Marksman and Jingle Hunter have probably already been mentioned If you have any other saga, try to avoid these two Both can be used, but there are many better options, including rarities that will outperform these two Battle Sage, which is a great support It can be used as a bug remover It can apply Revive and Death And Exemplar, is not a very good choice rarely As I mentioned, Elhain is an awesome Nuker – We have Apothecary, the people’s favorite rare hero – excellent And we have Reliquary Tender These three really deserve a mention.

If you use them in faction, You will never go wrong So just as an example of what you’ll encounter, guys Here’s my way to Stage 21. As you can see, I chose to use two of the oddities mentioned which are Pharmacy and Elhain And uh, as you can see, I turned it on in auto um because my team is really, uh, tuned but the important thing Because platoon is 21 uh since we got the details of this Faction 20 uh sorry Stage 20 and 21 drop the same glyphs You overcame them once, and forget Do it manually, so please Fully operating steering, sweetened Be patient about that, Uh, the entire operating manual In the run itself on the first wave This is one of the types of waves There are only three types of waves. This is one of them Broadmau and Torturehelm are killed first Then he cleans the house, It is easy to deal with other heroes So, for the first wave, this is what you want to do, Let’s skip ahead, so don’t waste time This is the second wave with a man eater Here if you have the power to disable a man eater then do so so he doesn’t apply the blocked, non-killable burrs Unfortunately, on the run, I didn’t So so what has it really happened because I have a pharmacy wah Arbiter It extended the term.

Nothing else But because you’ll do it manually, You always target him, And most likely it will be Tayrel’s skills or whatever Lyssandra’s skills are in a calm state from the first wave. You just drain the tachometer, deal with an eater, and then the rest of the wave. A piece of cake And now ah the wave is almost fine, so we’re on the boss Until you see me I didn’t do anything; You just let AI take care of your extras. And they will always aim the left. Add I actually don’t know why? Why do you always stay? But if you see that it has been applied Both increased speed and defense Again, this would extend my operation, But if you do it manually then you can avoid it, You can keep all of the plugins disabled And then with the whole faction, easy to operate The entire High Elves faction, in fact you’ll hear it from many other players, It’s a check gear If you have enough gear You will defeat the faction , it’s the truth That you can only use very few rare epics Arbiter is not even required to defeat the faction as long as your gear is fit enough, As you can see, two provocations were applied again, two were provoked, and every time you went into the AOE You will apply fear, or rather, true fear And Tayrel was just frozen from passive, So that’s pretty much it Rickety from High Elves [BARBARIANS] Barbarians, just a quick reminder Same yellow guy and fortunately the same wave, So uh for them, you’re going to encounter the same waves so and Broadmaw at t it’s waving one Cannibal Wah, you know other guys in Wave 2 Then the president himself As you can see in my account, I have a variety of Legends, but this is the key, It’s 180 days in legend You don’t need anything else, just she From the legendary, Anything else is a bonus Again, the Barbarians are one of the factions that actually have all the Legendaries who are actually at least decent if not good, So anything else from the legendary is the bonus But she is the focus of the entire faction From the sagas, Manipal’s favorite Alika, She is a huge source of damage and now that her skills have changed, she can further slow down the enemy Or ignore the defense.

They only deal an enormous amount of damage – massive damage For this guy he’s actually so good, a lot of creators have already covered him so far, the His collection is wonderful Between him and Scyl of the Drakes, You don’t need Lifesteal equipment at all Just download it with speed Scyl as fast and resistive will They navigate fast enough during their turns to heal the entire team To provide armor And if someone falls, Scyl of the Drakes will revive . I forgot to mention it, but I mean, we should all know the group by now. But she checked and Ally’s champion with 50% HP and put Ally’s Protection Force on them, This is a huge person Matt, she brings them back and applies for protection, So they most likely won’t die right away Ah the second time Atur is actually a decent choice as uh because of this, uh, negative. So Uh, he would counterattack himself and then start provoking people over and over again Basically, it’s just provoking the entire wave, and they target it all And it’s okay because you have Scyl the Drakes that I’ll heal in If he dies, you will reset him again , Rinse and repeat, Fala is a great choice.

Many of us have it because of the Amazon. It is a good source of damage defense Whereas, Alia Khatun is again another great option for anyone who has played the game for more than 30 days We all have And you have no excuse not to have it. If you feed her Well, that’s your problem But we should all have High Katun Not necessarily completely flat But we all put it in our lockers or somewhere Serve as a great support for this faction, Skytouch hasn’t touched a lot because it’s a void saga, so I usually avoid mentioning them as a viable heroine But she is a big support hero She can provide heels, and it can provide her with a good aura – HP actually better than defense in faction wars – OK As it often acts as an aura This is a mother Other sagas can be worked in, but that is your own personal choice.

I personally wouldn’t do that. And, rarely, we have Soul Bond Boer Uh, a great source of harm, uh, the role of the meter, uh, minimizing We have a maiden war, rare arable farming. She’s the queen of self-defense that rarely is This uh sorry A3, this ability is crazy It will help you deal with the damage Which you can direct it to in any way you want To direct her as a damage dealer Where is the CC She put an amazing collection on it. You will be amazed at its results. And she’s just a great hero with great stats And, last but not least, the It is the only rare one with this ability uh here Great defense, two-round defense and one-turn shock shock but in a three-round cooldown Once again, she has good stats.

You can play it in a shield group, and uh. If you are trying to make a budget run, Marked, Maiden War, Hatun Rising, Scyl and Duck, and any other fifth hero I was good to go That’s cool, uh just because it goes to it going to the show as well Or, keep in mind that a rare or less resource-intensive saga upgrade It’s legendary, so we’re trying to show you fellow heroes that you can do just that Without necessarily getting in there with five legendary heroes because almost every one of these factions You can finish it without almost all of the myths It all can be done this way – So – yes, exactly, and because The spreads, as I mentioned are very easy to climb , It’s really easy to climb up Uh, and the book can, uh And Scyl of the Drakes can work fine without any books, So the investment in the book is very little in the whole faction. All thanks to her though If we don’t all have access to Scyl the Drake, Barbarians are indeed a real challenge But since uh u introduced it as free uh to play the bonus bonus on the road after 180 days of For people to have it, they should They really should make an effort to complete the barbarians or move as much as possible Because they contain a lot of heroes that the whole team can be pretty much consistent either cultivable or free play hero Uh, except for one hero But at some point, you’ll pull out some kind of barbarian that you can use, So it’s actually pretty cool what they did for this faction And I think that covers pretty much everything Last but not least That man Again, from the often unfamiliar mysterious charts in a teenager But some people actually use it as a campaign farmer that is a farmer A brutal 10-second duration, believe it or not because of this ability that is It runs on two cycles of deceleration He fills that man who turns into a meter by 20% at every critical hit If you can put together an amazing array with a hundred percent awkward rate I saw him.

I did it myself. The entire wave will be CC And it will be a continuous lightning bolt after the stun. Dazed, you will never stop It’s really cool to see that he just wants a back and forth, back and forth To drop its A2, So surprisingly, there is another budget , And you don’t have to have 60 people either I’m sure you can have it level 50. Yes, level 50; He has impressive stats overall even at the age of 50. It is a tank-based defense hero -You are good to go It is the real budget option for this faction, uh Very good point, Azazzle. I love her Once again, I’ll show you small excerpts from, uh, my run in shape Ideal , So it will be back in a car Unfortunately, I choose to use many of my legends because I am I mean, guys, let’s face it if I get them.

use them. Don’t try to be fancy or anything, So I have you covered all My rules, so the Valkyrie provides shields As you can see, My War Maiden is actually in a set Amazing and because I’m between Scyl of the Drakes and War Maiden I don’t think a single hero from the first wave is really going to take a turn. And that’s what she wants to achieve well, so Vrask took the role, and that’s Everything is only one time Until everyone else is CC, so in the second wave again, You want to focus on a man eating, which I didn’t do Um even he will, I think the application for him oh Yes, he did not apply Uh-applied debuff spread oh sorry debuff protection and unkillable Um, so all he did was expand the range But When you guide this, you will focus all of your attention on the more likely that you will kill him Then the second wave is, uh, walking in a park Then on the president himself It’s the same That you are cleaning The first addition that should go is the left, add that heals more and applies the defense.

Because you can handle overclocking, that’s okay But defending heavily will reduce overall damage Uh, the longer the fighting goes on, the more I regret interrupting the chances of mistakes, So oh yeah, in the end there will be a stream of unfortunate conditions for RNG that will only clear your team This is the same mechanics as it is It’s the same with uh High Elves, except that you have a different set of team, This team is more oriented towards tanks and more like, uh, directed at protection While High Elves teams are likely across the board, people will have variants of champions Fast-paced or high-damage teams burn through the extras and waves, So I think that is very much it The most difficult of them, which we are re-emerging now is Demonspawn [DEMONSPWAN] One of the problems is with Demonspawn Is the lack of defense, We didn’t actually mention it, but defense is actually an enormous capacity for any advance in the game Whether it is clan leaders’ yard dungeons, of course, and faction wars When dealing with double the damage To all enemies Again, as Manipal said before, it reduces time Our fight turns and turns Meaningless to meaningless things , And Demonspawn lacks That, however, they have a completely insane arsenal of legendaries Uh, we are talking about, uh Tons of damage Tons of support And uh, one of the best heroes in the game, Prince Kimar Who can reset your skills And put everyone to sleep and remove the annoying bumps So just a crazy group in general But not everyone owns it, but if you do, it pretty much solves all problems in Faction Legend They are all just as usable as they are with High Elves, They are all usable, they perform slightly different functions, however Mortu Macaab can only be used for its uh A2 capacity.

Ability to fend off enemies Uh, it will be really useful in the later stages, namely 19 and 20. This is the first faction in our videos that has a triple Valkyrie wave, as I mentioned before, So it was Ask anyone And everyone will tell you that Valk’s triple wave is by far the most difficult RNG-directed wave, and in Sometimes it’s hard to beat the boss himself Not just to get around this wave but to actually progress through that wave with everyone alive, so that’s the biggest problem with that wave.

So And heroes like Mortu Macaab um solve this problem with block hobbyists -Yes, Valkyries will do you harm but if there are no shields and counterattack then who cares properly, So ah Duchess is the automatic clearing of all stages. Guys, if you have a duchess and you don’t end the faction wars in this faction, You are doing something wrong , She can Alone carried any four other heroes even if it was not unusual, Only four unfamiliar times she shoots it With her, you’ll do just that. Tank anything you could throw at faction wars, So I don’t have to talk about it. Uh if you have what Enough with the right gear, so defeat the worst faction And he finished it, ah anything else mostly brings harm ah cadravon ah lord chazar krotraxa and female , Mighty damage dealers right Now , Demonspawn already has a very interesting collection of sagas. They have a Nazana With attacks all enemies on A1 And Jahnah Baroness Who also attacks all enemies on the A1, two heroes not one but two hero in a faction Both candidates for the Thunderbolt group In fact, you will never miss using them both with stunset If you are short of other epics and you don’t have legendaries The presence of these two in thunderbolt groups Uh it will probably allow you to stun all the waves all the time with the proper masteries Especially if you have masteries like that Tainix Hateflower In fact, Deages did an interesting video on how to properly direct factional wars And he decided to test it because I personally had never tried it in faction wars that I don’t need it.

But for people who don’t have a duchess , It is probably the second best support in the faction , It can actually heal enough for the entire team to stay healthy As long as a low speed boost is applied, this ability will always recover just enough for your entire team And of course it has a very good aura to list factions This is the aura you want. As mentioned before, HP is huge. It has good stats, so you build a tank for it, with high resistance quickly and you just go to Another great saga is Umbral Enchantress, but again, may It doesn’t have many of us And it has everything you need She has unkillable A provocation of two turns So if you build it has decent damage and Lifesteal gear and you have Master War on it It will heal enough all the time to survive when it will be struck by enemies Then on the second plank, You can plan your progress in such a way Uh, in stage 21 so that you can only use that ability, that ability Mortu Macaab has for the entire wave And to a large extent Elimination of the people of Astronomy and their values ​​- Valkyrie Last but not least before I actually mention such a strategy Cheese for this faction, one of the few She is Peydma And a lot of people actually rate it A1 and A3 as the most valuable skills But this ability is actually uh what I think is most valuable with Her res CY fell Another problem with the Valkyrie wave She is the opponents of the Valkyrie So every time you do, you do a buff for your team Because there are three of them, your turn meter only drops instantly, so it’s hard to make multiple turns on that wave At best, you can’t hope to go 1.5 to 1 compared to them Even if you have a speed team But if you apply low resolution then this actually affects its downsides, So if you have 120 or 30 resistances on all of your heroes , They will resist the Valkyrie’s sins -Yes, the Valkyries themselves will have a gyro counter But they won’t fall for you So you can speed up the entire wave from two to one or even three to one if you’re fast enough And it’s a huge deal – And it’s true, he – Piedma is actually one of the best heroes for that The specific, uh, faction and the overall stage 21.

The same actually applies to the president. If you can apply the fine reduction precision to the chair Yes, it will freeze But other possibilities greatly reduce your resistance requirements Last but not least Alure, Yes , People often take one with them So when they get to the boss You can use one from Alure to keep the chair’s turnover counter completely low. So he’s more likely to be the boss if you’re lucky enough After cleaning ah they both add That the president will never take a role, This is like doing Fire Knight That you’ll just come to drain the tachometer all the time And because the heads are a void convergence, so there are no weak strokes , The tachometer will drain completely To zero and do it over and over again As long as it’s twice as fast than the president Even if it’s frozen, no So wrong, you will cancel Freeze it, then you turn By dropping the rotation counter, rinsing it and repeating it, so there’s another value for its value on the Valkyrie wave , She can put in sleep purifier But at only 50% chance, so there’s a lot of RNG involved sma Reducing boost strength is actually quite problematic If you think about it but again fully booked, it’s 50% chance that That’s a lot of RNG to deal with, guys, So this ability isn’t what makes it really great it’s A1 that Knowing that here is where the cheese comes in There are rare cultivables we know Diabolist we feed Diabolist chicken Hundreds of times for our heroes She has a child with a Lyssadra turn meter manipulator And it has AOE buff boost So what you can do is depending on how many Alures you have, Let’s say you have one from Alure, Then you are cultivating Three Diabolist in a Level 40 If you don’t want to, you don’t need to make them reach level 60.

Look at its base velocity When you’re not fully climbing, it’s up to 100 speeds anyway, So it’s fast enough, So the idea is to have a diabolist kit One of them if you can put together an amazing set, This ability has a cooling off period in three roles, So you can add additional CC You have one Alure In fact, it doesn’t matter from which other room Pune would prefer a damage trader I don’t know Excruciator can work, uh. In fact, I’ve personally run like this I had two Diabolist, two Alures, and an Excruciator. Because she also has Tachometer manipulator Who cannot resist, by the way, So only with these five heroes, Two Level 40 Diabolist, One Level 50 Alure, Level 60 and One Level 60 Excruciator Because I have already owned it for a long time Uh, I was able to purge the faction right on time , We’re talking about like running for 10 minutes Where the enemy never takes his turn, It does not happen Just so all you do is the A1s app A2s between two different methods Do not do both There is no need to book them, that is the beauty of this strategy I take turns constantly through this skill of Occasionally applying an increased speed I had one Diabolist in a lame stunt group, and that’s cheese.

This will ensure you advance of Faction 21 in Stage 21 has three stars I guarantee you guys I did it two times. Because once upon a time, I just went wrong and had to restart so be prepared for that Before I actually joined GL In my old clan, people were struggling with Demonspawn over Precisely because he has no defense I did this live direct run So they can see him, and the two of them repeat The two of them had problems with the Valkyrie spell Sometimes the RNG will not drop out the meter properly so you can kind of Stuck However, this generally guarantees you progression to level 21 Correct, finish it and then use whatever you use to plant whatever stage you can grow it from Technically speaking, you can do this at every stage if you like. It’s boring to do – But uh – just to get over it once, why not because you want those three stars And oh yeah, that’s huge because I mean, you’re talking about using a cultivable champ Two of them are true, and then two – three If you want, you can use three – Or three, then one Alure, then the Excrutiator champion – and any other champion I mean, that’s huge.

This is one of the most difficult species to filter. And literally, Azazzle has now given you a golden key to pass this faction And I’m pretty sure you don’t have to 60 of them all, and I know you didn’t Yes, I didn’t We’ll finish this faction here, and I’m sure a lot of people would be very happy to see this information here, Do you think we covered everything about these factions and its boss? Yes, I think there are no hidden strategies uh over anything that comes to mind, We’ve covered pretty much anything that I think can For people, uh, it can be used reasonably and uh I would like to know in my opinion Uh, of course, oh Guys are all welcome to try your company and run it, uh If you get bored and this is the only stage of the game that I wanted to try different things Uh, be my guest, and if you have something interesting, Share it – If you can – yes, tell us Uh, there are many different ways to defeat the factions, uh, I can guarantee you Uh, there is cheese, there is no cheese, there is a way Tanki Uh, damage d cure As long as you have heroes, of course It’s all up to you, but the Devil faction is one of the few factions that actually has a way to bypass much of the cultivation level, and you can do that for all stages It’s not fast, it’s boring, you’ll have to spend up to an hour on each stage, It may be less for starters To get the full three stars True, but it is far Then the best part is Level heroes, you can be particularly rare, you can only use these hens below the line – So and – it’s better than the best We have an unlimited number of attempts in faction wars, Use that to your advantage, you know that Sit there, don’t sit there and try to play six stars Or five heroes you know, try two different heroes, and then six more stars And more and more, this is the path that this faction will get you to save you 100% from He did this before on broadcast Who I know has done it before as well as off-stream.

So I know the possibilities of doing so But sure, before you go to pump a lot of resources Take a look at that strategy with Diabolist And I definitely think this would be a cookie cutter method to end this faction I think we’ve kind of gone through all that needs to be done, and that’s said about the yellow president. And the three factions associated with it, So we’ll go ahead and wrap up this video, and then move on to the next boss in the next video, Thank you guys so much for your restraint And uh, we’re gonna go ahead and wrap it up here, thank you Azazel, Thanks guys, Take care of yourself, guys.

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