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Hey guys, what’s going on, is ash here coming at you today in rage, shadow legends. Welcome to the video today is going to be a good one. We’Re going to talk about the last 20 champions that i maxed out. I do these videos every three or four months. I think the last one was four months ago, so i maxed out exactly 20 champions, actually a few more than that, but a few of them.

I have not totally geared out and uh, you know used yet. So i want to actually give my opinion behind these champions as well. First off, how are you guys doing i’m doing well, it is pouring outside right now, while i’m recording this. I always think eight years of recording content here on youtube and i always am worried like are they gon na hear this? Are they gon na hear this on my window like one foot next to me here, but you guys never do so.

I don’t know why. I’M telling you this, i’m wasting your time. I’M sorry, guys, speaking of wasting your time, did a collab with hell hades amongst, like 20 other content, creators, uh, fun, video i’ll link it for you guys – and i noticed one of the top comments was wow ash. Was surprisingly not long-winded, so that was cool. Also in yesterday’s video here, somebody commented that they noticed that i’m getting some gray hair on the side of my head here so uh.

That was cool too. So thank you for the positive, encouraging comments. Guys really appreciate it. Really means a lot to me: love you guys so much. I am having a very bad day.

So with that in mind, i can’t do anything about the gray hair, but i will do something about the speed of this video. I’M just going to touch on these champions briefly talk about kind of how i use them and where i use them, you guys can see in the champion collection uh. Well, if you slow it down, you’ll see all the champions that we discuss in today’s video uh. That i have indeed maxed out – and i am indeed using them in various areas inside of the game. So let’s go ahead and start out here with banner lords and hillier hillier man he’s a boss.

He is a boss, he’s on my main ice golem 25 team. Now, which is nice to have uh because of the shields right, we have the proper infinity match up with a shield on all allies equals the damage dealt. Uh doesn’t deal a ton of damage, but it’s a beautiful shield. He has a ton of defense, he’s easy to keep alive and he has this cool kind of harsh light transfers, all d bus from all allies to a target enemy. It’S like a cleanse, but you need accuracy for it, but you can convert his resistance into additional accuracy when using the skill, uh, very cool, very, very cool champion, i’m actually a big big fan.

He also has this passive, which is pretty cool. Okay, i feel like i’m already being long-winded, but i use hillier he’s a good support champion. I wouldn’t call him, like god, tier champion in the game and put him in like my top ten, but i would definitely put a message like an a if i’m gon na grow. I might as well just grade the champions i’ll give him an a a lot of champions are gon na be a’s, because i i don’t tend not to upgrade a bunch of crappy champions, although there will be a few fs on the list, ursula the moore another, A champion right, or maybe s tier four, a reviver in an epic, and i really mean that guys. We have uh turmeric depletion on the a1, we have increased attack and decreased attack and an aoe on a three turn.

Cooldown. The downside are, oh, my god, nine levels, six levels, at least one level on the a3, but that’s a lot of levels. I that gets intimidating to see that many books, i’m out of books like seriously. I am out of books all because of stupid. Clan burst clan anyway on the a3 requiem uh, an amazing revival, ability revive all dead allies, increase defense and strengthen on everybody, the two big defensive buffs on a five-turn, cooldown wow.

It doesn’t get much better than that. Also, a great speed or lead for doom tower she’s there for support when you need her ursula can’t go wrong all right. Next one is going to be ursula again, an a a plus right, uh pick sneel, that’s right! I did a video on why a max pixel i did it because plarium went on the record saying they do they will buffer in the next rebalancing. That’S the only reason i did it just to have her ready to do a guide for you guys.

You know full transparency uh, so i think she’s a pretty trash champion. However, you can’t i used her in the high elf, you remember the the high elf uh, only uh ice golem tournament or whatever i ended up using her there, because she does have increased defense and continuous heal on a three-turn cooldown. The rest of her kit really lackluster uh and her passive, does synergize kind of well uh with the ice golem because he’s placing freezes right. So you could do a lot worse than pixil for ice golem, especially if you get that niche and say ice golem uh with only high health champions right, uh, so pick steel. I will give a c minus two.

I know a lot of guys are gon na. Be like mad that i’m not giving her an f but again, if you’re a progression player. I want to keep in mind that not everybody’s end game who watches my content if you’re a progression, player and you’re just looking for a increased defense, continuous heal on a three-turn cooldown sure she can get that done. She’S, you know decently fast, she’s, not great, but she’s, certainly way below average for a legendary champion. Well deserving of that buff.

I can’t wait to see what they do with her royal huntsman, an og legacy champion. Add to the list. I pulled him. He was a non-dupe champion, so i figured what the heck let’s go ahead and upgrade him uh and use him. I used them again in that same uh ice colon tournament right.

He has the aoe decreased defense on a three turn: cooldown guaranteed uh to land. As long as it’s critical uh and then he has a hard-hitting dead aim ability, i think man able man i wish he made the content. Still anybody remember mannable gaming uh. He made a good video on like double duel: uh royal huntsman in the uh platinum tier arena, very fun, video to watch. This is an absolute like one shot, kill ability.

However, with that said, can’t say i’m very impressed with the champion, even though he’s fast, even though he hits like decently hard uh. I don’t like that. If the attack is critical, that the decreased defense lands, i wish it was just like it places it, but uh, and i wish that slaughter volley did a little bit more damage too, because he’s not quite a debuffer plus a nuker, even though he has a hard-hitting A3, it’s mainly for pvp, so i’m not super impressed i’ll, give him a c just like average champion, maybe above average, if you’re in progression again, if you need a decreased defense champion all right, so next up is going to be. No, let’s see no sacred order! Champions no barbarian champions moving right along here.

Let’S go to ogren, so ogren i mean i’ll keep it brief, because i feel, like i’ve talked about siege hulk here, quite a bit. No, no! No more! But i love sea chulk man. He does more damage than royal huntsman, that’s for sure and he’s an epic champion right.

He also has decreased defense. He also has a increased attack on himself. Increased crit damage, increased crit rate all on himself uh, and this siege, breaker a3 hits very hard. So does his thrashing fit his a2 decrease defense, so i use them anywhere. I need the dps he’s just very squishy, but i use him like any anytime.

I need a speed run with a decreased defense. Magic infinity champion he’s kind of my go-to. Now he’s kind of my go-to because he deals so much damage, i’m a big fan. I will give siege hulk a uh [ Applause ], i’m gon na give him a b plus because again so squishy, but if you don’t care, if you can keep them alive, definitely use them right uh. I think that no a plus not again uragrim, is an s-tier epic champion guys very good.

Has the three poisons uh chance on the a1 three chance at a big version of poison? He has the cleanse uh and the heel on a single target on a three-turn cooldown and then really the a3, with the poisons and the continuous heal on a three-turn cooldown. It’S insane. I’Ve said it before many times, but i’ll say it again. He’S like a combo between steel skull with that a2, there, the cleanse and the heel and bad alcazar himself here with the uh more poisons than bad l as well just doesn’t have to cleanse on the ability, but does have again the continuous heals.

So erigrim is a really good champion that a12 man giant slayer. You can really make the case he’s one of the best epics inside the entire game. What a great addition to the game, all right next up is going to be actually did. I lie to you guys: i did mordecai [ Music ]. This is like going back right after i made the last video on the 20.

You know the last 15 champions i maxed out very, very good champion. I use him in spider-25, that’s it, but that’s all you need him for man, i mean he deals an insane amount of damage with the hp burns and he has turn meter in his kit as well. I’Ll give mordecai a b because he’s great in one area of the game, i haven’t found a lot of usage from him outside of spider’s den but hey if you can excel at one area of the game that justifies building that champion, especially when you hit the End game of rage shot a legend. Alright, next up is going to be no no skinwalkers. I did it pull uh nakdar right, very cool champion.

I just maxed him out, but i have not used him yet. So i don’t really feel you know. How can i speak on a champion that i haven’t used yet cool champion, although uh really, i have very low expectations, i’m thinking he’s going to be a c or a d, but we’ll see once uh on the next video i’ll include him. As kind of my you know, my least most recent champion that i’ve maxed out demon spawn, we have a few demon spawn champions. I believe we have akov the seared he again it was a few months ago for me uh, but spider 24 is where i use him.

Another good hp burn champion very reliable, very, very good for spider. I don’t use him anywhere outside there, but i’m sure you could find some synergy if you’re a progression player he’s easy to keep alive, because his damage is based on defense as well. Uh i’ll give him a b uh. I i personally, i guess, i’m going to sound like a little bit of a complainer here, but i i would. I hope i would hope that all of the doom tower champions exclusive they’re, all really good, like all a like all, like archmage helmet, all like dark, kale champions like that, you know they’re only available in doom tower.

I want them to be really good. You know i hate when they’re really bad, like gomlock, like thea anyway rant over very, very short rant. I’M trying to keep it brief guys, magnar magnar is a boss. I made a whole video guide on magnar, so i’ll keep it brief on him as well, but an aoe two times hitter, with a lot of hp for the arena, a great alternative, a spirit affinity, alternative to uh. You know having a great robust, uh nuker for the arena right he’s more difficult to kill, because you can stack him up with a ton of hp.

He deals an insane amount of damage, one of the hardest hitting multipliers inside the entire game right there, with uh, with uh, saint nick uh or sir nicholas uh on the hp multipliers there. So very very good champion also has this fan the flames ability, but really it’s all about that a2. It’S really all about the a2, so very cool uh he’s in a magnar is an a for me. He’S really an a. I mean he’s a champion that i still use pretty much everywhere, uh, that i need a lot of damage from an hp based champion such as uh there’s one or two secret rooms that i use him in doom tower and in the arena he’s on one of My tag team arena teams, and sometimes if i need the affinity i’ll run him on my main arena team as well in place of uh, trunda, so very, very cool champion.

Actually one of the rares of the video guys is not hell. Uh hellfree, i went and i maxed out hellfreak because i figured you know what this guy seems cool he’s very fast right. He has no defense, no defense, but he’s very fast uh, his a1a2 kind of whatever he does have big version decrease defense. That’S not bad! For an a1 right uh, but then he has swaps hp with an enemy and grants an extra turn.

I wanted to see how this played out see if it was worth making a video on him. Suffice it to say it’s not, i’m not impressed by hellfreak, i’m gon na go ahead and give him a d. I’M gon na give him a d. I don’t think he’s worth uh building for pretty much anybody unless you just want to have fun with the champion right, uh, so unfor. I hate to say it because i was kind of excited to do something niche.

I didn’t end up making the video, because i just couldn’t stand by the champion. You know, as as anything worth anybody upgrading, so that was unfortunate there, but it is what it is all right on to undead horde here we’re about halfway through actually a little bit over halfway through not too bad, not too bad ash and no cuts no edits. I, like it eros the soul, cage man. This dude, i was kind of low on eros of soul, cage he’s the second doom tower hard secret room champion, but now that he can solo like a boss right, multiple doom tower bosses, i use them for scarab king. I just use him in trunda and that’s my entire team.

You know i’ll show you it basically is this passive right, i’m going to show you my build on him. Real, quick right eros is in a regen set and check it out no speed right. I want zero speed. I have five like accidentally but he’s in regen and that’s it man. I just trot him out there.

I don’t really care about anything else. He has a lot of hp 100k hp uh as slow as humanly possible. It’S kind of fun honestly to build a champion. That’S slow, like you, never look for no speed, so it’s kind of fun uh. He has this call of the cage, essentially he’s putting poisons on the attacker all the time.

So you want him to go slow and you don’t want to just keep putting poisons every time that he’s attacked. I will show you really quickly to the team that i was talking about. Here’S doom tower hard uh floor 60 and there it is right oops here it is boom trunda in a roast 22 turns no big deal right, a very, very easy team to uh to do am i in the global uh leaderboard man, people are bosses up here. 15 turns but they’re all using the same team, so he’s a very he’s, like kind of like that, cheat code that we’re looking for here to make some of the doom tower the more difficult doom tower boss is easier. Only problem is – and i can hear 99 of you guys saying this right now – yeah that’d be great.

If we could ever get him right totally get you that’s. Why i’m a big fan of them changing the doom tower champions to fragments where we can choose which champion that we’re going for all right back to undead horde? Actually, that’s it for undead horde. I have no dark elves. I have not maxed out a dark elf.

Uh in a while, so there it is uh knight’s revenant. Here guys we have done verso versus off the grim. He was a fragment, summon champion a lot of hp, decent amount of defense as well. I think that he is a average uh. Oros is by the way, is like an a minus again very niche, but incredible ah reversal of the grim.

I would give a c plus b minus, maybe right in that area. I don’t think he’s trash like some people. Do i don’t think he’s that great either right he’s there for progression players, and i said that at the time when the you know the fragment summon went, went live. I said if you’re struggling, if you need a good increased defense with an ally, protect allied protect, is the best support buff in the game. Right there was strengthened, you know, probably arguably better than strengthen is mitigating 50 of the damage uh.

So granted you know, one ally is taking that damage and that’s the problem is keeping him alive right uh, but he does have a shield on himself on the a2. He has an aoe here, uh an extra hit if they’re under the cc abilities. I think you can do a lot worse for progression champion if you’re mid game, but that being said, i don’t use him on my account uh. I think he said a slightly above average, maybe average support champion for progression players. So again, we’ll give him a b minus to be kind.

Uh. Okay, we have three knights revenant champions, guys kaitis. I did a video on my mankitus. Oh man tried so hard to get the uh bleeding wounds, which is you know, theoretically, one of the harder hitting abilities in the game uh if he’s very, very low on hp uh. You guys can check that video out if you want, but i’ll tell you what i would not advise.

Anybody build kitis he’s like a very, very, very, very, very poor, man’s trunda or magnar for the arena, but i do not like skills that are so predicated on him having the right team around him and being low on hp just to get a hard-hitting attack right Long ago are the days that we need to invest in an aoe nuker. Who has this many conditions on a fortune cooldown? So i will give kaidus a d. Sorry cut his fans out there. It was fun to max him and mess around, but i can’t uh can’t exactly stand by him: ash walker.

I maxed out myself the champion that plarium based on me. That’S a lie: ash walker! Let me tell you, man, i’m gon na give him an a plus because of the name alone. Now i will give him for a rare champion i’ll give him a b minus right. The good thing about ash walker is, is, he is better than the caliber of rares they’ve been putting out.

He should be he’s void right he’s better than any other rare. I think i might be forgetting somebody, but i think any other rare they’ve released this year. Nah, maybe second best we’ll get to the other one in a second, but he has his hard-hitting ability with a stun decreased terminator of all enemies by ten percent of the attack is critical. That’S not bad right! It is on a four-turn cooldown, though uh, but this backbreaker is actually hard-hitting ability three-turn with a weekend the weekend, whatever it’s the weak version of weekend, but a hard-hitting aoe attack from a rare champion.

I guess, if you’re looking for an arena, nuker uh, not bad. You know not a bad option, who’s easy to upgrade, but you know: can i sit here and really justify anybody to build ash? Walker – probably not probably not. I don’t want to you know. Have you guys waste your resources by watching this video all right here in the dwarf section guys we have the dwarves section as if it’s a uh, you know department store good day.

We have the geomancer uh. Dude geometry is a boss player man. Geo is a beast and uh. We talked a lot about geo. I have a guide on geo.

He has an aoe attack on the a1, which is nice with decreased uh accuracy as well. It’S a great a1, it’s kind of overshadowed by his incredible ability here. Uh quicksand grasp, philly the police, target’s turn meter has a hp burn and a weakened for three turns on a three turn. Cooldown. Are you kidding me and then this passive uh deals uh.

It decreases the damage alex received by 15 and deflects that back onto each enemy under hp, burn debuffs man. He is a a beast. He can put out a ton of overall damage, he’s great, i’m a big big fan of geomancer, one of my more favorite champions. Added this year, shadow ken – i got a bunch for you. Obviously ninja ninja god he’s a boss killer man.

This guy with this ability, hail burn. Forget the the freeze and you know if it goes every time in a hundred rounds, you get extra damage. Uh. It’S cool, it’s cool with the passive. All that stuff is awesome right, but really hail burn man when used against bosses will instantly activate any hp burn debuffs, including hp, burn debuffs placed by this skill.

That’S all you need to know about them. Man – and i mean i think, everybody watching this video has ninja, probably because it’s not october whatever. Yet when he’s not available, congratulations because he’s a he’s, a real i mean when i i did a video on him on my free to play as well right and for those of you who missed it dude he had the biggest impact way more than machald. On my free-to-play account like, i was able to make such progression in that video. I took you guys you know from where i was before ninja to after i max ninja and i was making like six levels, six stages on some of these dungeons with ninja.

It was really incredible, so i’m a huge fan of ninja being added to the game for everybody, unbelievable all right. We have rio bone spear she’s. Another incredible champion. I use her in a lot of areas, a clan boss as well. Now she has every debuff.

You could human, you could, you know, need humanly possible on the a2 right single target, but you got the stun hp burn degree. You guys can read the debuffs man, that’s insane. She is void, legendary. So you know i’ll be brief. Here, continuous heal on her a1.

A cleanse with block d bus for two turns on a three turn: cooldown with a heel, man she’s a beast when receiving any debuff instantly transfers them from this champion to the attacker dude rio is awesome, she’s fast too, at 105 speed and then lady kimmy. I don’t know what it is about, lady kimmy, but she is one of my favorite champions added this year. Just like i’m not saying she’s the best, i’m not even grading everybody, crap geomancer was an a plus ninja is an a uh plus, i guess as well. Uh lady kimmy is an a as well man she’s. So first of all, i just got to show you guys the animation of her attacking right, she’s, so cool uh watching her attack right.

Oh a real bone spear is also an a uh. An aoe attack here decrease accuracy, decrease speed. Chance decreasing tires turn here by 15 she’s, a terminator manipulator with decreased accuracy on flurry of pedals. Here, then, she has remove a buff from each enemy, 100 percent. Chance win both to place him blocked.

Block buffs for two turns on enemies who have buffs removed. The terminator of the oz by 15 percent then places an increased accuracy and increased speed on all allies for two turns very, very insane. Ability whenever the champion places a debuff on an enemy also decreases that enemy’s turn meter by five percent for each debuff placed whenever the champion or alice receives a debuff fills their terminal by five percent for each debuff received. Now this does not appear on the stat lines at the end of a match, but it makes a big difference. This imperious passive, guys and speed and doom tower battles by 30 percent, very good speed or i’ve been using her in doom tower as well.

Look at that speed, guys 20k hp, great 11k defense awesome and then 115 speed, one of the fastest champions in the game. I just got to show you her in action, real, quick. I got to show you guys got to show you so check it out guys. We have lady kimmy check her out. I got to show you the animation man, something about her she’s like she’s, so fast and her animations are so fast too.

This is her uh. Okay, that was her spirit. Flux come on okay boom. That’S flurry of pedals go with a1 boom boom. Look at that a1 guys.

Something about that a1 is so satisfying to me, but i just want to show you guys that real, quick, all right, uh finishing up here, ladykimmy, i love her man. I give her an a burning geary i maxed out just for bombo, and then i realized that man, the the stat and gear threshold to actually use burn geary for stage unless you have them paired with another. Like you know, uh samara, gem curse or something like that. It’S very difficult to get them in regen, but that’s how i have them built for baumel i’ll include the guide for you guys, but essentially it’s all about the passive heals this champion by 50 of their max hp whenever an ally or enemy dies. So it affects the bombs of the dreadhorn boss, who’s, so op.

You know i thought about making a video complaining about it, but i think everybody already did that so i’m gon na, let you guys uh rest assured that i think he’s too strong as well, but burn gary is a pretty good champion. Overall, he has an aoe stun 60 chance on three turn cooldown. You could do a lot worse than that, especially from it for an epic champion. So he’s not a bad champion. Uh has strengthened on all allies.

I would say he’s like a uh b champion level champion uh without that passive for baumel, but if you’re using him, you know to help you with mammal. Then of course he’s an a plus for you right and then last but not least, is going gon na. Be jumbo the dishonored uh yeah jimbo is a beast for the arena. This is a very hard-hitting ability, but you can open up with this ability. First increase crit rate increase crit damage grants.

An extra turn then go into the a2 and he’s immune to decrease attack, and it will ignore unkillable buffs great for those pesky uh skull, crowns and, of course, incredible for all the swift parry gear inside the arena. Meta guys. That concludes the list of the last 20 champions and not too bad on the time either. If i do say so myself. Thank you for watching all the way till the end.

I appreciate you guys and i got ta – tell you one last thing i mentioned: there’s another rare who’s, probably better. I think odichai is probably better than ash walker uh, i’m contractually obligated not to say that, but he’s damaged based on defense, with an aoe shield on himself provoked on the a1 and a block d bus and increased defense granted the small version. But on a three turn cooldown, so i think that he’s probably a little bit better, probably the best rare they’ve added this year. In my opinion, what is your opinion now? We can conclude the video thank you for watching guys, appreciate you and, as always, take care guys, [, Music, ]

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